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April 2009 Vol.19, No. 4





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The Fetters of Wisdom



PMB #136
974 Breckinridge Lane
Louisville, KY 40207

Through the ages, the mantle of wisdom has been placed like a hidden identity on spiritual leaders. It has glorified age because of its accumulated view points. In doing so, it has revered the cumbersome weight of ancestral wisdom and given a false sense of authority to those who are wise in a specific field—a field of predictable outcomes.

Wisdom is the antithesis of the unknown, the place where growth lies. For growth can be described as turning the known into the unknown through experience, which purports to be the companion of awareness, but constricts it. Wisdom, by holding on to the truths of yesterday, pulls us back into the past and keeps us on the treadmill of perpetuating the past in the future. Wisdom has to defend its position. It has everything to prove and nothing to learn. It keeps us in the cage of conformity—the place of no growth.

Opening to Better Angels:
Moving from Your Face to Your Knees

OMA through Frankie Z Avery

18 December 2008

Whether conscious of it or not, you have been conversant with your guardian angel. Whether in a dream or in a waking state, you have felt the emanation of angelic energies manifest in your body and in your life. Perhaps, when you have moved yourself to surrender in prayer and meditation and you have been able to awaken your mind to awareness, you have heard the choir of angels. Is that sound not an experience that takes you beyond anything that you've ever felt in this physical world? Of course, there are different levels of angelic energies. Maybe you have felt yourself being lifted from your sleeping area and seen yourself adrift above your body. Different from astral projection, this phenomenon occurs with healing, usually at a moment of life and death. Do you remember such a lifting?

Now, nothing can superimpose its will over your own. What an angelic influence can do, however, is broaden your comprehension of your alternatives. Angelic guidance can expand the world of consciousness. Its influence is there to make you aware of the limitlessness of your life, your choices and your very existence. Quite often life experience limits your perceptive ability. Encased in your physical body, you see what you're driving on, where you're looking—one direction. But when you are in your energy body, you can fly everywhere and see everything—all the roads, all the paths. Perhaps angelic guidance has actually interfered with a choice that you've made. We know that this has happened to some of you, like in a moment of considering suicide. At such a moment, angelic influence can actually bring cessation to an action based on a temporary choice. Angelic interference won't remain, but it will be there at the moment of self-destruction to allow you to pause. It will awaken you to alternatives, to a consciousness of prayer.

The Next Fifty Years:
Setting the Energy of Appropriateness

Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll

1155 Camino del Mar, #422
Del Mar, CA 92014

13 December 2008, St. Augustine, Florida

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic service. There are those who would say that this is not possible. There are always those who say that a Human Being could never do such a thing as what you are witnessing. Again I say to you that those who have the energy here, with the talents to see the colors, will know this is real. Proof of the unseen is difficult in the 3D mind, for you expect to see 3D things to prove non-3D things, do you not? For this is the voice that has been with you all of the day, the Human voice, and is the voice of my partner [Lee]. Although it is the voice of the Human, suddenly it's supposed to be the voice of a being from beyond the veil! Again we say to you that this is indeed so and is not something odd or something strange. For those of you who can feel the energy know that it is being enhanced right now, for this is the voice from home. It is a voice like no other voice, for this one has a third language connected to it. This one speaks to the Human heart, the higher self, of each of you.

Let it be known that there is truth within the words here. Let them not meet your ears and mind, rather let them meet your heart. Let them be interpreted by that part of you that we call the "higher self." Then you will relax with these things. I am Kryon and I know where I am. It is not odd that I would speak to Humanity in this way, nor is it odd that I speak to you reading and hearing in this way. My words are being read and I know who's reading them. So this message is also for you who are out of the time frame of those who are listening with their ears in 3D time. For this message is timeless, and it is a continuation of one we had before [Laguna Hills, California]. Two weeks ago in your time, we gave you a message, a channeling called "Current Events." We spoke of what you had done and we spoke of the energy of the moment. Now we wish to continue and give you the energy of what can be.

Everything Is Made From the Same Love As You

Amma through Cathy Chapman

25 January 2009, Maui, Hawaii

My dear ones, you enjoy the beauty that you see, be it viewing the blue waters of Hawaii, the red rocks of Sedona or a glorious sunset or sunrise. When you are able to look into a clear night sky and feel as if you are falling into the heavens, you can believe you are at one with the world. Whatever beauty you see, whether in a person or a landscape, you are more apt to find yourself believing in the oneness that you know is true. But what do you think of that which you believe is a blight? How do you view discarded refuse upon the land or a person who is difficult to love? These, also, are within the oneness.

