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ADVERTISERS Endings Are Beginings ET Visitors Speak Vol 2 Handbook for Healers

May 2011 Vol. 21, No. 5


  • Bell, Kenton David: The Beloved, Reunion with Yourself: From Separate to One
  • Carroll, Lee: Kryon, Positive Changes in the Life Cycles of Earth
  • Coates, Judith: Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), The Ascension of Collective Consciousness
  • DeVoe, Daniele: Sarrinn and the Ancients, Simple Oneness
  • Dorer, Therese: Quan Yin, Go Into the Unknown with Courage and Strength
  • Ellen, Virgina: Jesus, You Can Heal the World
  • Hinman, Star: The Angels, A Call to Action
  • Kingdon, Kathlyn: Djwhal Khul, Spiritual Liberation: An Outbreak of Revolutionary Spirit
  • Mara, Jill: Simion, You Can Achieve What You Believe
  • Paluzzi, Nanci: Novenian Masters, Sharing Your Gifts
  • Raefiel, Athene: Kuthumi, Teaching on Cause and Effect
  • Rose, Christina: Spirit, A New Version and Vision of Life
  • Rose, Shekina: Shekinah and Blue Ray Transmissions, Activating Your Crystalline Body Codes
  • Rota, Miriandra: Expanded Consciousness, Living the Truth of Oneness Transforms Suffering Into Peace
  • Rother, Steve: The group, Every Chance You Get, Give Others the Opportunity to Shine
  • Shapiro, Robert: Zoosh, Earth Changes . . . How You Can Help
  • Sterling, Kahu Fred: Kirael and Raven, Meridians and the Shifting Body
  • Te’zah, Raven: Kali Maa, Waking to Full Consciousness of Your Diving Being
  • Tyberonn, James, Metatron, The Bosnian Pyramid and Harmonic Oscillation
  • Watson, Maurene: New Ascended Masters, Sovereign Creation in a New Dream Body


  • Almine, Lemurian Writings from the First Period


  • Clement, Stephanie, In the Essence of the Fifth Stage
  • Karén, Michelle, Reconnect with Profound Values
  • Smith, Rhonda, Unconditional Love in Action


  • Buffa, Marlene, Bottoms Up!
  • Fraser, Heather, What Dreams May Come
  • Maron, Teresa, The Healing Power of Gemstones
  • Miller, Stefanie, Getting Past the Past
  • Osmanagich, Sam Semir, The Significance of the Bosnian Pyramid Discovery
  • Smith, Jan Engels, Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval
  • Pinckley, Christopher A., Vortex of Light
  • Zellea, Wendy Ann, Staying Positive in the Face of Tragedy


  • Mayo, Stacey, I Can’t Believe I Get Paid to Do This!


  • Antenucci, Mary Ann, Essences of Nature
  • Cox, Lynne, Activities for Children
  • Loewenberg, Lauri and Katia Romanoff, The Dream Zone
  • Moore, Tom, Request Benevolent Outcomes
  • Parsons, Kathy, Music Reviews