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2010 Predictions - December 2009 Vol.19, No. 12

2010 Predictions - December 2009 Sedona Journal of Emergence
December 2009 Vol.19, No. 12
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  • Clement, Stephanie, Do You Know Where You Are Goin' To?
  • Karén, Michelle, December 2009 and Beyond
  • mar de luz, Wheels of Light
  • Smith, Rhonda, Form Relationships for Group Creation


  • Nauman, Eileen, Swine Flu Epidemic–H1N1: Don't Fear


The follow are excerpts from this issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Full articles are availble for our online subscribers or the journal can be purchased through Light Technology Publication's website.


The Opening of the Cosmic Window in 2010

Kar Dar Monka of the Ashtar Galactic Command through Commander Aleon

Greetings in the light of the most radiant One This is Kar Dar Monka of the Saturian Council, speaking on behalf of the Ashtar Galactic Command and those on our ships at this time as we are ending the spiritual energies of this time 2009.

It has been a year of many revelations in the skies above and within the crop circle formations that have been presented to you by the Ashtar Galactic Command and others within the christed levels of existence. The spiritual energies now have been increasing tenfold as you have felt them within your being. The year 2010 of your Earth time and space will be a new chapter in your life as the human race.

A Year of the Mighty: A Year for Heroism

OMA through Frankie Z Avery

The year 2010 is going to be a mighty year. People are going to have to use their might and step into a framework of heroics in order for their lives to work. It is no longer a choice. For the Year of the Mighty to work successfully, people will have to be at their best. They will have to look out for their neighbors, and they're going to have to be kind and concerned about their neighbors' children—whether those neighbors live next door, live in the next town or live on the other side of the world. In this Year for Heroism, a hero is anyone willing to be inconvenienced enough to move out of their corner of comfort and safety, look outside and embrace the world. A hero will ask, "What can I do to make this world one inch better, safer or lovelier?"

The year 2010 will also be a time of great opportunity, and yet people will come together to invoke their best, their most heroic and their most concerned selves. Now is a good time to seek safety in the ultimate evolution of the many instead of perfection in the protection of the few. It is no longer time to protect the few while disregarding the pain and dissatisfaction of the masses. We see concern about kindness and goodness, about caring for and of one another, as the most positive aspect of human nature. That concern is adapting you well to the new lights that are coming into your planet. New energies are taking embryonic form on your great planet. Yes, new light and new energies are coming and must have time to gestate.

Animals and Ascension

The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield

Hannah Beaconsfield
Hannah Beaconsfield

The ascension process you are experiencing is planetary in its dimensions. All species, elements and energies on Earth are changing and receiving an upgrade in consciousness. We would like to turn your attention to the animals with whom you share the Earth, especially your pets who are taken in as members of your families. You are aware of the changing attitude toward pets, which has expanded dramatically in the past century. Many animals went from utilitarian elements in an agricultural society to creatures treated like children or siblings in a family.

Pets Help Take On Your Life Challenges

During the twentieth century, human consciousness en masse began to expand, allowing for more empathy and communication to flow between peoples who formerly considered each other foreign, and by extension, to include a growing sensitivity toward domestic animals. This opening to animal consciousness is nowhere near ideal in your current situation; however, there are many more individuals who openly communicate with animals and large portions of your society who actively support understanding, appreciating and improving the circumstances of animals on Earth.

Choosing Connection to Usher in Change

Vywamus through Dorothy Bodenburg

Dorothy Bodenburg
Dorothy Bodenburg
P.O. Box 617
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

The theme for 2010 is choice. Humanity is always looking for something to change in a specific time span. There is an illusion that time has the ability to hurry up desired outcomes, but time is irrelevant in the continuous human drama. It is only useful in describing events in a defined context. The understanding of human nature and how man interacts on planet Earth is a continuous experience. It is an experience that demands choices in order to survive. Each second, hour, day, month, year, decade, century and millennium has provided a time and space for man to choose, react and respond.

Every choice and decision has consciousness. And consciousness, like all energy, is a continuum of moving vibratory matter that makes connections with like kind. These connections of vibratory matter connect, coalesce and become perceptible consciousness. As you connect to and process the unlimited levels of consciousness that are available to you, your interpretations become more concrete. Your interpretations move from awareness to form. There is a process or slowing down of energy to construct a structure that moves from the "aha" to visions, inspirations, imaginations, concepts, thoughts, instincts, emotions, feelings and actions. All the steps in processing and interpreting consciousness have a structure, that creates a form. Forms are the implementation and application of your personal interpretation of consciousness. They result in all the ideas and concrete ways that create your reality.

Against All Odds in 2010

Kryon through Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll

1155 Camino del Mar, #422
Del Mar, CA 92014

There have been a number of startlingly strong Kryon predictions that have happened in the past few years. In 2007, Kryon actually predicted our current economic downturn: "There is a possibility, a potential, that looms very, very strong, that one of your financial institutions, the one with the most money on the entire continent, is going to fail . . . and it's called insurance."

