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Pepper Lewis

Pepper Lewis
Pepper Lewis
2305-C Ashland Street #320
Ashland, Oregon 97520

Pepper Lewis is a natural intuitive, a gifted channel and a recognized writer, speaker and teacher of metaphysics. The unique and distinctive channeled messages brought forth by Pepper have become favorites of readers all over the world. Most popular are the featured articles authored by the sentience of our planet, Mother Earth, affectionately known as Gaia. These messages frequently appear in a variety of publications including, Sedona Journal of Emergence. They are also a favorite with many websites and news groups. Pepper is frequently featured on radio and Internet broadcasts including, The Great Shift, with Rev. Fred Sterling.

Pepper is the founder of The Peaceful Planet, an organization dedicated to relating to our environment and the world around us in a way that embraces and projects balance, integrity, peace and harmony. The Peaceful Planet offers inspirational products and services designed to empower, assist and educate. Seminars, lectures and workshops are on-going as time allows. Inquiries regarding scheduling an event in your area are welcome.

Other Work

Gaia Speaks through Pepper Lewis

"I am the nonphysical sentience of this planet—simply put, I am the planet Earth. I am the body and the soul of the planet you currently inhabit. My sentience guides and enlivens all that surrounds the planet as well as all that is upon and within her. My sentience animates the air you breathe, the energy you burn and the water you drink. My sentience—the most aware, advanced and attuned aspect of my being—is that which directs these words. Two priorities guide my sentience. The first is to erase the perception of separation that seems to threaten the planet. The second priority is to awaken and expand the collective consciousness. It is my hope that you will find my message meaningful and that you will continue to develop an appreciation for who and what you are." -Gaia

ISBN: 978-1-891824-51-7

Gaia Speaks Vol. 2 - Wisdom for an Awakening Humanity

This book is like a mystery that unfold as you read it. More than a collection of pages, you will find that is it one part textbook and one part oracle. You might even wonder if it is biographical or autobiographical in nature, as the coincidental references to your own life will seem almost uncanny. How can that be? Gaia is a living/learning/teaching library of everything that is, was or might be related to the Earth. Because you are Gaian, you are also a part of the great living library that is Gaia; you are a library within Gaia, one whose contents are a collection of ever unfolding experiences. You are a lifetimes-old master storyteller, unraveling each tantalizing chapter. That is why you cannot help but find yourself within these pages.

ISBN: 1-891824-51-1
Softcover, 448pp.

Spiritual Leadership (DVD)

Have you ever wondered what true leadership would look, sound or feel like? As one era ends and the next begins, what qualities might Spiritual Leadership draw upon? According to Gaia, true leadership includes the ability to guide and inspire, and is almost invisible in its influence.

Are you already a leader in your community or in your business? Would you like to inspire others in more fulfilling ways? Allow Gaia to assist you to look deeply within and to envision a time in the very near future where you and others of like mind shift the status quo into a more creative reality.

A compelling and deeply inspiring film.

The Fifth Element: Akash & Ether (DVD)

An opportunity to experience Gaia's remarkable channeling, including her ability to fully animate Pepper's body. As a full-body, trance—channel, Pepper surrenders the stage to Gaia, facilitating a unique and enriching experience.

In this DVD, Gaia explains the reciprocal cooperation that exists within and between all of the elements, including Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether.

Filmed Live at the Kryon Summer Light Conference in majestic Mount Shasta, this excellent quality DVD continues to generate the same overwhelming vibrations as the original event.

2009 & Beyond by Pepper Lewis (CD)

Once again, and more specific than ever, Gaia offers us a detailed and expanded view of the year ahead. 2009 will focus on the global effect of our collective consciousness as solutions begin to replace setbacks. Join Gaia and Pepper in an exploration of our personal and planetary journey during this amazing and unprecedented time.