You created for yourself an experience of separateness. To do this, you set up the judgment of what is good and what is not good. You decided that people were of the light or not of the light. Every judgment you make that is one of separation is an affirmation of separateness. This is the time of removing the film you placed upon your eyes, which distorted creation into the acceptable and unacceptable, the beautiful and ugly, and the good and bad. There is only the oneness. All is acceptable, all is beautiful and all is good.

Unlimited Possibilities

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Judith Coates
Judith Coates

Beloved ones, this is a most exciting time. We have spoken for some years of the excitement for the changes that are happening. We have spoken of what to expect, and you have found out that my timing is not your timing and some of you have been most impatient with timing. But truly, you are beginning to see, as you will cast your mind back in time, how everything in your life, and in the collective consciousness, has been bringing you to this point in time and in reality.

Truly, every day is a new opportunity for experiences. We have said to you that before you put your feet on the floor and get out of the bed in the morning, spend one moment visualizing how you want that day to go. Who are you going to meet in that day? How are you going to feel about them? Allow yourself to walk in holy light. Visualize the holy light going before you. Allow yourself to see yourself and everyone else you meet in that day in holy light. As you can set the tone for each day even before you begin the day, you can do that for this year. Visualize this month how you want it to go, where you want to go, even physically where you want to go, and who you want to interact with and take off all of the boundaries of what separated ego has said could be possible.

Ascension Dialogues:
Preparing Your Physical Body for Ascension

Sarrinn, the Ancients and the Brotherhood of Light through Daniele DeVoe

Greetings, dear lightworkers! And so the realization of your dear Gaia's shift and the understanding of her impact upon you and your world continues to grow and becomes focused. During this month of April great numbers of you celebrate the ascension of the great master known as "Jesus" or "Jeshua," and again large numbers unite in your Earth Day celebrations of Gaia's life. We take time now to focus on these celebrations simply to remind you to align your thoughts and emotions on the joy-filled messages of these events—the life, hope and love—rather than the death or dire prophecies. We also wish to speak about ascension as it pertains to you, and this Easter season seems to be an appropriate time to begin.

Ascension Is a Natural Process

Are you aware that ascension is the most natural process for graduation from your present dimension? It has been many millennia since the gentle, loving resonance shift of ascension has been widespread and normal. Fear, survival and amnesia have taken humanity in a very different direction indeed, and in this new direction, most have completely lost the knowledge that the death process is not the inevitable culmination you have come to expect.

Generating Stillness:
Conscious Agreements in Your Body and Our World

Shesat through Norma Gentile

So often in New Age circles, we speak of illnesses as "dis-ease." It is true that there is usually a sense of discomfort in illness. It isn't always in the exact location where the physical disease may eventually manifest, but it may instead be felt as discomfort or imbalance in the lifestyle or emotions. Very often the physical body registers discomfort at a subtle level. This happens long before the disease has manifested into the body. The physical body registers sensations of what is going on all around us kinesthetically, two, three, four, five or six feet away from us. Oftentimes when something begins to register as illness or noticeable discomfort, we look at the body itself. We forget to look outside of the body, where it is probably coming from—the subtle energy field two feet, three feet or more outside of our physical body.

In these surrounding spaces, we intersect with other people. Our energies intersect with those groups of people we have agreements with, such as our biological family, those who live in our neighborhood or city, coworkers and people we know from the school we attend or the sport we participate in. Most people have easily a dozen primary agreements between themselves and a group of people in their life.

Activating Your Crystalline Energy

Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

The word "power" is used in so many ways by humans. To some, power is determined by how much control they have over other humans. That control can consist of manipulation, threats, demeaning words and actions and so on. But often feeling controlled by someone is just in the mind of the person who thinks of himself as less than or as a victim of a perceived aggressor.

A person with an enormous amount of money is often viewed as one who has power. It is easy for the human to believe that money can buy power because in your world, you tend to put such people on pedestals and think of them as royalty. In fact, there are people who will do anything for someone of status and wealth in the hope that if they cater to such a person's ego needs, they will be rewarded with money, opportunity and importance, just by mere association alone. And sadly enough, it often works, because the one doing the groveling feels like she is the powerful one, no matter how delusional that may be. It is time, dear ones, that you redefine power within yourselves. True power does not make someone a victim or a slave to its needs. True power comes from the heart that is open to soul, and then it must be balanced with the intellectual mind in such a way that it benefits others and the world at large. This takes inner knowledge gained from life experiences and soul/heart energy in the form of conscious awareness.

Sun Double Rainbow Adventure

White Bear through Eric and Linda Haggard

Linda & Eric Haggard
Linda & Eric Haggard
Sedona, AZ

We are residents of Sedona. The unusual is commonplace here and so we are delighted, but never truly surprised, when we see something unexpected or unexplained. We love to hike and pay our respects to Gaia, who never fails in blessing us with beauty in abundance here.