When AIG fell over, it was obvious that Kryon was correct and that this was the precursor for many other issues as well. In Kryon Book 10, A New Dispensation, Kryon predicted the fall of some of our largest American companies: "Ten years ago if I had told you that the largest businesses in this great land of yours would fall over and expire due to integrity issues, would you have believed me? . . . Well, look out the window and read your news. It's called pruning" (152).

Our beloved auto industry, the icon of Americana, went bankrupt and is now owned by the government for a while. Some of our core financial institutions are in the same boat. These complex financial interactions are not well understood by the common public.

Your Planet Is Moving To a Higher Dimension

Master Kuthumi through Rae Chandran

Rae Chandran
Rae Chandran
Tokyo, Japan
81+ 42-373-3717

Greetings, lightbeings. This is Master Kuthumi. Greetings to all of you. As you are all aware, we have entered a fulcrum point on 9/9/9 in the planet's movement into a higher-dimensional planet. In simple terms, this means we are at a very important juncture. For what transpires between now and 2012 will be the foundation for the next ten years, and what transpires within the next ten years will be the foundation for the next hundred years and more. Until this point, between 1999 and 2009 was a preparation time for humanity to heal and know what's important in their lives in terms of their soul evolution. From the time of 9/9/9, time will be speeding up much faster, and the time to manifest their creations will be much quicker than before. So for this creation to be benevolent and beneficial for all concerned, it is imperative that humanity focuses on the next three years, always staying in their heart and connected to their I Am presence so that all actions and experiences stem from the place of pure love and not from fear and ego mind.

What does this mean to humanity as a whole leading up to 2012? Is it doom and gloom as predicted by many, or is it something humanity as a whole has the capacity to create? Humanity has already reached the critical mass necessary to make the vital changes necessary. So you will see many old structures being torn down and rebuilt. This rebuilding will be with the participation of the people and not by a select group as done before. The time of a select group or "me" is moving toward having a larger participation for the entire people: from "me" to "we," or "us."

Your Spiritual Body

Amma through Cathy Chapman

My dear ones, I want to share with you a secret that is truth: You have everything within you needed to navigate the coming times. The human being was created in such a way that you have energy centers throughout your body. I am not talking about just the chakras, the meridians, the aura or even encodements. I am telling you that every organ—every part of your body down to each individual cell, down to the parts of the cell, down to the very atoms and molecules—has an energy center that you can connect with. You consider your body a limitation. It is not. Your body is a vehicle so amazing that you cannot, with your current belief systems, even begin to imagine what it can do and where you can go.

Come Back to the Body

Many of you do not stay within your body. Some of you have allowed your spiritual meditation and growth to take you out of your body. You have done this because you did not know any differently. These trips you take are wonderful experiences of the potential you have. Come back into your body and learn how to travel in ways you can only now begin to imagine. There is a mistaken belief or understanding that the body has nothing to do with spirituality. You believe your body is only the physical vehicle in which your soul rests.

Hold On to the Light

Saint Francis through Anina Davenport

The year 2010 is a year in which a lot of your spiritual work will bear fruit. At the same time, if you have avoided certain issues, they will probably come up as well. We have always put a lot of emphasis on clearing and cleansing, whether you do that through prayer, meditation, chanting, yoga, inquiry or other methods. The cleansing of your energy systems is what is important. That does not mean you have to be in perfect health, always happy and never bothered. You can have health problems, relationship problems, financial problems and all kinds of other issues. What we are talking about is inner strength.

The year 2010 will be rocky for some, but if you are a lightworker and have done your best, do not worry. Those people who have been stubborn and have refused to look at issues or forgive certain people who have held grudges and nurtured negativity, should watch out, however. We tell this to you, dear lightworkers, because you will be needed. You will be surprised when the most hardheaded people will turn to you and say: "Now, you do that meditation every day and it helps you. Could you teach me?" You will be in demand.

The Year of Visioning

Sarrinn with the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe

Greetings, dear lightworkers. As 2009 comes to a close, with millions wishing that the chaos of this remarkable year were passing with it, it is a wondrous thing to observe the energies of 2010. And no, the chaos is not passing; it is evolving or, even better said, it is returning to the powerful tool that it was meant to be. Chaos was never intended to be a negative, fearful experience; it was actually designed to put Technicolor and pizzazz into your lives. This new year will afford you the opportunity to choose to let this advancement bless your days.

For many of you, this next year will also be the one in which you "get it." Even while most of humanity continues to struggle with the logic and judgment that separates them from their inner being and truth, you can choose to be one of the many who will actually thrive and grow in 2010. The one power to which we would like to bring to your attention here, a power that will be circling perpetually throughout this year to help you achieve your dreams, your successes and your enlightenment, is the power of visioning, so if we were to give you one bit of advice that will hold true for the entire year of 2010 it would be to become a powerful visionary. You already know that energy follows thought, and you even understand the power of your own beliefs and the miraculous potential in meditation. Given all of that, why does life still seem so out of control?

