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August 2009 Vol.19, No. 8






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The Hidden Kingdom of the Gods: Translations of Ancient Illuminations



PMB #136
974 Breckinridge Lane
Louisville, KY 40207

Life seems to require so much of us, yet the only requirement is that we fully surrender to the one existence in which we live—that we trust the benevolent support of that which gave us life. We were not created to suffer. After all, suffering is an illusion. We were created to be in the joy of living. The selfimposed burdens of life have come through, allowing the social conditioning and programming of others to govern us. When we realize that we are immortal beings, the haste to accomplish certain things within a certain period ceases, and we lay our burdens down and enjoy our work as part of the adventure.

Our Expectations and Perceptions Are Flawed

The expectations of duration are formed by the bondage of linear time. We assume from experience that traveling, tasks or sleep need to take a certain amount of time. This illusion is perpetuated because of our expectations. When we live in the timelessness of the one life, the illusion of electromagnetics—which is part of duality—does not exist. It has been this illusion that has given the appearance of a delay between cause and effect. Eliminating clocks as much as we can, along with our flawed expectations of linear time, will set us free.

Forgive and Physically Heal Anger

OMA through Frankie Z Avery

Frankie Z Avery
Frankie Z Avery

Knoxville, TN

We see that each of you is bound up in cobwebs of anger. Energetically, to OMA, anger looks like cobwebs. Have you ever seen a house or a barn filled with spider webs? Well, that is exactly what anger looks like imposed within the body of your energy. It isn't something that rides like dust atop your energy or auric bubble—it is something that is actually woven in. Any time you have an unresolved moment of anger with a person, it builds upon this cobweb that is within your energy field.

Let us tell you how anger affects your body: What you hold on to will leave marks upon your body. If you have created an angry situation and let it remain permanently, it might express itself as physical pain. Your knees might become damaged, or you might notice pains in your neck. How many people in your life have you considered a pain in the neck, as if having them in your life were a yoke about your neck? Neck pains often stem from situations that have become semipermanent—situations you feel have been hung upon you, whether you wanted them or not. Do you see how that can make itself manifest in your life? Remember, in all pain there is a history of anger somewhere.

Attributes of the Shift

Kryon through Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll

1155 Camino del Mar, #422
Del Mar, CA 92014

23 May 2009, Moscow, Russia

Here is a message for Moscow that is very similar to the message given only a few weeks later in Sedona, Arizona. Both of these messages will appear in the Sedona Journal, one month apart. This message is about the shift, while the Sedona message is about becoming quantum. There is new and different information in each one, but similar information and metaphors might seem to appear in both. If you see it repeated, know that those are the most profound things that Kryon sees for us today. This one seems like a short message, since what you are missing is the Russian translation. The USA message will be more complete.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Can you feel it here? There is a sweet energy in this place. It's a sweet energy, something that is heartfelt, not mind-felt. Questions have sometimes been asked, "Kryon, do you know where you are?" Oh, yes. I'm at a place where I'm saying goodbye to many minds and many faces at the moment. Some feel they may not see me again [speaking of this being the last channeling in Moscow for the seminar]. However, they really don't understand. They would connect my partner's channeling to me, never understanding that I walk with each one of them. I am not an entity to be worshipped. I am an energy of home. I've been with you from the beginning, since the first breath, and I'll continue until the last breath. That's the connection that each one of you has with God while on Earth. There will be some teaching today, but the real teaching is in the questions: How wide can you open your hearts? How much can you really receive? Can you leave differently than you came?

Breath and Its Sacredness

Lord Kuthumi through Rae Chandran

Rae Chandran
Rae Chandran
Tokyo, Japan
81+ 42-373-3717

Greetings, beloved ones. This is Master Kuthumi. Today I would like to speak about breathing. Breathing is the essence of life. All things in creation breathe. Even on higher dimensions, there is a form of breathing.

This simple tool of breathing has a dual purpose. One is to oxygenate our internal organs, which keeps us alive. But it also has a higher purpose: It helps us to awaken. Through proper breathing, one can connect with one's authentic self. How many of us do conscious breathing on a daily basis? Very few. If you notice, most of humanity does not breathe properly; most of humanity uses only one nostril for breathing. It is very important that humanity re-learns how to breathe through both nostrils. You can find out whether you are breathing through both nostrils by placing your palm under your nose and feeling the air coming out.

You as a Dandelion: Tools for Wholeness

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Judith Coates
Judith Coates

Beloved one, it is a most wonderful time you are living in now because everything is changing. You have prayed for change. You have prayed for heaven on Earth, and in order to have heaven, you need to make room for the new. Until now—in recorded history and in prehistory—this reality has not been heaven. It has been more of an experience in duality.