Topics include Insights and Incentives: Economic sustainability in a changing world, wealth management and world currencies - Power in Politics: Power versus force on the political stage, ownership versus leadership in government, the new world order - Consolidating Waste: Sustainability and natural resources, the future of our food supply, eco-neighborhoods and micro-communities • Love and Compassion: Redefining relationships, family values, the young and the young at heart • Health and Wellness: 'Edge' medicine, organ(ic) systems and the evolution of the human body • Spirituality and Religion: The search for certainty in an uncertain world, wisdom and the will.

Plus...Earth's Kingdoms Speak: An opportunity for fire, water, earth and air to speak directly about their present and future condition. Earth's Elements Speak: The animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms share their own unique perspectives.

4-CD Audio Presentation

A New You: Starting A New Chapter in Life by Pepper Lewis (CD)

New chapters begin with an inner knowledge that your time has come. Take a deep breath and know that this time is now. Your long held vision of the life you have always wanted to live is currently unfolding in your favor. Don't miss this opportunity to quicken it's pace!

Who or what decides when it is time for a new chapter? • Lasting change versus temporary change • Developing early detection of messages and messengers • Compassionate and responsible dissolution of activities and relationships that are no longer useful.

How to recognize, activate and enhance positive change • How to develop an ongoing intuitive sense of who you are and what you want • Gentle preparation for change in the near future • Using the Soul/Personality connection to balance your inner and outer worlds.

8-CD Audio Presentation

Moving Toward A Spiritual Economy by Pepper Lewis (CD)

Why do the things we value most in life seem so elusive? Why does, 'more money' seem like the answer to almost everything? If money did not exist, what would we put in its place?

The world is quickly moving toward a global economy, a redistribution of wealth, and a re-assessment of resources. Learn what to do today so you will not have to do without later.

Featured subjects of this CD include: • Why money affects the quality of life • How to get more time out of a day • Upcoming changes in banking systems, currencies and resources • What, where and when to save • Taxes, debt, loans, gifts and much more.

4-CD Audio Presentation

From 3D to 5D by Pepper Lewis (CD)

Life in the 5th dimension is just around the corner. Here is a fascinating peek into the next step in our dimensional evolution. We are on the brink of a collective experience, and some of us are already experiencing glimpses of the shift on an individual basis.

What can we expect to find in 5D? How do we get there? Gaia has all the details.

2-CD Audio Presentation

The Global Warming Phenomenon by Pepper Lewis (CD)

A unique and original perspective on one of the most timely and important subjects of our time. Always compassionate and expansive, Gaia tells us that humanity is not the true cause of global warming, and that emissions and greenhouse gases are only a small part of the phenomenon.

In careful detail, Gaia explains her own process of evolution and how humanity's presence upon the earth affects it. Specific information is offered as to what changes we can expect and when, as well as potential solutions to many present and upcoming issues.

Lots of cues and clues for for those with an interest in new and renewable resources. If you are looking for a 360-degree view of a very polarizing subject, this is the one.

2-CD Audio Presentation

Science & Metaphysics by Pepper Lewis (CD)

Recorded live in Mount Shasta at one of Pepper and Gaia's most potent seminars yet, this CD set leaves nothing to the imagination. Gaia's in-depth explanation of the origin of the Universe and the world we live in is sure to alter any belief system.

Tired of New Age jargon that asks more questions than it answers? This is the subject you have been waiting for.

3-CD Audio Presentation

Conspiracies & Cover-Ups by Pepper Lewis (CD)

What is the difference between an undiscovered mystery and one that is hidden in plain sight? Do you believe that events and people are being controlled, manipulated and influenced? Do you believe in cabals, secret societies and the illuminati?

If so, then this is the CD for you, but be prepared for a few surprises! This CD set explores conspiracies, cover-ups and other related subjects, in-depth and without bias.

2-CD Audio Presentation

Releasing Judgment by Pepper Lewis (CD)

Spirit holds us blameless and faultless even when we don't, so we should not be too surprised when Gaia tells us that our only mistakes are those we have forgotten how to forgive.

Our most popular CD, bar none!

2-CD Audio Presentation