It Is in the Simple that You Will Find the Divine

Mother Mary and White Buffalo Calf Woman through Therese Dorer

Therese Dorer
Therese Dorer
Kamloops, British Columbia

A highway of light leads to a garden trellis covered in roses of all colors: red, white, yellow, peach and pale pink. Standing at the entrance to this garden is a beautiful vision of a woman dressed all in white with her hands extended in a gesture of inclusion and sweet unconditional love. As I allow my body and mind to be still, I hear the words that are spoken and draw closer to this magnificent being, whom I have come to know as Mother Mary.

Welcome, all children of the world. Come closer to my heart, dear ones, and enter into this spiritual garden of unconditional love that I have prepared for you with devotion and intention. I understand that you are in a period of huge change upon your Mother Earth. I ask you to trust that I am here with you as you transcend. I have not left and will continue to hold the space of unqualified love for you as you make this journey upon your planet.

A Dark Train Passing

Archangel Gabriel through Lotus Fire

Greetings, precious ones. The time has come for you to listen carefully to those of us in the expanded realms. Much has occurred during this past year that has to do with extruding your RNA/DNA, stretching it and pulling it as though through a small opening in order to make the same material stretch out longer. This most intense extrusion occurred near the end of August and beginning of September in 2009. It was most uncomfortable due to the stretching or expansion of your RNA/DNA so that you might begin to step into your multidimensionality.

The End of the Dark

As you know, this multidimensionality has been seriously limited for millennia due to the infection of the dark, which is being cleared from the planet and its astral plane even now. Many of you are working without conscious awareness, assisting to clear this darkness on the inner planes while you think you are sleeping. We thank you for your efforts. Your help in clearing these last lingering dark energies is much appreciated, for they interfere with your world in ways of which you are largely unaware. The fact that global peace is still lacking in your world has much to do with the machinations of these dark energy signatures as they put up their last resistance to being transformed.

The Year of Global Choice

The Brotherhood of Light through Edna Frankel

Edna Frankel
Edna Frankel
PO Box 62
Blue Bell, PA 19422

Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light, the ancient order of Melchizedek. Welcome, once again, to our energies of divine love and light. We are so much closer to you than you realize; we watch over you to guide and protect you on your path. No matter how dark things may seem, please remember that all physical life is transitional and that your bodies are temporary but that your essence, your souls, are forever eternal.

In these last days before the millennium shift of 2012, you have many good channeled sources for predictions regarding politics, science, natural events and a host of other topics. Through this channel, we focus on information about holistic alternatives for health and well-being. Discussing future events, however, can be confusing and misleading unless you have knowledge of past and current events that affect and direct those future predictions. As one of your greatest statesmen, Winston Churchill, once said, "The longer you can look back, the farther you can look forward" [].

Reality Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Thoth through Norma Gentile

What follows is a transcript of a live channeling. Thoth often expresses his ideas to me in waves of energy, which appear in my mind's eye as images and in my mind as ideas. He then helps me fashion the words but encourages me to bring the ideas and images into common, everyday language. He prefers, at least through me, to let his words manifest as a blended union between his wisdom and my worldly experience. For this reason, Thoth seldom addresses those reading as "you," but instead often shares his knowledge as if he were experiencing life now, through me. Because of this, I use the term "us" to refer to humanity. Thoth has often shared with me that what we do here on Earth greatly affects those in the realms of spirit. It is possible, then, that he truly does mean "us," including himself and the other ascended masters when he is relating some information.

The Flavor of Fear

From Norma: Maintaining the physical body at all costs has become socially and culturally fashionable. This is not to state that ascension or death is preferable: While in physical form, we can do what spirit would urge us to do here on Earth, and we can influence the third dimension in a way that the ascended masters, those now in spirit, cannot. They have to connect with us in order to have influence here.

"Step Up" Humankind

Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

At this point in your evolution, humanity is experiencing bits and pieces of each pivotal, dramatic transformation and transcending period in the history of intelligent humankind. The year 2010 brings with it many personal and global turning points. There will be decisions to be made, new growth on all levels, reconstruction and regrouping and also a renewed desire for change. There will be sudden events that require quick thinking decisions, and many of these events will provide turning points for all, including world governments, corporations and the global economy.

On all levels, this will be a year for further changes, greater challenges and taking personal responsibility for one's selfish actions. This will not only mean changes in relationships, but also changes in the demands that each relationship sets up. There will also be a lot of new and transformed relationships, globally and personally. These new relationships will have to do with creating jobs, relocating to other countries and states, health care reform, government reform and economic reform. How fast and peacefully the changes in your world take place greatly depends on the negotiating and diplomatic skills you as humans learn in this growth period.

Beginning a Massive Shift Toward Feeling and Heart-Centeredness

Edgar Cayce through Bente Hansen

Greetings. Greetings. As you well know, I always am delighted to respond when you ask me to speak. You have even defined the topic! That is interesting, for as you know, it is my tendency to discourse on topics that I know are of relevance to the large audience that these messages reach. Yet within the definition or the scope of the topic you have provided, there is much opportunity to address many of the subjects or areas that are dear to me.