So I say unto you, it is a most blessed time. Even though separated ego is going to be screaming at you from time to time, that is the job of separated ego:to point out when you have come into the place of believing yourself to be separate, believing yourself to be vulnerable and believing yourself to be powerless. In these moments, there are practical things you can do to bring yourself back to the place of oneness, beginning with imagining yourself to be one with anyone or any part of nature. This is the truth of your being, but you can start with imagining.

Open the Lotus Flower of Your Heart Chakra

Quan Yin through Therese Dorer

Therese Dorer
Therese Dorer
Kamloops, British Columbia

April 2009

A shaft of shining white light from the heavens comes into my line of vision and then transforms into a beautiful woman. She stands tall and gracious before me with her hands cupped. Streaming from her hands is a flow of light that spills upon the ground and creates a river of light. I ask who she is, and I am gifted with the warmth and love of Quan Yin, goddess of compassion.

Dearest ones, I come forth with honor and respect for each of you. I bring you blessings from the highest realms of consciousness and love from the divine One. These are always available for each of you when you tune into the wisdom of your heart center. It is to your heart that I direct your attention and intention this day, for here you will find strength, courage and all that you require for the journey forward into the unfolding times upon your planet. There has never been an opportunity such as this upon your planet. You are being called to connect to your heart: There is wisdom within the heart that must come to the fore at this time. Allowing this wisdom to come forth and be present in your lives will reap you great rewards.

Divine Grace and Courage

Archangel Michael through Norma Gentile

4 June 2009

I'm seeing signs all around me that we are turning a corner, and it is happening quickly. For some people, it may feel like this change is happening too quickly. For others, like me, the pace of the world feels like it might finally be moving along at the rate and in a style that suits me.

My heart is gladdened by those who speak the truth and face their fear. As hard as it is to do, the moment we decide to turn and face our fear, it no longer holds power over us. Let me explain: It is one thing to know what it is that you fear. Courage comes into play, not after you know what it is that you fear, but in the moment when you know you are fearful. In this moment—which can last seconds, years or even lifetimes—of knowing you are in fear, it is your own courage that allows you to choose to turn and face that fear.

Living Your Personally Revealed Truths

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Ronna Herman
Ronna Herman
6005 Clear Creek Dr.
Reno, NV 89502
Phone/Fax 775-856-3654

Beloved masters, there is a light path that will lead you out of the density into the lightness of the spiritual realms. The key that allows you to traverse this sacred path is within you, and it is called your energy signature or your soul song. Your vibrational pattern or energetic signature has resonance, cadence, tones and vibrancy, just like a song does. Your original soul song was in perfect harmony with the celestial soul song of the universe. Each dimension has a unique resonance and an identifiable harmonic sound pattern. Your physical existence is a reality focused on harmony and balance (or the lack thereof), and the further you move into density, the more discordant your vibrational patterns become. In your material plane reality, you habitually focus on tangible things that have substance or density, relying on a time/space orientation of cause and effect.

The fact that each of you is the creator of your own reality is gradually permeating the belief patterns of the mass consciousness. As you refine your resonance, you are gradually becoming multidimensional, which means that you are tapping into the frequency patterns of several dimensions at once. In order to make room for the refined frequencies of the multiple levels of the fourth, fifth and higher dimensions, there must be a clearing and cleansing process. Through the lessons and instructions we have given you over the years, we are endeavoring to give you the knowledge and the tools needed to traverse the path of ascension with ease and grace.

Abundance Is on the Way to You

The Star Elders through Aluna Joy

21 May 2009

Abundance is on the way to you. It has been written and activated into the ethers and the creative force of the universe. If you listen, you can feel the energy of abundance, prosperity and resources returning. A corner has been turned. You can feel this as a lightening in your heart. Something, some burden, has been lifted from your shoulders. Once abundance has been activated in the creative force of the universe, it is the law of the universe that it manifests in the physical world. Be patient. It is coming.

The abundance issues you are emerging from were just bumps in the road—bumps on your spiritual path. They were only a test to see if you could hold fast to the truth that you do in fact create your reality. A greater number of beings in the collective consciousness have held fast to this truth, even in the dark face of opposition. This has shifted your reality from one that manifests limitation to one that manifests freedom.

Awakening the Gift of Basic Sanity

Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Kathlyn Kingdon
Kathlyn Kingdon

PO Box 383
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602

Beloved students, I greet you this month in the wonder of Earth's continuing progress: Great activity, profound creativity and history-making events are all occurring in the midst of the redefinition of global systems and commercial infrastructures. What are you learning from all this? As you observe such powerful energies at work and consider the effects of world events, you may also find ample opportunity to witness a kind of insanity afloat. After all, had the financial establishments of the world operated from sturdier foundations of sanity, it is likely that the planetary lessons of the current time might look quite different than they now appear.

The Personal Connection to Global Insanity

Greed and corruption are forms of insanity, even though you will not see them listed in the current Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) used by clinical professionals. Only when they present in exaggerated fashion are they recognized as antisocial or psychopathic. In milder forms, they may be tagged as symptoms of the narcissistic personality, or perhaps that of the overly self-centered individual. Greed, corruption and narcissism can lead to varying types of insanity, particularly within relationships.

