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Steve Rother

Steve Rother
Steve Rother
PO Box 34838
Las Vegas, NV 89133
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Steve Rother is an American citizen, currently living in Las Vegas. He used to be an entrepreneur, until he became a Lightworker and an author. 5 books have been published so far, which have been translated into 11 different languages.

His change from entrepreneur to Lightworker happened following a spiritual experience on new year's eve 1996. That night, he started saying things which, according to himself, did not originate from himself, but came from "the group". A group of 9 'energetic entities'. These 'messages' brought by 'the group' were bundled in books.

Together with his wife Barbara, he travels around the globe, spreading these messages from the group and putting them into practice. His activities are managed by a non-profit organisation called 'Lightworker Corporation'.

Other Work

Greetings from Home by Steve Rother

"Humanity is stepping from an experience of duality into a field of Triality where light and dark selves are balanced by a new connection to the higher self. It is an exciting and sometimes scary time for humans for it means taking your power as conscious creators. We are here to offer you an empowered view of the human experience. That view is not right, nor is it wrong for, in a field of Triality, you no longer have the need for those contrasts. We ask that you do not follow us, for the game of follow the leader is now ending and the game of follow yourself is just beginning. When you return home, you will be greeted as heroes for playing the game of free choice and you will then understand that ascending into spirit is not nearly as important as having a wondrous human experience." — ESPAVO, the Group

The contents of this book were given to Steve Rother over ten years as divinely inspired monthly messages by a collection of warm and loving spirits that he simply called 'the Group.' In the spirit of true empowerment, they refused to identify themselves because they do not want readers to give up their power to titles, labels or an image of superior beings. They say: "It's not about us; it's about you, the masters of the gameboard of free choice. It is our task to help you remember who you really are."

Softcover, 407 pgs.
ISBN: 1-928806-11-2

Re-member: A Handbook for Human Evolution by Steve Rother

Mankind is evolving. We are moving from a motivation of survival to a motivation of unity. We are reaching for "Higher Truths" in all areas as a quiet revolution is taking place. This transition need not be difficult!

Find ease in this transition through Re-membering how to: Discover and step into your "Plan B" Contract, Purposefully craft your own reality and create your own version of Home on Earth, Adjust to the new levels of vibration affecting your biology, Master the arts of Time Warping and moving between Alternate Realities, Re-discover your gifts and tap into your own guidance and Re-member your power, Play "the Game" to the Highest Outcome and enjoy the journey, Prepare for the next phase of our evolution and the Crystal Children that are coming

It's an exciting time on Planet Earth. In this enlightening book Steve Rother and the Group offer a look at Higher Truths that will change the paradigms and the way we perceive ourselves. We Humans have just won the Grand Game of Hide and Seek and are now moving the Game to a new level!

Softcover, 343 pgs.
ISBN: 1-928806-08-2

So I'm God... Now What?

So I'm God... Now What? is a collection of carefully selected questions and answers that were asked directly to the group during live presentations world wide. The topics cover a wide variety of subjects and are categorized to show life in many areas from the perspective of the group.

This book holds a refreshing, honest and at times irreverent way of viewing life. Multiple points of perceptions offer more possibilities. All of humanity is experiencing a rapid evolutionary leap in consciousness as many of the old paradigms just don't work anymore. We are all left feeling frustrated like a round peg trying to fit in the same square hole we have always known. The ability to see from multiple perspectives can help us to make better choices and stay more in our own power. The group's information is aimed at helping us awaken into the Age of the Empowered Human.

Softcover, 360pgs.
ISBN: 978-1-928806-24-0

Spiritual Psychology by Steve Rother

Have you ever wondered why it is that one person can grow up with every conceivable advantage, and yet seem incapable of mastering even the simplest things in life?

Have you ever known someone who, despite being highly intelligent, keeps on repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

It is only when we begin to view the human experience as the evolutionary process of a soul that we can begin to understand all these strange forces at work in our lives.

We see ourselves as human beings searching for a spiritual awakening when, in fact, we are spiritual beings trying to cope with a human awakening.

But what causes us to seek these experiences in the first place?

What is it, precisely, that sets certain life patterns into motion?

What is it, precisely, that sets certain life patterns into motion?

Why do these patterns emerge in our own behaviors repeatedly?

More importantly, what would happen if we could find ways of identifying this higher purpose and in so doing transform seemingly destructive patterns into positive attributes?

Spiritual Psychology offers a radically different view of life and the human experience. This book offers a view of humanity from the higher perspective of our own spirit.

Softcover, 240 pgs.
ISBN: 1-928806-10-4

Welcome Home: The New Planet Earth by Steve Rother

Welcome to the 5th Dimension. Did you feel the ascension?

The world we knew is rapidly evolving. Life on Planet Earth is becoming increasingly unpredictable. The old rules no longer function. According to 'the Group', these changes have greater implications than we imagine. As unexpected as recent events have been, they merely mark the beginning. The evolution of mankind has begun.

The Group's purpose is to prepare us for what lies ahead. In 'Welcome Home', they offer us keys to unlocking the secrets of developing our full powers as creators and using them in our lives now.

Welcome Home is divided into four sections: Current Events: A cosmic view of where we are, how we got here and where we are heading, The New Planet Earth: The new attributes of life in the 5th dimension and how we can apply them, Questions and Answers: Taken from a wide range of topics taken from live presentations, Where do we go from here?: Prepare to be surprised!

Softcover, 344 pgs.
ISBN: 1-928806-09-0