As always I find it interesting that there is so much focus and attention addressed to knowing what is going to happen. It is this timeless human desire to know that all is well and that all will be well, the desire to know in advance what is likely to unfold in order to be better prepared for that unfoldment. Yet in reality, for most people, many of the situations that arise in their lives do so unexpectedly, often with no obvious forewarning. This is due largely to a lack of awareness or because their interests are so focused in the future or the past that they overlook the signs of what is occurring in the present moment. However, enough of that! The topic is "2010 and Beyond."

The Positive or the Negative Path? Decision Time Is Now!

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Ronna Herman
Ronna Herman
6005 Clear Creek Dr.
Reno, NV 89502
Phone/Fax 775-856-3654

Beloved masters, there are two streams of collective-consciousness thought forms surrounding the Earth at this time, instead of one swirling maelstrom of negative thought patterns that have, up until now, made up the aura of the Earth. This negative band of distorted energy is an accumulation of many thousands of years of fear, hate and self-serving interests and actions. It has created the shadow side of the broad spectrum of light and shadow, the illusional world in which humanity has existed since the fall into what could be termed a semiconscious state of awareness.

Most of humanity has been caught up and stuck in a third-/fourth-dimensional form of mind control throughout their many lifetimes, for they have been ensnared in the beliefs of their forefathers: racial, political, cultural and religious. Many dear souls have hardly ever had any original thoughts of their own. The negative mass-consciousness belief system is all about doom and gloom, unworthiness, strict rules and dogma that discourages original independent thinking and that has kept everyone in a state of guilt, fear and inertia. This has been called the "herd state," whereby everyone looked to their religious and ruling leaders to tell them what to do, think and be.

A Journey of Love: States of Allowance

Nademus through Brenda Hill

Brenda Hill
Brenda Hill
E 12318 Lowery Rd
LaFarge, WI 54639
(toll free) 866-374-0243

Good day, entities. A fine day it is to speak of what you term to be your future—your creation of the moment to be sensed, participated with and experienced in. What is termed to be the future includes moments beyond your awareness of the present in that fictional space you call linear time. Indeed, I speak of the future in such a way in an attempt to have you literally shake off the idea of future and realize the omnipotent moment. To utilize the moment—the power moment of now—you literally enable truth and reveal to yourself the power of love in the creation of reality. Your collective view of creation still tends toward the idea about the reality of your creator&mdship that lends credence toward a potent vision of yourselves as creators—a rather impotent view from your pure sense of being. But take heart. This is not a statement of dismal failure, but rather a notation of your position on the verge of making a huge leap, a shift in your assessment of self.

Your assessment of self has been so colored and predetermined by the faculties of knowledge that have adorned your world for eons. Now is the time for your future to arrive into the moment with the full force of revelation that it was always so. In other words, your future—as you know future to be—has always existed in the potential of choice in the now moment. Heretofore, your choices have been rather predetermined through the collective agreement in assumption. Speaking of assumption reveals a notion of thought, a notion of creation, that has stood as a stumbling block to your advancement and your individual awakening. You have been so collectively concerned with the mechanics of creation that the elegance and ease of creation mysteriously slipped by you—just out of grasp.

Conventional Reality: Economic Forecasts for 2010

Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Kathlyn Kingdon
Kathlyn Kingdon

PO Box 383
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602

Beloved students, as we look forward to the coming year of 2010, it promises to be an interesting, if complex, year. After bantering about with some of my friends on the spiritual plane, it seems I have been "nominated" to construct for you an outline of what you may expect in the coming year as it pertains to conventional reality. Since other teachers will be offering you predictions for spiritual possibilities, I will try to give some guidance that will be helpful to you in the areas of the financial and economic sectors. Please know that I hold forth for a wonderful year of transformation for each and every one of you, and may you rest in a peaceful heart, no matter what 2010 brings.

Economic Global Purification

As we noted last year at this time, the world is undergoing a type of purification that offers transformative potential to the lower frequencies in both financial and economic sectors. You could say that this has been, and continues to be, a type of light activation focused upon greed and corruption. While the process may be underway, we have not as yet reached the point of critical mass that can effect a quantum shift. Indeed, this process may continue for several years, since the relative density in these two areas is substantial, flowing somewhere under the radar for much of the collective conventional mind.

Moving Forward With "Current-cy"

Divine Wisdom through Annie Konovitch

All aspects of money, material things, social, governmental, and all other structures and systems—from the macroscopic down to each individual—have come into the forefront of focus and will not be leaving for at least sixteen years. A new cycle has begun over the last several years regarding these things, and you will be given circumstances that will allow all aspects of them to be transformed.

As 2010 approaches, those most conscious among you have an opportunity for more peace through this transition by understanding what is happening and by pro actively and deliberately working with the energies. No doubt you have seen the very obvious signs of this trend in our country, the world and in your own individual experience.

