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Judith K. Moore

Judith K. Moore
Judith K. Moore
Chimayo, NM

I am an Oracle for the Records of Creation/The Records of RA. I enter visionary states to convey mystical transmissions. I am able to receive all communications that are for the highest good from the other side of the veil while my consciousness transcends time and space. During the channeled experiences, I actually transcend the dimensions and enter altered states that facilitate the energetic balance of the electro-magnetic energies in the dimensional fields. I am a conscious trance medium and adept at Multi-dimensional journeywork.

My training and preparation was guided from the other realms. I have totally surrendered my life to the service of God, as an instrument of the Divine for the Awakening of the New Heaven-New Earth. It is my intent to be a pure messenger and vessel in service to Divine Creator. I monitor my work for clarity and purity. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and the assistance from the mystical realms that make this work possible.

I am assisted by a soul group of over 80 people worldwide called the 13:13:13 soul group. Each person has received a reading that reveals some mystical knowledge and agreement to participate. Each person has DNA that is associated with this work. The soul group are transducers for the grounding and anchoring of these energies from the multi-verse to the third dimension and into the Akashic Records. Their special DNA codes are important for integration of this material into the collective. They are also grounders for the intense energies that challenge my physical body. The soul group helps to anchor and ground these powerful energies making my work possible.

My husband, Randy, takes care of me on many levels. His energy supports me, without which I would not be able to do this job.

Sean Sands is my co-medium, and the scribe for the Records of Creation. As a team, we are able to work in dimensions that I could not access previously. He takes care of my energetic body during intense trance states. He does this from his home in The Sanctuary in Grandforks, BC.

Other Work

Song of Freedom by Judith Moore

One woman's spiritual journey from the depths of covert government mind-control experiments to the height of healing and awakening.

Judith Moore knew she had been brought up by loving parents. Before age 40 she had no memory of childhood trauma although she knew she had been sick a lot more than most people-but it wasn't until she joined an incest survivors' group to help her adopted daughter, that the memories began surfacing.

At first she feared for her sanity, for these recollections were of painful medical experiments, torture and sensory deprivation at the hands of the United States government.

In this brave and groundbreaking work, Judith Moore shares her shattering revelations of the reality of high-level mind control. She opens the pages of her journal and the innermost feelings of her heart to share with the reader her journey to wholeness and to healing. As memories flood her consciousness, she struggles to make sense of what is happening, to process the information in accordance with her lifelong worldview of love, intellectual curiosity and deep respect for nature.

Her early environment, rich in Native American folklore, helps her in her quest. She researches, travels, investigates and meditates in an effort to set herself free, to reclaim her very sense of herself as a person. Her search leads her into terrifying unknown territory and illuminating discoveries about her own psyche and that of today's society as a whole.

Softcover, 364 pgs.
ISBN: 1-891824-38-4

A New Formula For Creation by Judith Moore

The Miracle of Immortal Love

This book brings an inspiring positive message regarding the future of our planet. Earth is experiencing the Shift of the Ages, a time marked by massive Earth changes and social upheaval. This is foretold in many prophecies, including Hopi prophecies and the biblical Revelations. They warn that raising consciousness is the only way to avert a massive cataclysm.

The message in this book is unique, for it speaks of a grand cosmic plan in which the Earth plays a crucial role. Our planet has gone through seven cycles of Creation, ending in destruction. It is now completing the eighth cycle and will not enter destruction. The ninth cycle of Creation will be in the Now consciousness of harmony, unity and oneness.

The world as we know it is a holographic projection manifested by the ultimate force of Creation, which is love. A distortion developed in this hologram, a dense energy that separated and did not know itself as part of the love of Creation. This resulted in the cycles, and a new Creation had to rise from the ashes of the old.

This distortion is identified as a "chip" in the blueprint of Creation. The chip has been discovered and removed. A new Creation is being birthed—a Creation not impeded by the distortion, which manifests as fear, hatred, greed and power. A new "life unto life" principle of Creation is coming into being, eliminating cyclical destruction.

Softcover, 186 pgs.
ISBN: 978-1-891824-57-9

Crop Circles Revealed by Judith Moore and Barbara Lamb

"Through both examination of the crop circles and channeled investigation, Crop Circles Revealed explores a new understanding, to help the people of the world and our mother planet survive the new millenium.

"Scientific formulas of light and sound and the wisdom found in the mythologies of the ages are brought together in this up-to-the-minute 2001 edition.

"This book lifts the crop circles away from the controversy of who makes them into the wonder of what they represent to us at this critical time in our history. You've never seen a crop circle book like this before." - Peter Paget

"There are really only three questions that most of us have regarding crop circles: 1: Why are they here? 2: What is their purpose for mankind? and 3: Why are they placed where they are? Do you want some of the first answers to these mysteries that make sense? Read this book!" - Dean Stonier, Global Sciences Conference