On January 2, 2009, we went for a hike on Soldier Pass Trail starting at the parking area and hiked all the way to Brin's Mesa. This is a gradual uphill climb past the Seven Sacred Pools, through creek beds, past beautiful archways and up to the Grandfather Juniper at the top on Brin's Mesa. To honor Gaia, we always bring our music (flute, didgeridoo, chimes, rattle), and this time we brought jonquil bulbs to plant along the way wherever Gaia beckoned—and always with her permission. We planted approximately fifty bulbs in groups of threes and fives, whatever we heard her ask for. At the top we rested and played some music.

The Time Has Come for Divine Intervention

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Ronna Herman
Ronna Herman
6005 Clear Creek Dr.
Reno, NV 89502
Phone/Fax 775-856-3654

Beloved masters, the process that the world and humanity are now experiencing has been spoken of by many wise sages and masters over the past one hundred or so years, yet most have not taken heed to the warning signs and have continued on a path of self—destruction. Humanity has built an illusion of wealth and abundance, but it was built on the quicksand of greed and a fear of scarcity. This giant bubble of illusion has burst under the pressure of the living light of truth. What humanity is now experiencing is the cause and effect or the karmic results of following the impulses of the ego—desire body instead of the whisperings of Spirit. Many dear souls have never experienced lack or deprivation and have lived a life of "me first" and instant self—gratification, while others who believed in the old teachings—that they were not worthy of abundance—have endured many lifetimes of scarcity with a sense of futility.

You may not believe it at this time of great suffering, but the circumstances all humanity is feeling with regard to abundance will eventually result in many great blessings. As the suffering and pain of loss intensifies and becomes great enough, more and more dear souls will turn inward for guidance and solutions, and all the forces of the higher realms will be waiting to answer their pleas and offer assistance.

Create Balance for the New Reality

Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Kathlyn Kingdon
Kathlyn Kingdon

PO Box 383
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602

Beloved students, I greet you with love and compassion as we move into April of 2009. Indeed, there are many lessons ripe and ready for harvest, and it is my sincere hope that each of you is fully engaged in the global process of redefinition that is now under way for planet Earth. While clearly there are still some difficult curves to negotiate, I do hope you are finding reason for celebration as the old is being cleared away for a new reality to emerge. Of course, the emergence of this new reality will not happen in five minutes, nor will it happen even in the scope of a single year. However, it is most important that you pay attention to all the new wrinkles that arise, and find a way to make the most of each budding opportunity that greets you this year.


Truly, one of the most significant matters at hand is not a new matter at all, for it seems humanity perpetually invokes lessons regarding the matter of balance. Indeed, all the big issues now playing out in the financial and economic sectors had their initial arising via some form of imbalance—severe imbalance in some cases. As long as money has existed, there has always been an imbalance between those who have it and those who do not. The same is true with the relationship between those who have power and those who do not. Throughout history, people have defined themselves—often to their detriment—by how they interpret their own particular stance within these two provocative energetic spectra.

Evolution versus Creation Revisited Again and Again

Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Pepper Lewis
Pepper Lewis

2305-C Ashland Street #320
Ashland, Oregon 97520

Recently, we recognized the bicentennial birth of Charles Darwin, best known for his Theory of Evolution. Why is there still so much controversy about this subject?

The controversy will exist until humanity's origin is no longer a theory, but an established truth. In order to discover this truth, humanity must reach further into its past than it has thus far, and in order to do that, memories surrounding its more cosmic ancestry must first be restored. Where are these memories stored? They are stored in a time capsule, for lack of a better word. Within the human mind there is a region that has access to greater or more expansive truths. This region begins where the lesser region ends, and to discover these truths, humanity must make the effort to break through the shell of obscurity that separates the two; it must make the effort to reconcile the dualities that have framed its current existence. As long as humanity dwells in duality, its past and its future will be opaque and obscure. Humanity evolved from a chaotic storm of creativity, and as this creation evolved, it became even more creative. The next cataclysmic storm reinvented the human form and the one that followed that inspired the human mind. Each of these cosmic storms created new possibilities and each was giventhe opportunity to evolve and express as both form and formlessness. Your heritage is richer and more diverse than even the most imaginative minds have yet recalled.

Ascension: An Update

Juliano, the Arcturians and Metatron through David K. Miller

David K. Miller
David K. Miller
PO Box 4074
Prescott, AZ 86302

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. The ascension and the energy of the ascension are flooding the energy field of the Earth now. There has been a new and powerful influx of ascension energy during the past two to three weeks. This influx of energy has had a dramatic effect on the starseeds and it has also created huge perceptual openings. By perceptual openings, I mean that many of you are able to see and experience higher realities, higher energy fields, and also you have experienced an increase in your sensitivity.