Integration to Oneness

Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

I greet you in the light and oneness of the All That Is. I come forward to speak to you of integration and manifestation. Many of you are experiencing transition: transition of your security and the material outer world, but also in your inner fields of perception. Remember during this time that what you perceive, you turn into your reality: Perception becomes your reality.

Find Your True Home

As my words reach you, the energy of your higher heart is making its presence felt, even with the solar and lunar eclipses you have recently experienced. Already during this year, you have been asked to reconsider that which you hold dear to you: your home. I ask you, "Where is your true home?" Many of you think of your home as material: as bricks and wood, as that which has been created. I wish to take you deeper to your true home on the higher dimensions of the soul plane. This is your true home. You are coming to acknowledge this, and many are already feeling the nurturing and loving energies held there. These are filtered down from your monad, through the pineal gland and into your higher heart, where the purest of healing and loving energy is then dispersed throughout all of your bodies, beginning with the physical. You feel this as a calmness, an inner warmth and great peace.

The Indigo Generation: Maturity in Adolescence

Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Pepper Lewis
Pepper Lewis

2305-C Ashland Street #320
Ashland, Oregon 97520

I am seventeen years old and depressed or angry a lot of the time. Sometimes I think I know why, but most of the time I don't. Most people don't think I should feel this way and they say things like, "Wait till you're as old as I am, then you'll have something to complain about." Someone told me recently that there is something different about me and special about my generation. Is that true? If so, how?

There is something unique about every generation and every individual within that generation. In the grander sense, it is not possible for one generation to be more or less special than another. In fact, there is a universal law that states: all things being equal, all things are equal. Universal laws are higher expressions of truth that apply to all things equally, regardless of location, point of origin, and so on. Universal laws do not conflict with one another in ways that man-made laws do, except in cases where misperception or misinterpretation at the human level make it appear so. This same law also states that while all things are equal, they are not all the same, which explains why every atom and particle in the entire universe is unique, without exception.

A Gift

Onereon through Jeff Michaels

Jeff Michaels
Jeff Michaels
PO Box 453
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

As above, so below. There are many questions in the world at this time. There is much occurring that is difficult to understand in a spiritual way. For many, it is seemingly more difficult to act spiritually now than it was just a few years past. There seems to be a lowering of vibration in human society rather than the expected raising of vibration. These perceptions are not inaccurate. We cannot, in this forum, answer every individual question; however, we can offer some general observations and thoughts on the nature of the times. We can also offer a gift.

An Aspect of the Universal Mind

First we remind you that each of you is an aspect of the universal mind: the consciousness that is expressed by the physical universe. With this one thought, you can find yourself connected to unlimited resources. When we use the term "resource," what are we saying? It is an indication that you can return to Source. You can access the primary energy of all creation. We know that in saying this, we make it sound easier than it is. It must start as a thought, but before it becomes a personal truth, you must also feel the concept within your heart. This is where the difficulty lies for most of the family human.

Biorelativity and the Immune System

Juliano, the Arcturians and Metatron through David K. Miller

David K. Miller
David K. Miller
PO Box 4074
Prescott, AZ 86302

Greetings, I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians. We are aware of the importance of the human immune system as the Earth's energy changes. Oftentimes the human immune system is not able to keep up with the evolutionary changes necessary to keep it intact.

When we look at evolution, we look at the different systems that have to change in order for people to adapt to the new energy and the new situation on the planet. We consider ourselves students of planetary evolvement and planetary ascension. We have been traveling to many different planets in our galaxy and even beyond our galaxy. We are always investigating the processes that a species goes through in order to survive and adapt.

The evolutionary process is an intriguing one, and it is not linear. Perhaps you might think of evolution as being linear because of the work of Charles Darwin and other evolutionary theorists. There is a lot of truth, of course, to the concept of evolution as linear—that there is a progression on a timeline focused on natural selection and the survival of the fittest. This certainly does seem logical. However, there are quantum energies and there are quantum leaps in the evolutionary process. Sometimes a quantum leap is necessary in order for a species to survive on a planet. This means that the normal linear processes would not totally add up and would not provide the next necessary impetus for the shift that must occur in order for the species to survive. Quantum energy brings in extradimensional energies that transcend the normal linear process. This transcendence and integration allows a species to make the necessary evolutionary leaps to survive.

Will You Give to Yourself This Freedom?

Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Miriandra Rota
Miriandra Rota

PO Box 81
Troutdale, VA 24378-0081

Beloved beings, there comes the time, the moment, when you truly are fully aware of the truth that you have emerged from who you once were and that you are residing right in the moment in which you can literally choose your direction in life; that is, you can choose how you would experience your own self through your journey. Perhaps you would reflect a little upon those words? What are they actually saying?