Compassion Knows No "Other"

Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Pepper Lewis
Pepper Lewis

2305-C Ashland Street #320
Ashland, Oregon 97520

The year 2010 is an interesting, puzzle-like year that will reveal itself uniquely to each individual. It is a year that must be assembled from the inside out. The good news is that it can be assembled in a variety of ways. The bad news is that, because it can be assembled in so many different ways, the most creative or correct way to do so might not be discovered until the year is firmly underway—much later than some would prefer. For better or worse, this year will cause you to think on your feet. You will still be able to anticipate and prepare, but perhaps not to the degree that you have been able to until now.

Remember that each year, like a perfect pattern, follows the laws of nature, which does not take for itself what it cannot replace. Therefore, other abilities will replace ones that are less accessible to you. For instance, if you trusted your intuition more, you would not need to prepare and anticipate as much as you do today. Likewise, if you trusted your ability to speak your truth and have it be well received, you would not spend as much time planning and plotting what to say and do next in order to be seen, heard and understood correctly.

Realizing a New Collective Reality

Michel through David Reid Lowell

The world is much more interconnected than you think. What we will speak to are the coming events that will shape your quality of life. Be proactive in your own considerations. Your internal environment reflects on your external environment—personally, socially, nationally and globally. What you are seeing now are the results of detoxification. We will always show you many perspectives of truths, as time is always consistent but the destination is highly malleable and has many variables associated with it through your personal awareness and thoughts. We remind you that you create through love. We would also remind you that the thoughts you have form the realities you experience. Where your thoughts lead, your physicality follows. You each have the ability to take formless energy and collapse it in upon itself, creating a tangible physical substance that gives form to the energy that had been your thought.

Adjusting the Learning Cycles of the Collective You

So you are asking us to predict, which, as you know, is not as important to us as it may be to you, for with each moment in time—within each dimensional, shifting fragment that coalesces into an actual reality—there are many changes that happen. Time is ongoing, so your perception of time is what defines it. Now, in saying that, you must realize that the inconsistency within this process is your ever-shifting framework of belief and thought. With each shifting thought that becomes a belief, the outcome changes within that standard of time.

The Tipping Point

Simion through Jill Mara

We are Simion, the Evolutionary Collective of seventh-dimension lightbeings. This coming year of 2010 is bright with possibilities for your evolution. We see a rising intensity of focus among the bearers of light on your planet. There is a strong wave of probability that involves many souls on a path of enlightenment that will pave the way for humanity and Mother Earth. The potential is there, and this is uplifting news for your world and many beyond. Many will join and assist in brightening the vibration of your system in this coming year.

We see 2010 as a tipping point. If there is a time to put forth your efforts and shine your light, it is now. The openings to cosmic energy points and beings that can aid your journey are acute. The frequency is also heightening to allow individuals to tap into their true soul light and shed the veils that have kept them from springing forth with their unique gifts. The year of 2010 is a time of magical discovery and increased sensitivity for those who attempt to open themselves to their potential.

Seeking the Future

Onereon through Jeff Michaels

Jeff Michaels
Jeff Michaels
PO Box 453
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

As above, so below. The future is of interest to those in the realm of spirit and you in the physical realm also search for knowledge regarding coming events. We offer you some glimpses and also some perspective concerning both the visioning of the coming days and guidance for how to think and feel. In terms of prophecy, we must remind you that the future is malleable. Your personal choices affect not just your own future course but also that of those around you. Choose your life wisely.

The Shift toward Harmony

Many spiritual beings made positive choices during the harmonic convergence and the harmonic concordance. Now as we move through to the peak of the coalescence, there is a greater tension on the planet. Emotions especially are running high, and many are not open to speaking in a clear and fair fashion with others of differing views. This tension will translate into action throughout the globe.

Reconciliation Of Polarizations

Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

David K. Miller
David K. Miller
PO Box 4074
Prescott, AZ 86302

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. The year 2010 represents the key year for the approach of the 2012 energy. Our research indicated that 2012 is really a turning point for humanity rather than a time of cataclysm. There are many important issues that are facing humanity and humanity's relationship to the Earth. These issues are so important that if they are not resolved in the most favorable and highest energy, then a downfall for humankind's existence on this planet is likely.

The good news is that there are many seeds of positive change that can still be planted. We see that 2012 represents a marker. All seeds of change necessary for the continuation of the evolution of humanity must be planted and incubated between now and 2012. We are referring specifically to the Mayan concept of the winter solstice in 2012, approximately December 22. There is this period that still remains on the planet in which positive changes and can be manifested and instituted. Changes begun in 2010 have the possibility and the probability of reversing many of the "irreversible issues" that seem to face humanity.

