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September 2010 Vol.20, No. 9

September 2010 Sedona Journal of Emergence
September 2010 Vol.20, No. 9
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  • Beaconsfield, Hannah: The Pleiadian Light, ETs and the Gulf Oil Leak
  • Joy, Aluna and the Star Elders, Signs of Our New World Emerging
  • Lewis, Pepper: Mother Earth (Gaia) and Uilora, ETs Among Us: Help for Humanity
  • Mara, Jill: Simion, Otherworldly Influences
  • Shapiro, Robert: ET from Ship, ET from Ship Filmed over Xiaoshan Airport, Hangzhou, China on 7 July 2010
  • Shapiro, Robert: Crop Circle Group Coordinator, Passage of Worlds Crop Circle


  • Carroll, Lee: Kryon, Perception of God
  • Chandran, Rae: Serapis Bay, The Quantumness of You
  • Chapman, Cathy: Amma, Join the Spiritual Lovefare Team
  • Coates, Judith: Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), Balance and Attunement through the New Energy
  • Davenport, Anina: St. Francis, Spaciousness and Choiceless Awareness
  • DeVoe, Daniele: Sarrinn with the Ancients, One Hundred Percent Enlightened Living
  • Dorer, Therese: Merlin, The Metaphor of the Tree
  • Herman, Ronna: Archangel Michael, Become a World Server
  • Kingdon, Kathlyn: Djwhal Khul, The Herstory of Planet Earth
  • MacBeth-Louthan, Gillian: Various, Expand Your Imagination and Manifest Healing
  • Michaels, Jeff: Onereon, Strategy to Improve the Now
  • Miller, David K.: Juliano and the Arcturians, Adam Relativity
  • Mulligan, Kathleen: The Master, Living Life from a Grateful Perspective
  • Murphy, Meredith: Ashira, Your Blueprint Is Vibrating You into Being
  • Rota, Miriandra: Expanded Consciousness, Dare to Be in Fulfillment
  • Rother, Steve: The group, The T-Square Alignment: An Act of Faith
  • Simon, Sheila: Vywamus, Mother Earth’s Physical Connection to the Human Body
  • Sterling, Kahu Fred: Master Kirael, Healing with Photon Energy
  • Tyberonn, James: Archangel Metatron, The Diamond Crystalline Transition of 10–10–10
  • Watson, Maurene: The New Ascended Masters, Bioclock Miracles: Reprogramming Awakened Stem Cells


  • Clement, Stephanie: Renewing Faith and Re-Creating Balance
  • Karén, Michelle, Open Yourself to Opportunity
  • Smith, Rhonda, The Celebration of You


  • Buffa, Marlene, Not Yet
  • Evelyn, Ruth, What, Why, Who, How, When, Where . . . If
  • Miller, Stefanie, Relationships in the New Energy


  • Antenucci, Mary Ann, Essences of Nature
  • Moore, Tom T., Request Benevolent Outcomes and Change Your Life
  • New and Notable Books
  • Loewenberg, Lauri and Katia Romanoff, The Dream Zone