Realize Your Emergence

Firstly, you have emerged. Are you conscious of that fact, that truth? Are you consciously not only aware that you have emerged from the journey and experiences of the past, but also that you can no longer find fulfillment by continuing to dip into the past, retrieving the successes and attempting what you call a "replay" of those same patterns so that they will deliver to you the feeling of success that you so enjoy? Are you conscious of the fact, the truth, the knowing, that the persona within which you have resided has completed itself? What does that mean? It means, beloved one, that you have been residing within a package, so to speak, and that this package is your persona. It has served you well. You have journeyed within it and experienced cause and effect within it as yourself. Yet—just as your journey is not yourself and your successes are not yourself—your persona is not yourself; your persona is not who you are. You are much more: You are the spirit, the being, who resides within the persona, within the journey, within the success. And we are saying clearly that you have used that container, that persona, long enough. Where it has served you well, now it inhibits your further journey.

Families of Light

The group through Steve Rother

Steve Rother
Steve Rother

PO Box 34838
Las Vegas, NV 89133

June 2009

Dear ones, this day is special. There are many things happening throughout the universe of which you have little knowledge. This is a day of celebration in many quadrants of what you call your universe, for you are not alone on the planet of free choice, and you are certainly not alone in the universe. You will find that as your vibrations continue to rise, you will feel more of these connections. Although this is something very magical, you may feel sad because you are so empathetic and deeply connected on an energetic level. You have agreed to come in with a sensitivity level that sometimes restricts you because of your own energy field and your own vulnerabilities. You have gone through many lifetimes with the same vulnerabilities, sensitivities and gifts you now carry. However, this time it is different for many reasons.

You have now passed the energetic levels experienced during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, which have been the main focus for humanity. You have evolved further than this planet has before. We know it does not seem this way if you watch CNN or BBC. We know you doubt what is happening on this planet, and we know you sometimes dislike the news because of your sensitivities. We tell you, dear ones, it is probably more difficult for those of you reading this than for most on the planet.

Moving Forward in the Window of 2012

The Council of 12 through Selacia

Santa Monica, CA

In these recent months, as you have observed your world and noticed increasing amounts of dysfunction, you may be asking how the multitude of global problems can be remedied. You may be wondering how the world's disarray will affect your life and your ability to thrive and live in joy. You may be asking how you can find your center when the world won't stop long enough for you to catch your breath. Finally, you may question how to successfully navigate the great shift happening in this window of 2012. As you have listened to the news, or even observed people around you, you have been reminded of familiar themes. These include the global economic meltdown, the energy crisis and a seemingly endless battle of ideas. These themes are familiar on a number of levels, the most obvious being their frequent mention in the media surrounding you. To the extent that you feel personally affected by these things, they become even more familiar to you.

World Economic Status

Consider the economic meltdown, for example. Perhaps you have real concerns about your financial wellbeing, your ability to provide for your children or the prospect of having even less money than you have now. Even without these concerns, if your loved ones or coworkers are stressed about finances, you likely will experience an indirect affect. Money may not be at the top of your worry list, yet the more you hear about others' woes, the more your own subconscious fears of lack and limitation come to the surface.

Chemtrails: What YOU Can Do About Them

Grandfather through Robert Shapiro

9 June 2009

All right. This is Grandfather. Now, we're going to do something brief for the magazine: chemtrails. But not who did what to whom, none of that stuff. The important thing for you all now in regard to the ever—growing concern about chemtrails, and generally speaking about anything for which you might have in the past either been interested in or even participated in, is blaming. Blaming leads, generally, to some kind of strife or at the very least, internal conflict. And we really cannot condone that anymore. We can understand it. Everyone can understand that, all right.

But history is too much about conflicts that were seen to be very justified by whoever is writing it. And I'm not trying to dispute their justifications. What I am saying is if there is something that needs to be corrected, first let's begin with the correction. And then later if you want to analyze it in historical circles, go ahead, but not for the purpose of perpetuating conflict. There's too much of that.

Living Prayers for Transformation and Mutation

Various Beings through Robert Shapiro

Bird Flu: Something You Can Do To Help Now

13 October 2005

Today I'd like to introduce you to something as a possibility. I'd like you to just think about it as a possibility and as this talk unfolds, you'll see if it might be more. Let's start with a Living Prayer. I'm recommending that you say:

"I am asking that all living Beings on Earth and everywhere have all the food, space to live, comforts, companionship and benevolence they need in order to live the most benevolent and beneficial life that they can experience."

Affirmations of the New Paradigm

Kwan Yin through Reverend Vivian Starfire

Reverend Vivian Starfire
Reverend Vivian Starfire

You are rapidly moving into a new paradigm, a world of higher vibration and unlimited possibilities. The brain needs to be reprogrammed to be aligned with the mind, spirit and the new developing lightbodies. Like an outdated computer, the human brain needs to be given an updated program. The mind is in tune with spirit and must override the brain. In the old program, there is judgment about the way things are and the way things should be. This judgment is holding you hostage in the matrix of the third dimension. You see things in duality: good and bad, right and wrong. It is hard to see from your side of the veil, but we have been explaining for some time that the veils are thinning. In your minds and hearts, you know this to be true. All is in place for your immersion into the oneness of being. You must not let the brain and its partner, the ego, run the show. We are at your side, cheering you on.