Approaching the Future with Wisdom And Discernment

Melchizadek through Claire Montanaro

Claire Montanaro
Claire Montanaro
+44 1597 811 110

We are very aware of the interest and the anticipation that is prevalent upon the Earth plane about what will occur, when it will occur and how. It is important for all of humanity that has eyes to see and ears to hear to recognize what is based upon fiction, what is based upon wishful thinking and what is based upon fallacy or even arrogance, for there are many, many who are speaking with the voice of what seems to be wisdom and mastery but who, in certain cases, are using this anticipation and expectation as an opportunity to promote themselves. There are others, meanwhile, who are speaking from a place of great and pure intent and the desire to enlighten and assist. So discernment is crucial at this great time of potential change.

The Mutability of the Future

What must be remembered is that while the change itself is now underway, the manifestation of that change as it is affecting humanity and your planet is not fully determined. There is much talk, for example, of having reached your tipping point, and while an aspect of the tipping point has indeed been achieved, it does not mean that what will come from it subsequently is unalterable. There is still the opportunity for one of many different scenarios affecting your world to come about, and it is the actions and the intent—the thoughts, the words, the deeds of humanity—that will dictate and direct what in fact occurs.

Liberating the Divine Feminine

The H-A Energy channeled by Tony Neate

As we gradually embrace the Aquarian consciousness, there will continue to be quite significant changes that will affect everyone on the planet. The collective energies representing the light were unable to successfully deal with the Piscean energy, and they unfortunately allowed the shadow to bring about an age of fear, control and putting down—an age of the ego expressed predominantly through the masculine. This imbalance is creating a number of problems for people who are now not sure how to move forward.

So, looking forward into 2010, I must highlight the two most significant characteristics of the Aquarian personality that need to be developed: The first characteristic is the return and assimilation of a strong feminine energy that will break down the need for tribal law, restrictive cultures and religions that seek to control people, put them down and force them to believe in a god of judgement, a god of punishment. The second characteristic is the need for each human soul to find their individual responsibility, particularly in response to the power structures on this Earth.

Use Your Creative Power and Watch the Miracles Happen!

The Novenian Masters through Nanci Paluzzi

Nanci Paluzzi
Nanci Paluzzi
718 Grange Hall Road
Troutdale, VA 24378

Greetings! It is our pleasure to be with you on this, your day, and to speak with you to remind you of the transformation that is occurring upon your planet at this time. It is also a time of transformation on a personal level so that you will begin to perceive your interconnection with all of life. You will begin to feel and practice this philosophy of life.

Allow the Change in Consciousness to Awaken with in You

This transformation is occurring with many, many individuals on a personal level throughout your planet. This is a time when there are enough individuals who are resonating this vibration of interconnection, of appreciation for each life form and the gift and wisdom that each experience brings into your world. It is because of this that great changes are beginning to happen across your planet.

Cosmic Pulse Ascension Symptoms for 2010: Intense Cellular Regeneration!

The Blue Ray Beings through Shekina

You have passed through a cosmic gateway in Earth's alignment to the galactic center. You are in the great purification. Very powerful energies of cellular regeneration and rejuvenation are taking place at a core level of your being.

This alignment has pushed many of the lightbearers and starseeds to the edge of their foundation. The power of the cosmic pulse of light has strengthened, ensuring that you are heading in the right direction no matter what the situation appears to be. (44)

This year you will make a choice that will affect your future and the direction of your life path. This will be a gift from the gods and your soul in completely taking back your divine power. You will know which way to choose, for your heart and your body will tell you loud and clear!

Creating the Future Through Divine Love

Galactic Frequency Council through Catherine Richardson

Catherine Richardson
Catherine Richardson
P.O. Box 3283
San Diego, CA 92163

Now is the time of year when many of you look to the future. What will the new year bring? How will it differ from the past year? Many of you are asking yourselves, "What can I do to break out of old patterns and create something new? How can I avoid the pain of the past year while expanding on its positive experiences?" Many of you will make New Year's resolutions that impose discipline and restrictions upon yourselves, and many of you will quickly break these resolutions, as you have in years past.

Your Future Is Your Choice

There's nothing wrong with this ritual, strange though we find it. But we suggest a different approach. We have said it before and we'll say it again: Your future is your choice. Many of you don't really believe this. Many of you have followed the advice of some spiritual and metaphysical teachers about creating your future through the power of intention—through thoughts, affirmations and vision boards, for example. Others have been taught that you simply need to match the vibration of that which you desire. Yet many of you still get the same old things in your lives. You still feel trapped by forces outside of yourselves and dependent upon fate and upon other people's choices.

Embracing Your Emergence into Truth

Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Miriandra Rota
Miriandra Rota

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We are most pleased to be speaking with you in this manner, concerning what you call the upcoming years and your continued emergence into the true being that you are and that you have been waiting to experience. And perhaps that is where we would begin: that is, with the you who is emerging from the rubble of the past—the past being that which you call survival and its struggles, pains, sorrows, frustrations and failures—and your most sincere and honest attempts to remain within the conscious knowing of wholeness of being.