At this point, I would like to offer further insights about the ascension and also information about the spiritual technology of ascension. I am aware that many people have described the ascension in different ways. For example, some people have said that the ascension is actually in place; and therefore, you ascend within your Earth body but stay on the Earth. This is one interpretation of ascension. Ascending and staying in place on the Earth is not our interpretation; in fact, I believe that many of you also have a different expectation of the ascension. The expectation that you have of actually leaving the Earth is in alignment with our original teachings. That expectation is that in ascension you will raise your frequency. Your vibration then will move to such a high point that you will disappear from this realm and reappear in the fifth dimension. We still maintain that this event, like I have just described, will occur. Yet there remains the expectation, as I have said, that the ascension will be an upliftment in place, while you remain in your Earth body on the Earth.

How to Assist Suffering Humanity

Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Miriandra Rota
Miriandra Rota

PO Box 81
Troutdale, VA 24378-0081

15 February 2009

It is our pleasure to be speaking with you once again in this manner! You are sincere beings and we would respond to your yearning to assist humanity, to assist suffering humanity. And while you have been guided to live your life with great joy and such living would and does affect humanity in a most positive manner—uplifting those frequencies that have been begging for relief from grave suffering—we say to you, in answer to your yearning and in answer to your prayers, you can assist suffering humanity in this manner, beloved ones.

The Foundation

First there is the foundation upon which you can reside in order to assist in the best manner possible. What is the foundation? It is the recognizing that you and all of humanity, in truth you and everything, are all united. That is, there is no separation from one being to the next, from one who suffers to one who dances with joy. "How can that be?" you might ask, to which we would say: "All beings, all creatures, all of nature, all of that which has been created and dissolved are the All, are the essence flowing forth to take form, and in between each and every being, in between each and every creature, in between each and every tree, flower, hill, mountain, and you, there is essence; the life force, the magma of All That Is. Even though you can see a seeming separation, your eyes do not deliver to you the fullness of all that you are, or the fullness of All That Is. When you breathe a breath, the entirety of All That Is breathes the same breath; when you sigh, the entirety of All That Is sighs; when you weep, when you laugh, when you awaken, the entirety of All That Is experiences the same. And still your mind will want answers and will say that this cannot be possible! It will rationalize that your friend is suffering and you are playing; your mind will say that you are not experiencing the same thing. Yet we say to you, your mind is most glorious, most wondrous, and your mind can only give to you conclusions and interpretations made upon its known journeys, even if those journeys have been within explorations of consciousness.

Critical Juncture of Time and Space in 2009:
The End of Separation

The group through Steve Rother

Steve Rother
Steve Rother

PO Box 34838
Las Vegas, NV 89133

Greetings from home. Dear ones, your journey has taken you to a time and space that has brought you to a critical junction. We wish to address what is directly ahead for you in 2009. This year has become a very critical launching point for the new humanity. We are so incredibly excited. You are evolving and bringing every part of the Earth with you. Your evolutionary path had placed blinders over your eyes leaving you to walk around bumping into one another, not knowing where you were going or what it was about. Now you are taking full charge and the blinders are starting to come off. You are finding that you are God and that you have the same creative abilities as what you consider God to be. In fact, you are using those creative abilities in every moment of every day yet you are unaware of it. That is changing. Also, the way you communicate and interact with others is rising to the next level and that is now spreading over the entire globe. Because of these changes that you have set into motion, you have opportunities to tap into your own energy and change your own reality to the next level.

Nine Equals Completion

Let us speak of the year 2009, for the nine is the magical part of this number. If you look to your own numerology studies, you will see that nine is a completion number. This is a big date and in fact, we ask you all to celebrate the 9-9-9 that will be taking place September 9 of this year. It is a landmark. It is simply an opportunity to celebrate light in a new way because the old ways are ending and that is one aspect of the completion. Dear ones, what we ask you to celebrate is the completion of separation. In the beginning, you were in the first dimension and you were an integral part of God. You were part of what you call the "creator of home," for at home there is no separation. Everyone is part of each other. God, in that being's infinite wisdom, was able to do all things with the exception of one. God could not see or study the self because there was no contrast or polarity. So you left the first dimension and traveled through the second and were imprinted with duality in the second dimension. You carry that even today because in a field of duality, you see only light where there is darkness, love where there is fear. You see only the opposites within a field of duality and that too is ending. As you move to the next level, the field that we call "triality" is now beginning. The illusions have been that you only saw the opposite ends; you only saw the greatest love and the greatest fear, the greatest light and the greatest darkness. These are the illusions, and the third position, the higher self, is making the straight line of duality into a triangle that we call triality, which is the new connection to the higher self. The higher self can see from a different position. Because of that, you are moving into a field of triality where you will still have the light and dark, but the new position of your higher self will balance it, and you will begin to understand that it is not linear but a circle. The triangle is the beginning of that perception. In the beginning of human life you needed the contrast that the line gave you. But now you have advanced to a level where the contrast is no longer needed for humans to see God.