Shift Your Perspective

You are creators of the highest magnitude and are already enlightened. Step into your divinity. Shift your perception of reality. Things don't have to be difficult. You have a choice to create effortlessly. You have the power to have it all right now. Many are thinking that it is only in the future that things will come together, but we say that the future is now: Believe it and live it. Everything you were taught from childhood—the concepts of having to work hard and the perspective of lacking and not having enough—are fiction. That perspective is a box that you have been living in for so long that it has become part of you. We see you casting the box aside and transforming your beliefs to match your expanded DNA.

Seers, Energy Vortexes And Power Spots

Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Most of you are or have been seers. A seer is someone who looks into the future, puts the pieces together and brings them back to this part of the world. The future doesn't really exist, but if you reach out into the space-time continuum, you can create the future and bring it back into this space and time. So the future doesn't happen unless you are in the present.

The seers of the past had the capacity to journey into the future and to guide it along by knowing what they wanted to create in the present. The ancient seers were out in front of this Earth journey. Without them, this journey would have gone amok. Nevertheless, throughout time, seers have been shut down, banished or killed. Imhotep, a tall, thin fellow with a hairless body who lived nearly 5,000 years ago, was one of the most powerful of such seers ever to visit your Earth plane. Imhotep was far ahead of his time: He wanted to bring the world of the doctor, the engineer and the surveyor back to the Earth plane so that he could teach the Egyptian population these sciences. Master Jesus was born onto the Earth plane about 3,000 years after Imhotep, and he too was a powerful seer. He was to engage a shift that never happened. Now seers are awakening on the Earth plane again to assist in the journey of your great shift.

Parallel Earth and Antimatter: The Michael Vortex of Banff

Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings! I am Metatron, lord of light. We return to speak of the grandeur of the Michael portal in Banff. In the linear years since this channel first visited this magical area, much has quickened. This area is playing an enormous role in the planetary ascension through what is termed the "cosmic trigger." There are many unique and unrecognized aspects to the areas of Banff and Yoho National Parks in Canada. Because of its gravitational and latitudinal placement, tectonics, electromagnetic balance and mineralogy, dense plasmic fields allow for a more tangible interface with the antimatter twin of the planet Earth.

As such, the crystalline waters of the area—the sacred lakes you know as Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, Emerald Lake and Lake O'Hara—are conscious, living entities. This goes far beyond the "spirit of place" that typically occurs in nature. Because these glacier—melt waters are colloidal, containing silicate particulate and suspended crystal, they have a very unique ionic current that allows for an antimatter charge to occur within them. This means that they contain bioplasmic life, an angelic field. Masters, the field of energy that makes Banff quite unique is, to a great extent, defined by the antimatter plasma in the area that has been exponentially increased by the cosmic trigger.

You Are the Most Important Reason for Your Experiences

Golden Arrow through Alexandria McColm Ward

Alexandra McColm Ward
Alexandra McColm Ward
PO Box 5505
Blue Jay, CA 92317

Greetings to you, greetings to you indeed. Truly, it is a pleasure for us to be here with you, not only to communicate with you, but to interact with you in this way. It is an opportunity for us to share in your vibrations, to share in your knowing and understanding of life on this planet.

Your Relationships and Yourself

You are in relationships in order to learn about you, to remember who you really are. Whether or not you are in a relationship with another person, you are each here on this planet to learn of yourselves more clearly. Even if you are never in a marriage, never in a relationship; even if you are always, as you call it on this planet, "single," you are all here for you. So you might ask, "Golden Arrow, what does it matter that we are in relationship with a partner?" And we would say that it does not truly matter: You are still in a relationship with yourself. So you see, whether you are in a marriage or have relationships with friends or family, still you are always in a form of relationship with yourself. You are in any relationship to learn about you, to remember who you really are in relation to yourself.

What, No Emotion to Create?

The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Maurene Watson
Maurene Watson

Masters, you now know that the body is a star gate to other realities and that you remain in a very difficult time warp, holding both the matrix and the diamond omniquantum field at the same time. But you know that your love frequency allows the matrix to complete its lessons in third density roles of the game and into fourth density polarity resolution. Remember, the matrix school has entitled you to the greatest learning ever available to any gods as free-will star regents. It has allowed you to experience other universes that do not yet have free will. There will be many opportunities to carry this model forth and create more free-will universes as a new concept in the cosmos.

