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ADVERTISERS Endings Are Beginings ET Visitors Speak Vol 2 Handbook for Healers

June 2011 Vol. 21, No 6.


  • Avery, Frankie Z: OMA, Is That All There Is?  There Must Be More!
  • Carroll, Lee: Kryon, You Don’t Know How the Frog Jumps (But One Day You Will)
  • Coates, Judith: Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), My Peace I Give Unto You
  • Gilbert, Piama and Nyima Tenzin: the Nameless One, The Sweet Marriage of All
  • Herman, Ronna: Archangel Michael, The Fast Track to Self-Mastery
  • Highley, Rainey Marie: Macroversal Council, The Year of the Portal: 2011
  • Holt, Lyssa Royal: Sasha, Fully Present in Japan: Lessons on Fear and Love During Tragedy
  • Kenyon, Tom: the Hathors, The Portal of Opportunity Is in the Midst of Chaos
  • Kingdon, Kathlyn: Master Djwhal Khul, Standing As High Witness to the Planetary Process
  • Leckie-Clark, Lynette: Master Kuthumi, Your New Energy Field
  • Lowell, David: Michel, Integrating Spirit into Your Life
  • Mara, Jill: Simion, Receptivity to Telepathy
  • Michaels, Jeff: Onereon, You Exist in an Era of Change
  • Rota, Miriandra: Expanded Consciousness, A Grander Participation within Your World
  • Rother, Steve: Beacons of Light, Earth Wobble: The Planet’s New Vibrational Signature
  • Selacia: the Council of 12, You Have the Power to Rewrite History
  • Shapiro, Robert: Isis, You Must Change and Adapt Now for Your Survival: Patience and Discernment Are Your Tools
  • Shapiro, Robert: Zoosh, True Change Will Require Patience
  • Sterling, Kahu Fred: Master Kirael, The Powerful Art of Dream Healing
  • Sydney, Carol: the Council of Indigenous Tribes, Changes in Science’s Study of Magnetics
  • Tyberonn, James: Metatron, The Sun Disk Transition into the Unified Field

Inspired Guidance

  • Almine, as interviewed by Rogier Chardet: Questions About the Destiny of Man

Personal Predictions

  • Clement, Stephanie, The Light of the Universe Surpasses the Light of the Sun
  • Karén, Michelle, A Forward Push into the Unknown
  • Smith, Rhonda, Pioneer Justice Your Way


  • Buffa, Marlene, Swatting at Hummingbirds
  • Chapman, Cathy, Exercise Your Spiritual Awareness
  • Fraser, Heather, Riding the Waves and the Undertow
  • Unknown Author, An Interview with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


  • Antenucci, Mary Ann, Essences of Nature
  • Cox, Lynne, Activities for Children
  • Engels-Smith, Jan, Shamanic Wisdom
  • Loewenberg, Lauri and Katia Romanoff, The Dream Zone
  • Mayo, Stacey, Medical Intuitive
  • Moore, tom, Request Benevolent Outcomes
  • Parsons, Kathy, Music Reviews