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Miriandra Rota

Miriandra Rota
Miriandra Rota
PO Box 81
Troutdale, VA 24378-0081

Internationally known as one of the clearest channels on the planet, author, lecturer, and deep level channeler Miriandra Rota has been working in the field of spiritual exploration for over twenty-five years.

Her experiences as a psychic child were explored in the magazine Venture Inward published by the Association of Research and Enlightenment. Her channeling story is told at length in Henry Leo Bolduc's book, Journey Within: Past Life Regression and Channeling. Dr. Henry Reed also explores Miriandra's work in two books: Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self and Developing Your Psychic Ability. Her expanded consciousness journeys are described in Michael L. Schuster's latest book, Masters of Shambala. Miriandra's channeling is a long-time favorite in the magazine, Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Of her first book, Welcome Home - A Time for Uniting, Sir George Trevelyan states, "...a fine example of channeling at its best... of profound significance for the spiritual awakening of our time". Her second book, The Story of the People, is a compelling vision of current and upcoming changes, our choices and the New Earth.

Sought after around the world for her workshops and full-day intensives, Miriandra is a dynamic speaker and her workshops are alive, interactive and inspiring.

Other Work

The Story of the People

The Epic of Us All

The Story of the People is the spoken history of our coming to Earth, our traditions and our relation to Inner Earth. It is a compelling vision of the upcoming changes, our choices, and the New Earth.

Channeled in 41 sessions, it could be considered science fiction, metaphysical mythology or the profoundly moving epic of rall who are open and brave enough to know their Truth.

It will push your buttons, pull your heart strings and activate your spirit of adventure and love.

Softcover, 212 pgs.
ISBN: 0-929385-51-9

Pathways and Parables for a Changing World through Miriandra Rota

Here we are! We know this is a powerful time; we have successfully birthed ourselves to be present during the grand awakening. We can feel it—the call to powerful living! What makes some solutions for powerful living easy to grasp whereas others seem slippery and elusive? Maybe the slippery and elusive solutions are so different that they feel like a foreign language, on e we haven't yet learned to speak. Maybe the elusive solutions are poking at the conclusions we've spent our entire lives developing.

This book is about practical solutions called pathways. Have you ever asked Pretty Flower a question only to have her answer begin with, "Once upon a time . . ."? At the end of her parable, have you ever found yourself saying, "Huh?" and then, "Oh, yes"? It's easy, simple. That's what the parables are all about: a shift in consciousness and spiritual awakenings galore. But don't let me keep you a moment longer from these easy pathways, delightful parables and simple solutions for your powerful living!

Topics include: We Are All Journeyers, The Fulfillment of Your Own Knowing, Truth Does Burst Forth!, Ripples in the Timeline, Discernment and Choice, The Strength of the Mother's Love, A Gathering of Fairies, The Breath of Peace.

Softcover, 380 pgs.
ISBN: 1-891824-53-8