Beloved ones, perhaps you will hear these words? Hear that you did reside within survival, that you did effort to maintain your most expanded knowing and that, in the midst of all that called you to believe that you were separate from the whole, you did succeed in preparing yourself for this emergence within which you now reside. Though you may have viewed your efforts to be what you call nonproductive or failing in their abilities to manifest fulfillment, the truth remains that your efforts were most productive and have manifested fulfillment.

The Countdown to Ascension: You Are Entering the Final Phase

The group through Steve Rother

Steve Rother
Steve Rother

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Greetings from home. We share with you a view of 2010 as seen from this day. Please know that, as in all of life, you have free choice in all matters, including changing the outcome of your reality at any moment. We offer these as a way of helping you see yourselves and re-member what you already know.

Economic Recovery in the U.S. and the World

The economic condition of the world will continue to improve overall. There will still be setbacks throughout the year as further corrections are made to the systems of each individual country. But, in general, it will follow a process of three steps forward and one step back.

The United States still has not corrected many of the problems that led to the fall as it was predicted several years ago. The system was running well balanced until the midtwentieth century when many of the financial rules were changed as safeguards were abandoned to allow for faster growth. These shortcuts have led to a wide separation of the rich and the poor, and have not yet been acknowledged, much less corrected. For this and the reason below, we say that the recovery of the United States will fall far behind the rest of the world this next year. It will display many false highs and lows, but overall sustained growth will be minimal.

Ushering in the Real and True Eden

St. Germain and the Council of Light through Molly Rowland

Molly Rowland
Molly Rowland
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Beloved masters, you are entering 2010, the year of integration. It is a time when things that have been considered always outside of you or conditions of the world will be drawn into your being. You are being asked to become the temple and enthrone God in your heart and soul. As you reach into the depths of yourself, you will begin to touch the expanded realms of higher consciousness.

The three energy of 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 3 is a triune of energy—God/Goddess/All That Is. You are the midpoint connecting with the Earth essence and the celestial music. Two is a partnership with higher consciousness and one is the all-ness—you becoming totally involved with everything, not disappearing into it nor being wholly responsible for it but in delicious, delightful unity with it. Breathe in the breath of belonging. Breathe in the heady power of yourself aligned with people and nature and God. Consider all of the sacred symbols that you have ever known and let yourself be filled with the magic. Let yourself be propelled forward by that force into greater expansion, more wondrous experience and more awakened awareness than ever before. View the world as though you are miles above and totally a part of it all at the same time. Feel the crisp, clean edge of total reason. None of the foggy head of old confusion is there. Admire yourself and others without the guilt, shame or fear of old comparisons. Notice that you glow, but even sweeter; notice that everyone else also glows.

The Year 2010: A Time of Transparency

The Council of 12 through Selacia

Santa Monica, CA

In the year 2010, it will become harder to hide truth. The walls that separate fact from fiction will weaken under the force of humanity's emerging light consciousness. Transparency will become the watchword of the times.

What does this mean? How is this relevant for you, the divine changemaker? On a global level, it means that many of the disparities and dysfunctions of your world will come out of the shadows of ignorance. As this happens, longstanding and out-of-balance situations will be seen and recognized as detriments, even more than at present. Likewise, universal truths about energy and the interconnectedness of all life will emerge into the mainstream with increasing speed. There will be a growing sense of awareness across the planet that many things aren't really as they have appeared to be for a long time.

Achieving Conscious Transference from Light Sleep to Deep Sleep Enables You to Move to The Benevolent Focus While in a Physical Body

Founder/Time through Robert Shapiro

There is an image forming, so wait a moment please. I see it now, your planet. I had forgotten about it. You might say I am one of the Founders, but my job has to do with time. The acquaintanceship that you have with time is going through a profound change right now. I have not looked in on your planet for some time [laughs], but the coordinates are such that I am surprised that anyone can function on your planet. You are all brave souls, every living being on the planet. That means humans too.

You Are Moving through the Veil When You Are Awake

So I see you have decided that the only way to create peace and well-being between all species on the planet is to move through the veil that you usually move through when you are in your deep sleep. When you go from light sleep to deep sleep, you release a cord in your physical body that allows your soul to travel to all points. When that happens, you are in complete accord with all other beings or it could not happen, since your travels would take you to places where your radiance—the energy that comes off of you—would be felt by others.

A Time to Create Peace in the World

Quan Yin through Shelia Shumate

My beautiful children and wonderful beings, the Earth is changing, you are changing, and it's important to have compassion and understanding for what's happening on Earth. This is a time to assist in creating peace on Earth. With a lack of understanding, many things are happening that are confusing, frustrating and misleading. It is important for each of you to connect to a higher realm of consciousness, to see from the higher perspective in order to not get caught up in fear.

Everything is in a divine plan and all lightworkers are here on Earth at this time to hold the energies of empathy, sensitivity and kindness. There are those who are in fear, and as you all know, fear begets fear. At this time we need the compassion for all situations and for all people. This is a time for tremendous growth for the planet and yourselves. Each of you is blessed with the ability to hold the love and be tolerant of those who are lost in unawareness. It is a time to create peace in the world.