Entering Spiritual Adulthood

Your desperate remaining matrix role players refuse to end info-secrecy or cybergames of enslavement. But they will be unable to access the multi-crystal diamond field, and their DNA will begin to reverse back against its own body due to a loss of the memory of its perfection. You, however, have claimed back your status for systemic, physical soul love, and are ready to live it in the full being of your own light, without the distraction of hiding from or consuming the old-Earth lower-credit/debit self-matrix. As an emerging spiritual adult, you are ready to let go of the search for your mommy or daddy and live as your own support in the power and presence of authority from your own inner self-love.


Excerpt: Soul Merging A Lightworker Emerges

Dr. Frank Stainetti

I had been suppressing a mountain of sadness, anger, rage and even terror. It had to be possible to free myself, but how? I remembered someone saying, "the kingdom of heaven is within." I just wanted to be free of burdens. If heaven is where freedom is, then that's where I wanted to be. I realized that every stressful moment in my life, every mood swing, had an undercurrent of emotional wounding from my childhood. I could feel the energy of it, heavy and thick on the surface of my awareness. It felt awful, like layers of burdens, one on top of the other. How would I be able to be rid of these memories and experiences?

With all my might, I set a powerful intention in motion to focus on this contracted energy within me. I didn't know where it would lead me; I just wanted to be free and at peace. I had begun the journey within, with no idea of the extraordinary experience that awaited me, an experience that would reveal the divine purpose of my life. It was a discovery of soul wisdom in the language of light that revealed a teaching for all humanity, a discovery that had to be experienced and lived before it could be communicated.


Heated and Covered in Butter

Marlene Buffa

Marlene Buffa
Marlene Buffa

28 May 2009

My friend Ann and I often walk two miles to a nearby gourmet grocery store. Within the store resides a most decadent boulangerie (French bakery). This bakery also sells pastries and sweets, making it a pâtisserie (French pastry shop) as well. One day we decided to satisfy our craving for sweets, so Ann ordered a large cinnamon roll. The clerk asked, "Would you like that heated and covered in butter?" Ann and I both looked at one another and in unison responded: "Of course! Isn't everything better heated and covered in butter?" Laughing at our excessive indulgence, I realized that we too often taste life as plain, little necessities instead of indulging in everyday experiences more warmly, becoming engulfed in their goodness!

The Bakery of Life

While a boulangerie makes the basics of life—breads and rolls—the pâtisserie offers the luxuries we enjoy. All too often we settle for the basics and deny ourselves the wonder of the possibilities of flavor life offers us. Sure, the staple of grains supports and nourishes us, but the sweet treats satisfy our fancy for more than we need from time to time. When we look at our lives, most of us remain content with our basic necessities and offer gratitude and thanks for our health—physical, emotional and spiritual. Sometimes we take our basics for granted, and life serves up a plateful of lessons to remind us to appreciate our daily bread. Yet enjoying, and even indulging in, the sweet treasures life offers us—whether in food, relationships, success or peace of mind—rarely causes us to stop and consider that they too could be a regular experience. These treasures are available to us at all times.

Raising Your Vibration and Personal Transformation

Jill Mara

When you think of who you are today, it is your accomplishments that stand out. The obstacles you have overcome and the actions you have taken to improve your life and the lives of others make you a fulfilled soul. People come into this world with accomplishments from previous existences, and also with those not yet lived in the linear view of time. In this life, you are a composite of certain chosen aspects of your soul expressed in a particular way. In this life, you are seeking fulfillment in areas you have not yet experienced; you are branching out and expanding your soul.

In order to raise your vibration, you need to stretch your frequency. You were born with some veils already lifted. Those are not the ones you need to raise or reveal. The aim for you is different than it is for your neighbors, parents or siblings. Additionally, it is not the new car that raises your vibration in the long term. However, depending on where your consciousness was in seeking it, what you had to do to get the car could brighten you. Material possessions will not satisfy your soul; the process of challenging yourself to transform will give you the elation you seek.


The Power of Subtle Vibrations

Kathy Crabb

Some subtle energies underlie more overt goings-on in the skies this month, allowing for deeper meaning and learning to enter into situations that could otherwise seem like just raw politics and power struggles. Uranus continues its semi-sextile to the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction all month long, and Pluto semi-sextiles the north node. Under the influence of these energies, it's like our collective radar is tuned to the universe, listening for its faint but powerful messages about fate, karma, destiny, wisdom and compassionate healing. We need to be aware of the fine vibrations that tune and direct our actions this month, so that what we do and say outwardly is aligned with the deeper call of the universe. We are now being taught how to encompass the whole of humanity in the decisions we make. It will be important to keep in mind this basic imperative as we go about trying to get our more individual needs met this month.

Mars sextiles the Sun throughout the entire month, bringing energy and vitality and boosting assertiveness without turning it into aggression. Meanwhile, Mercury sextiles Venus, energizing our moods with lightness, love and beauty. Also, Mars trines the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction from August 10–24, helping each of us as individuals tap into the imperatives of compassion and charity while affording us the ability to transform our insights into real action in the world. If we are aware of them well enough, we can harness and direct these energies toward higher purposes so that they are not squandered on petty or passing fancies. While these are indeed feel-good energies on the surface, they require conscious intention to achieve the greatest fulfillment.