The Heart of Humanity Speaks

The Council of 12 through Selacia

Santa Monica, CA

Some say humanity is now living in its eleventh hour—the last moment when change is thought possible. Examples are all around you of other species nearly or already extinct. Beneath the oceans and under modern—day cities there are also clues about ancient human civilizations that vanished relatively quickly due to either abrupt changes in weather patterns or human—caused misapplication of natural laws. Science, more than at any other time in your recorded history, is able to project outcomes based on current scenarios involving Earth changes.

The Power to Change the World

A projection isn't the same as reality in the here and now, of course. Also, the projections relate mostly to external things, like global warming and planet resources. Scientists rarely factor into their projections the element of human consciousness and the true power that humans have to change their world. The scientific experts who warn of catastrophes have focused extensively on the harm people can do rather than the good.

Your Life Post-Shift

Master Kirael and Cornelius III through Kahu Fred Sterling

This will be a relatively short program, as time is moving quickly. Our topic is life post—shift, but before we go into the topic of the evening, I will set the stage by addressing the significance of 2009 and the timing of the great shift. Your Earth plane can no longer exist the way it has been; so you will see some changes starting this year. In Lemurian numerology, 2009 is 2 plus 9, which equals 11, and 1 plus 1 equals 2, making this year a 2, signifying balance—in this case, balance in duality.

This year will mark the beginning of the end of duality. You will have a powerful and positive experience in the midst of all the turmoil in the economic world, if you get up each morning and say, "Thank you, God Creator, for yesterday, and today, which is even more powerful. I can feel the power in my bones." Upon hearing this, you might be wondering, "Master Kirael, what if I don't feel good about each day?" Say those positive words anyway, because if you say them, you might be able to feel the power of positive speaking.

The Enigma Of the Crystal Skulls

Lord Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings, beloved. I am Metatron, lord of light, and I encircle each of you with unconditional love. Indeed, we recognize each of you; we know you more intimately than you may imagine. We are here to remind you of your home, of your path and of your true purpose of being on Earth at this time. Dear ones, you are closer than you think and nearer than you know to an enormous leap, one that you have waited eons of time to experience. And we know your trepidations, your anxieties and your hopes. You see systems around you falling. You see a world in economic crisis; you fear that your security is melting away. Fear not! All is in perfection. It is necessary that systems change, that those systems that serve the few and ignore the masses be washed away, rebooted and recalibrated. But does it not show you what is true, what is real? Does it not show you that your true treasure is in the heart?

What so many have spent a lifetime focusing their energy upon seems to have greatly evaporated in a few weeks. What is the message? What is the gift? Dear ones, where is your value truly placed? Much of what is happening now seems to be a manifestation of fear. Yet we tell you: Fear not, the system must change and your world has recently seen a shift in perspective. Those of you in the Americas have chosen hope over fear. What seems to be lost will return, but differently and more quickly than you may think. Money is not what you imagine; it is an agreement and a form of energy. And energy can never be lost, only transformed. True abundance is in the heart, and dear ones, Spirit is not short of cash. We leave you this message of hope this day to ponder and embrace.


The Return of the World Soul

Nicholas R. Mann

It is time to return to the roots of our traditions and listen to the voice of the anima mundi—the soul of the world. As we have forgotten our complete dependence upon life on Earth and prioritized only the human, we need this connection now like never before.

The world is a living organism that the ancients saw invested with spirit. This Earth spirit inhabited the woods, the forests, the mountains, the springs, the creatures and the wind. The native and ancient peoples saw this spirit as the genius loci, daemonic and medicine forces, nymphs, dryads, elementals, giants and angels—for the soul of the world also has a heavenly component, manifested for us in the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars. Every living thing plays its part in the anima mundi, including us, the self—important humans.

Are There Angels Out There?

Tom T. Moore

Gail writes: "I've had so many blessings since I began asking for most benevolent outcomes (MBOs). A lot of people are doing 'intentions,' and I find this limiting because I tend to blame myself when this type of request fails for my not being positive or sure enough. I like benevolent outcomes because you don't have to totally believe that the benevolent outcome will happen. Knowing this takes off a lot of pressure. Also, I was raised Catholic and love angels. My questions are: Do you feel there are really angels out there or is this just another way to do intentions? How did you come upon angels and start believing in them? Thanks for all you do."