Prophecy 2010: Living in Truth, Trust and Passion

Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

I will offer many things this evening, and all of them could change before this session ends, so I'll keep my opening statement short, because I want to get into this whole process. In Lemurian numerology, 2010 is a "three": two plus one equals three. In this case, that three represents the onset of the closing of this projection we understand to be the third dimension. Look at the progression of threes: you'll be in a "three" year, in the third dimension, in which the focus is truth, trust and passion.

You will have to expand your truth, trust and passion in 2010, because it will be a year of seeming trauma. I say seeming, because how you experience next year will be a reflection of your truth, trust and passion. Make the right choices and you can change the outlook of the coming year, and you won't have to experience some of the so-called trauma. Truth, trust and passion are the first three of the ten principles of consciously creating, and if you embrace them now, you will get through the coming year with relative ease. You will feel the love inside you expanding out, and your golden particles will flow from you with that love. Ultimately, what you do in 2010 will determine how you experience 2011, which is a four year, signifying the approach of the fourth dimension.

Gifts of the Coming Year: Mending the Gap That Brings Us Home

Octavia through Victoria Tunnermann

Victoria Tunnermann
Victoria Tunnermann

Greetings, beautiful ones! There is much to discuss in so limited a time, so we will get right to it. It is a new time in your sense of the word. There has been much discussion of the coming shifts and access to other planes. Let me explain that although there will be changes with these introductions, the most profound will come in the form of openness to spirit.

Communication Will Flow between Worlds

Some of you are sensing it now; others will know it when it comes. There will be little separation between the physical selves you inhabit and the spirits of those you have known. There will be communication between yourselves and those who have passed from this physical world, as well as those who have not inhabited physical bodies in quite some time. Understand that this will not be simple communication with a few hints here and there. Certainly not! This new connection will envelop you with love and light so that parts of your brain that had not been fully aware or developed until now will suddenly be charged.

Enchanted Rock: Heart of the Dove

Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings, I am Metatron, lord of light. I greet you once and always in unconditional love. And so we speak this moment of what may be termed the "Heart of the Dove." During the winter solstice of 2009, the Heart of the Dove will be activated into parity field. At the spring solstice of 2010, it will join with the Head of the Dove in the crystalline activation of the cosmic trigger.

Masters, we tell you that quickening changes are occurring throughout the planet, and among the most relevant of these changes is the balancing of the planetary energies. Areas that are considered overly industrial, overly corporate or overly dictatorial are being immersed in a softening energy. This is indeed a crucial aspect of the Return of the Dove [balancing vortex in Texas], for indeed the Dove brings in a gentle nurturing, one that is termed feminine and is thus the balance of the masculine overage. Ascension is harmony, and harmony bequeaths symmetrical balance within the polarity of the planet.

Experiencing Lack and Abundance in 2010

Golden Arrow through Alexandra McColm Ward

Alexandra McColm Ward
Alexandra McColm Ward
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Blue Jay, CA 92317

Greetings to you, greetings to you indeed. Truly, it is a pleasure for us to be here with you, to communicate with you and to commune with you in this way. It is truly a delightful experience for us.

What we would like to share with you all is that from our non-physical perspective, the turning of, or the coming into, that time frame of 2010, December to January, so to speak, is not climactic; it is not a frame of reference from one to another. From our perspective, time has no relevance at all. What is relevant is your state of being, your state of belief and your state of observation about your life and your existence. In this way, it does not matter if it is the year 2010, 2011, 2034, 1918 or 2000 B.C. Time and age do not matter, for in actuality there is no such thing. All of earthly existence on the planet, all physical existence, is in the moment. This means that as you live your life—as you live that time capacity of minutes, days, hours, months and years—what is important is what you do with that life, what you believe about it and how you perceive those moments. That is what is important.

Teleportation through the Pure Heart Chamber

The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Maurene Watson
Maurene Watson

Masters, for centuries there has been talk about the loss of the innocent heart and its connection to the memory of who you really are. Your societies write novels, make movies, defame love and brag about its foibles. Why is their power to remember—as to why you're here—so critical? Why would powerful, manifesting creators hide their hearts or need mediators to source their own love? Why is so much love turned inward in unworthiness, or too much love turned outward in over-worthiness? An authentic and tender heart knows that nothing else matters.

When all hearts become real, full of joy and strong again, then each will certainly have wonderment in relationship with the new world and a full vessel of love to create from at all times. This is because the heart knows that its spirit will never let it go without. A genius heart gentles the mind, the self and is its own validation—without the need to prove itself to itself, to hold itself against the flame of another to be valued, to be first or to be right. Being a better steward of one's own and others' love can only come from a true heart. To love everything and all life is to truly live and create! All tears, fears and bruises are wiped away every time love and honoring are chosen. A heart that loves all its experiences is truly free and conscious because it knows that love will re-sculpt, or begin again, in every situation, no matter what the journey requires.