On the Horizon of New Dimensions

Michelle Karèn

If things had been slow until June, July definitely shook all this lethargy up! August continues in the same vein. This is a very intense month that should powerfully shift us into a whole new dimension that makes us feel like we literally reincarnated within this lifetime without changing bodies.

One last eclipse in August! Eclipses always mark exciting turning points beyond which life will never be the same. What is expressed on these dates is irrevocable. We should carefully weigh the consequences of our words and actions around this last lunar eclipse.

New Levels of Clarity

The full moon lunar eclipse occurs at 13°43' Aquarius (5:55 pm). The Sabian symbols describe this degree as "a train entering a tunnel." The nice thing about a tunnel is that it eventually ends into open space. As we sink into the dark night of the soul, we are also reassured that after the letting go of all the pain and outmoded behaviors, there is the promise of complete renewal, light and joy. We shall feel so much clearer, ready to welcome incredible new dimensions into our lives, dimensions we may not even be able to suspect right now. Exciting new people, fabulous opportunities, ideas that rock our world and new career options that reawaken our passion are reweaving the fabric of our lives with magic.

The Month of the Enlightened Leader

Rhonda Smith

August (28/10/1) is all about being the enlightened leader in your life and your experiences. This is the leader who listens to inner knowing and leads by example. Use the strong sense of justice you developed last month to organize what you plan to do, and then do it independently, in your own way. Listen to the opinions of those you respect. Remember, however, they are only opinions: Your life is your own to live as you see fit. The goal for this month is to manifest the idea of you—the real you—in a balanced, enlightened way by taking responsibility for your choices and their consequences.

August 1, 2009 (29/11)

You begin this month manifesting yourself as the master of your fate and captain of your soul, and you are reminded that your spirit guides you: Stay sensitive to the insights and revelations that are offered to you at this time. Remember that spontaneous spiritual messages come throughout the day, so be receptive and stay in balance as you move through your days. As you go through this month, manifesting your ideas into the physical, the goal is to use this master energy to boost yourself toward a blending of spirit into your life.


Essences of Nature: The Healing Process

Mary Ann Antenucci

Rhonda Smith
Mary Ann Antenucci

What do you think of when you think of healing or being healed? Do you think of someone putting his or her hands on you, and you are forever transformed? Do you think of healing as a journey that you never quite reach? Do you think or feel you need to have someone on the outside to effect the necessary changes? Do you even know what needs to change in order for you to be healed?

Healing can be tricky and elusive. You never know when you are there. I like to think that healing is a state of mind, and every step gets you closer to yourself and where you are going. The key to healing is how honest you are with yourself: Do you know what you don't know? Do you know what question to ask or which path to take? How can you trust yourself when you are part of the problem?

Self Heal Essence for Restoration

Self Heal essence works to activate your innate healing ability. You don't need to know what you need to know in order for it to work. You can use it as an individual essence or to augment other essences, multiplying their healing effects. Self Heal essence works on the etheric and emotional bodies. It repairs the energetic sheaths in order to restore the integrity of the energy fields.

Feng Shui: Current Applications of Ancient Wisdom

Annie Konovitch

The Mouth of Chi: Focus on Your Front Entrance, Part 3

Welcome back, Earth protectors! I am glad to assist you in furthering your knowledge of the ancient healing art of feng shui. Applications of the art of feng shui can help in healing yourself, your relationships, your home, your office, the land and the planet. We have been progressing through an understanding of many facets of the all-important mouth of chi: your front entranceway. This will be the last part of this focus for now, but know that there are countless things not mentioned that are still waiting to be uncovered on this topic.

We will end this series with some general cures you can apply to your entrance to help increase your chi and uplift your life. One such cure is to put a wind chime in front of the door to call in auspicious chi and opportunities. A clear, pleasing sound to the wind chimes can bring in clear and pleasing energy. The chimes can also dispel stagnation and negativity. A wind chime of a high quality is recommended, and it is important that the occupants of the house love how it sounds and that it evokes positive feelings. You can also hang bells on the doorknob so that a gentle tinkling sound greets you and sees you off. This can also alert chi to make its way to you and acts as protection for you and your household.

Ask Ms. Lily & the angels

Lily Jones

Lily Jones
Lily Jones
PO Box 476
Boling, TX 77420

Dear Ms. Lily,
Recently I have noticed that butterflies seem to follow me, and they even race alongside me while I ride my bike. Yes, I have experienced a recent awakening to the metaphysical world and my skills have exploded in the last eighteen months. What do the butterflies mean?
—Vickie, England

As I read your lovely email, I was so overwhelmed with the warmth and dazzling white light of divine unconditional love that I had to pause to catch my breath. Wow! There is no doubt in my mind that the butterflies are a wonderful affirmation of love for you from your own loved ones who have passed over. I see you with a whole family reunion of sorts all around you. With so many of them, it is difficult to single out one person in particular. This is an unmistakable message from them of how much you are truly loved. In unison I hear them say, "Only call our names and we are there to comfort or help you in any way you desire!"