I believe in angels from knowledge and experience. That's the only true way to know for yourself. As I've explained many times, when I ask questions and receive "thought packet" answers, many times there'll be an answer completely different than I thought I would receive or even believed. That's when you know you're tapped in. It all started with requesting MBOs and seeing that there was a wonderful being assisting me! It seemed, over time, to open up my awareness to listen for those whispers in my ear, knowing that it was not just my mind giving me the information.

The Snake Kachina Emergence Opening

Eileen Nauman

Marty Rienstra and I try to hike once a week together. She is an interfaith minister of a Unity church in Michigan. When the snow comes, she and her husband John head south to Sedona from November through May. Lucky me! Marty and I get together to hike the beautiful red rocks of the Sedona area. Today, we brought her flute and my two—hundredyear—old Tibetan drum. She'd chosen the Rainbow Bridge trail—known, unfortunately, as "Devil's Bridge" by locals—where there is a beautiful sandstone arch to hike to. She had a copy of Sedona, Sacred Earth, the book by Nicholas R. Mann, and felt intuitively that this would be the right hike for us on Saturday, January 16, 2009. The day was sunny, in the 60s, without a cloud in the sky and very, very low humidity.

One of the main reasons we were using Mann's book was to look for signs of vortexes. I'm a vortex hunter. I am currently writing a book called Find a Vortex that will allow anyone to locate them wherever they live in the world. I brought my Nikon D90 camera with me, as well as a pen and paper. My focus was to find out if the Rainbow Bridge area had a vortex or not. Marty and I had, weeks earlier, hiked to Fay Canyon and found an arch and a powerful vortex that just about made us fall down. When we entered the energy of the vortex, our knees went wobbly and we had real trouble standing or keeping our balance. I took a lot of photos of that area, available on my blog, to show people how and why there was a vortex located there near the arch.


Embracing Duality

Kathy Crabb

Everyone knows the old Teilhard de Chardin quotation, "We are spiritual beings having a human experience." It is a reminder that this life is transitory, that each of us carries something of the eternal in us, that what matters is not the personal or the material but the transpersonal and the transmaterial—the shimmering edges of existence that do not end when our bodies no longer function. The quotation helps us remember that what's important is not the money in the bank or the title on the business card, but the way our souls sit within the larger sphere of the universe. At the same time, de Chardin's statement is also a reminder of our duality, of the fact that despite the vibrations within us that connect us to the divine, we are, in fact, very human. Thus, even the most enlightened among us struggles with physical survival, ego concerns, attachment, separation and illusions of control—even as we try to remain aware of our own divinity and of the way each of us is a key part and reflection of the larger consciousness.

Align Yourself with Universal Will

Take Another Look and Gain New Perspectives

Michelle Karèn

How to Read and Use the Following Calendar:
This is not the usual Sun sign based calendar. This is an event calendar that works for everybody, regardless of your Sun sign, to help you create what you wish to manifest in your life, such as contract signing, selling/buying a house, asking for a raise, going on a trip or getting married. For example, if you wish to figure out when to plant your garden, schedule a massage, or just relax, you can choose the Moon in Taurus or look at the last section of this article to see which day would be most conducive for any of these activities. If you wish to organize your desk or schedule an important meeting, use the Moon in Capricorn. Further refine your search by both looking at the details of each day in the last section of this article and avoiding the void of course Moon times.

Kindly note that the days and times given below are in Pacific Standard Time (PST). For Mountain Standard Time (MST), add one hour. For Central Standard Time (CST), add two hours. For Eastern Standard Time (EST), add three hours. For Alaskan Standard Time (AKST), subtract one hour. For Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST), subtract two hours. For Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), add eight hours.

Children of the Sun

mar de luz

mar de luz
mar de luz
PO Box 597
Phoenix, OR 97535

"...Crow has brought the message
To the children of the sun.
For the return of the buffalo
And for a better day to come...
You don't stand a chance against my prayers.
You don't stand a chance against my love
They've outlawed the Ghost Dance
But we shall live again.
We shall live again"
—"Ghost Dance" by Jim Wilson and Robbie Robertson

The ghost dance is a ceremony that originated among the Plains tribes of Nevada about 1888. Its influence spread to Native American villages from the Missouri river to beyond the Rockies. The prophet of the religion was a young Paiute man, known as "Wovoka" who had gained a reputation as a medicine man. Near the close of 1888 Wovoka had a vision, as the result of a fever, where he saw himself taken into the spirit world. There he received a revelation from Great Spirit that spoke of a new dispensation close at hand, by which all native peoples would be restored to their inheritance and reunited with departed loved ones. He instructed his people to prepare for the future event by practicing the songs and dance ceremonies given to him in the vision.

Embracing Our Pleiadean Origins

Ken Robinson

As we enter an unprecedented eventful time of awakening on Mother Earth, there is a strong signaling from the unseen to make direct and personal connections with the spiritual realms. These realms are an intrinsic part of reality that gives balance and unending richness to the linear, 3D, here and—now aspect of our existence. Allowing these two dimensions of our human makeup to operate fluidly within us is an honoring of our totality, such that we can walk in both worlds, enjoying simultaneously both the physical and non—physical aspects of who we are in our vastness.

It is with our spirit senses that we can feel and communicate with wondrous entities, such as our personal spirit guides, power animals or guardian spirits of the land, water, air and fire. The spirit world is incredibly enormous and diverse, chock full of many different kinds of beings, and we can perceive them if we take the time to learn how to focus our attention so that our spirit abilities are enhanced. From the spirits' perspective, there are no demands made of us. They simply want to engage with those of us who are willing, without expectation or judgment.

Awareness of What's Beneath

Rhonda Smith

This year, 2009 (29/ [11]), marks the beginning of the actual manifestation of the new paradigm's foundation. You will have the energies of the master spiritual messenger underlying every thought, word, deed and experience that you choose. The universal law of "thought creates" will be operating fully. Your experiences will help you to understand that your left brain is not the origin of your thoughts, but actually the processor that makes your true thoughts, at all levels, manifest into the physical world. To master this master vibration you must stay centered within, as you walk through your life. The test will be to change your role as leader or supporter when appropriate and as needed for the good of all, including you, without being attached to a title. Meditation and reflection will play an important part this year, as you evaluate what is important to bring into manifestation for the balance of all. You may feel like you have more responsibility—and you do—however, that responsibility is the ability to respond to situations rather than react so that what you choose reflects who you are.

The following explains the method used for numerology forecasting. Using the 3+ digit convention, because we are evolved to the point of needing to know the "essence" of the numbers—their rooting—the computations are done thusly:


Essences of Nature: Break Through and Move Forward

Mary Ann Antenucci

Rhonda Smith
Mary Ann Antenucci

We are on the verge of a huge breakthrough. Will we break through or break down? What do we need to do? What do you do when you don't know what to do? Do you watch? Do you wait? Do you do something? Do you do nothing? I feel we are all taking a collective pause of "wait and see." I am holding my breath and waiting to see what is going to happen next. It seems as if everything across the board is being affected—finance, jobs, astrological events, government, health and hope. Where are we going to land? What do we do when we get there? How much change is required? What is the price we pay to play?

Chaparral Essence for Processing Our Experiences

Chaparral essence is perfect for what is going on right now. It is an energy cleanser. Many know chaparral for its healing and cleansing properties. Chaparral essence has psychic cleansing properties. It helps us to release the negative and disturbing images from our consciousness. It also has a protective quality, as it creates a psychic filter for the many competing issues that we face. Sometimes we can do something about an issue and other times we cannot. It helps us to break down and digest our experiences for processing.

Self-Discovery Activities for Children: Surprise Return Adventure

Lynne Cox

Walking along on a bright sunny day, you feel the warmth of the Sun radiating through your body. It's so warm and nurturing that you stop walking and begin just soaking in the Sun. "Oh, it feels so good to just stand here," you say to yourself. As you are standing still, you take a deep breath and smell the fresh air of spring.

You softly whisper to Angel, "Angel, are you here with me?"

"Always, dear one!" Angel whispers back.

"I love it that I can talk and be with you anytime."

Ask Ms. Lily & the angels

Lily Jones

Lily Jones
Lily Jones
PO Box 476
Boling, TX 77420

Dear Ms. Lily,
After the family had all gone to bed, I was up late watching TV alone when the baby's Johnny Jump Up bouncer in the doorway began jumping up and down by itself! More recently, right after Christmas, I was again alone in the den watching TV late at night, and I witnessed my son's little basketball go through the hoop by itself! I would not believe it had I not seen these things happen myself. Help!
—Albert, TX

Paranormal activity can be scary indeed! I am picking up on a male energy around you, not a dad, but more like an uncle energy, who, in his fifties, passed quickly without being able to say goodbye to your aunt and family members. He says that even though there may have been doubts if he would make it to heaven (and he laughs), he did pass over to the light. He simply wants to let the family know he is happy and safe and that he regrets leaving so unexpectedly without saying proper goodbyes. We really can get "pennies from heaven" found lying around. He says he has already come to you in dreams as well, and he wants you to know he is with you and your aunt as a special guardian angel. When in spirit form, we can bilocate to be with several family members at once. P.S. Your uncle seems to be still somewhat of the family's practical joker, playing with the kids toys!