The Animal Whisperer Communicating with Our Animal Friends

Kim Malonie

Kim Malonie
Kim Malonie
R.R.2, Box 101
Bewdley, Ontario, Canada K0L 1E0

This is a story Kim told us about one of her clients. We will never forget it, and we share it with you in the hopes that it will touch and comfort you too!

A gentle breeze was playing with the reluctant leaves that still clung to the red and gold maple trees. The faint smell of pine needles and cedar trees wafted through this sunny, warm November day. Kim was making a house call to see a furry friend named Sunny who was just three years young. He was a gorgeous, tricolored collie with hair the colors of spun silver, chocolate brown, snow white and midnight black—long, beautifully fine hair that felt like silk when you rubbed it between your fingers. His caregivers had told Kim that he had lymphoma and was being treated in Guelph every week with chemotherapy, but the cancer was not responding as well as they would have liked. He would do fine for a while, but then his lymph nodes would enlarge again and his temperature would spike. He was having his ups and downs, and his caregiver wanted to know about his quality of life.

Self-Help For Those Who Believe in Angels

Tom T. Moore

A number of people have written to me in the past couple of months, asking about requesting the same most benevolent outcome (MBO) multiple times. My standard answer has been that you only have to request it one time. If you feel a strong need, however, you can request a benevolent outcome more than once, although it is not necessary. One request works just as well as numerous requests. Guardian angels understand that, since you are veiled, you question everything—including the validity of requesting MBOs—even when you have great success in your requests. The veil is very thick, but it is thinning. Requesting MBOs thins the veil and raises your vibrational level. If you feel more comfortable requesting a benevolent outcome more than once, then it is okay to do so, and it will not dilute the request. So request the same MBO as many times as you wish if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Concern about "Any and All Beings"

Starr writes: "I enjoy your newsletter, but I have an issue with your benevolent prayer. It says, ‘I ask that any and all beings . . .' Doesn't that leave things open for nonbenevolent beings to step in? Would you go out onto the street and ask any and all people you meet into your home or mind? Shouldn't it be changed to something like ‘all beings from the light?' This may only be my issue, but I am surprised that someone hasn't put this out there before. Blessings."

The Dream Zone

Katia Romanoff & Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

Lauri Quinn Lowenberg Katia Romanoff, PhD
Lauri Quinn Lowenberg, Katia Romanoff, PhD

"Dear Dream Zone,
Two years ago, my pastor publicly humiliated me, yelling and screaming with others around. He was out of control. Not long after that, I dreamed of him lying in a casket with a navy blue suit on.

—Annie, 57, St. Louis, MO

Lauri: Part of you probably wanted him to drop dead after treating you like that, huh? It seems as though you were saying through this dream that he is dead to you now. Treating you like that, in front of others no less, was not at all a proper way for a pastor to behave. This incident probably "killed off" a certain amount of respect you had for this man. You probably even considered leaving that church altogether, which would essentially kill off his role as pastor to you. Death in dreams is rarely about an actual physical death, but rather about an ending, something coming to a close. The color of his suit is also significant. Very often, blue in a dream points to depression (you know, like "the blues"). I wouldn't doubt that you even got a bit depressed after that experience. Even though the pastor was wearing the suit in the dream, that color was a creation of your mind and a reflection of your feelings about him.

Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters through Rochelle Sparrow

Rochelle Sparrow
Rochelle Sparrow
PO Box 7573, Phoenix, AZ 85011

I would just like to take a moment and remind you that we create our lives from the inside out through our healing. I have been receiving many questions about the economy, unemployment and job security. Remember that our security and our value are mirrored back to us in our employment and finances. What may seem like a crisis may actually be an opportunity to heal your fear. Look deeper into your relationship with yourself. Focus on what you feel is your inner value: That is your true security and your true reality. Have the courage not to forget.

Dear Rochelle:
I need assistance with finding a job. Any clues I can get that are encouraging, reassuring and time-saving would be helpful.

Thank you for supporting our work. The guides state: "What we suggest is do not focus on Seattle." A sense of tropical energy that feels like Hawaii comes through. "There is another option in that locality. As far as blocks that exist, again focus on your specific abilities and the energy of confidence in those abilities." This will assist you in removing blocks. "You must understand that your skill set is very unique. You take yourself for granted in too many instances, and we suggest taking your being seriously and knowing yourself as excellent in the area of your calling." This feels like teaching. "So focus in on what you are capable of, and that will automatically remove blocks for you. We are suggesting that you be consistent within your being's focus and awareness of your focus. That is the correct way. Blessings."