Feng Shui: Current Applications of Ancient Wisdom

Annie Konovitch

The Next Layer: The Elements

Greetings, truth seeker! Now that we are aware of the importance of understanding and utilizing the dynamic interchange between our space and ourselves, we can go deeper into this work. The art of feng shui is best learned in layers. One layer is the understanding of the Bagua, and how it can be used for healing (see Figure 1). The next layer we add onto the Bagua is that of the five elements (see Figure 2).

The five elements—wood, fire, earth, metal and water—are each phases of energetic manifestation. Einstein's equation E=mc2 tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed—it can only be transformed. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, this energy is constantly being transformed through five phases by way of the creative and destructive cycles (see Figures 3 and 4). In this understanding, the energy is not being created or destroyed. It is being transformed and renewed by the creation and destruction of its different phases.

The Animal Whisperer Communicating with Our Animal Friends

Kim Malonie

Kim Malonie
Kim Malonie
R.R.2, Box 101
Bewdley, Ontario, Canada K0L 1E0

"Hi everyone, my name is Foxy. I am the elderly Chihuahua—you know, the adorable one in the picture at the beginning of our columns! Anyway, I manage, supervise and keep control of all the animals and their situations in our household. People are always asking me how they can recognize the signs and symptoms of pain and arthritis in their pet. Here are a few tips and pointers to help you access and help your pet.

"To protect themselves from predators, animals naturally hide their pain. Your pet may be suffering even though he isn't showing obvious signs. Observing your pet's behaviour is vital to managing his or her pain. How well do you know your pet? Use these clues to help you understand your pet's body language.

The Dream Zone

Katia Romanoff & Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

Lauri Quinn Lowenberg Katia Romanoff, PhD
Lauri Quinn Lowenberg, Katia Romanoff, PhD

"The brain is wider than the sky."
- Emily Dickinson

Dear Dream Zone,
My girlfriend had a dream that she was sledding down the road on a flying saucer. The road happened to be one that her grandmother lives on that's rather twisty and has hills. She said she went off the road and was sledding in a field next to the road, going very fast. She said it was scary. Can you tell me what this might mean?
- Bob, Verona, NY

Lauri: Your girlfriend's dreaming mind chose to place her on that twisty road near Grandma's house because her current life's path must feel an awful lot like it: lots of twists and turns and a little precarious. Is she going through a rough or uncertain time in some area of her life right now? That's what the flying saucer represents: uncertainty. A situation that seems alien or unfamiliar to her; an issue she has never encountered before. The saucer goes off the road because her current uncertain circumstances may have sidetracked her, taken her off a path she thought she was going to be on for a while. The field may mean this has to do with her career field. She's not steering the saucer because she may feel this is something that is beyond her control. And the sledding feeling of the dream is a good indication that, despite the uncertainty, she'll probably find herself enjoying the journey once she gets used to it.

The Movie Mystic


There have been some wonderful films lately that have looked at those of us who present what we might call our "wounded" face to the world–those of us who seem angry, self-absorbed and/or unapproachable. As we discussed in last month's column, Gran Torino and Ghost Town both illuminate the pain, sadness and vulnerability that lie just beneath the surface of those wounded faces and personalities. Now comes the perfectly titled Happy-Go-Lucky, a movie that shows us the polar opposite of thatwounded face.

In Happy-Go-Lucky, the enchanting British actress Sally Hawkins plays Poppy, a schoolteacher who always wears a smile. Even when her bicycle is stolen early in the film, her response is not one of anger, but one of wistfulness. "Oh, dear. I never got to say goodbye," is her only comment.

Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters through Rochelle Sparrow

Rochelle Sparrow
Rochelle Sparrow
PO Box 7573, Phoenix, AZ 85011

Dear Rochelle:
I took a "how to get into voice over" class. I was told I had a great voice and was asked to be in a masters program. Only twelve people at a time are invited; I think once a year. The program costs about $3,800. I feel excited about this, and I think I can make some money at it. I would like to know if I will be successful doing voice over, especially to the point of quitting my regular job. I made a $1,500 down payment toward the program and have two weeks to get my money back if this is not going to work out.
- Elizabeth

Thank you for your connection! This is what the guides state: "You are incorrect to state your inquiry with any doubt of your being's success. Now we state this: you must begin to build a registry of connections. It is true that you can complete success, but you must do the legwork of connecting—to producers, especially of commercials—because the work involved in getting the connections is what will eventually conclude in success. We suggest that your being should now concentrate on finding out how to get connected with production companies and producers. Find out about the process and then your ability and chances of huge success are very good. You will succeed, therefore, in marketing yourself in a stronger way." The energy coming through feels like success with connections. "And you will be successful in creating your independence in approximately two years. Blessings."