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January 2009 Vol.19, No. 1

January 2009 Sedona Journal of Emergence
January 2009 Vol.19, No. 1
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We Are All Related

The Historical Jesus through Scott Amun

Scott Amun
Scott Amun
PO Box 336
Scottsdale, AZ 85252

Greetings. I am happy to feel this connection through the veils of time and space with the channel and through him, connect with all of you. I am currently relaxing against the wall of a shallow cave in the area that you call Galilee. The day is not especially warm, but it is sunny, and my friends, whom you call disciples, are sitting about twenty feet away from me on the ground. Barnabas is playing the flute. Peter is looking at me, sensing that I am in an altered state of awareness, a light trance. He knows that I am aware of him also. He and I communicate consciously on telepathic levels, often confounding the others with our knowledge of each other's thoughts.

Long ago, in my teen years, I learned from mystics how to adjust my frequencies and access various levels of consciousness. This information, this type of awareness, is consciously a part of my life and has been instrumental in making some of the events that I have desired actually take place. The serendipitous process of collecting these friends and followers is one of these events. As a group, we exercise a much more powerful consciousness envelope than any one of us would. It was not my desire to walk through the world as a lone wolf. I wanted to help foster a sense of community and a sharing of our deeper souls' interests and perspective.

Actualize Spirit within the Physical Dynamic

OMA through Frankie Z Avery

6 October 2008

For moments of time, the world lights up. Colors glow. The beauty is so intense that you expand mentally, emotionally and consciously all at once. Your heart has wings. You are in the presence of angels, experiencing the essence of life and Spirit as one, mobilizing all things in all places in a present moment. You experience the rhythm, the heartbeat of the universe and the breath of God as one unique experience. Spirit and matter are one. You feel limitless.

Most people will experience that once or twice in their lifetime. It is difficult to keep this type of vibration occurring all the time. Yet this is truly what taking a step on the path of Spirit is about. You move in the direction of the divine awakening where matter is Spirit. We have observed that people decide they are brought to step upon a spiritual path either through difficult circumstances, by someone's inspiration or by an experience. The reasons are as many and unique as the people. Usually you choose this path of awakening after looking around your life or around the world and seeing things in a monotone. As life pales to muted shades, you may come to a moment of insight, inspiration or humility. Such an experience leads you to desire to move forward to repeat the circumstances.

The Shift Is Here

Kryon through Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll

1155 Camino del Mar, #422
Del Mar, CA 92014

October 20, 2008, Santiago, Chile

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The room is filled with majesty, and the Humans who are here are discovering that there is a possibility that God is inside. There are many who sit in the chairs who now know that they can no longer deny what is inside. There is an energy here that cooperates with the realizations you have, and the two vibrate together. That's what I wish for you tonight. Oh, dear Human Being, as you sit here in this auditorium, you want to hear messages from the other side of the veil, don't you? I'll give you a message tonight. It's not going to be a long one, but it's going to be a simple one. We're going to wrap it all up into a message of celebration. It's a message of thankfulness, and we've waited to give it here in this place. For this place in the Earth will eventually resound with the energy of special spiritual promise, as we'll tell you in a moment.

What do you think is happening right now? Some will say, "Kryon, you're not giving the message yet." You're right. I'm not, for there are some things happening at the moment, and I want them to be complete before we begin the teaching.

Living in Your Heart Source

Amma through Cathy Chapman

October 2008, Japan

Good evening, dear ones! How wonderful to see you and to be here in the center of spiritual growth. I am sending my love directly to each one of you into your heart center. You are children of my heart. I am Amma, the divine mother, and I am your mother. You grew within me and then came into this wonderful planet. You have no idea how deeply loved you are. You are made from love. You are love. You are love incarnate. When you feel unlovable or unloved, I want you to say, "I am love incarnate." That will resonate in your energy field and awaken within you the knowledge of who you truly are.

If you came to know, right now, that you are love incarnate, you would awaken in an instant to the fullness of who you are. You would know that you are love. You would know that abundance is what you breathe and it is manifested instantly. You would know the relationships between aspects of yourself and bring yourself into wholeness. If the world was falling down around you, and you were fully aware of the knowledge that you were love, it would not bother you. The truth is that what you have been called to do is know who you are and be firm in that knowledge as the Earth changes.

Prepare for the New Earth

Monka Kar-Dar of the Saturian Council of the Ashtar Command through Commander Aleon

Greetings to the people of Earth. I am Monka of the Saturian Council of the Ashtar Galactic Command. Your year 2008 has been, as it should be, an increased vibrational frequency that has affected billions of human beings on your world. Your consciousness in the latter part of 2008 has expanded rapidly upon your plane of existence. Now you will be entering into a new dimension or plane of existence and understanding within this new year of 2009.

Prepare for Direct Contact and New Rays of Light

The preparation of the ships of love upon your world are being seen by many for the first time. As you move forward into 2009, some of you will receive telepathic communications within your consciousness, each with a direct message from the Ashtar Galactic Command of your planet. We of the Ashtar Galactic Command have never been far from your planet, and now we are closer than ever before in this lifetime that you experience now.

The Power to Manifest Highest Good

Saint Francis through Anina Davenport

When you feel powerless, you cannot create. Creation will still happen but you will feel powerless. It will be hard to get what you want. Most likely, you are not really aware what you want. You will feel depressed, unsure, joyless and without direction. Maybe you affirm highest good, but you do so without much gusto. Most likely your emotions are not flowing and you feel lifeless.

You are exaggerating.

Not necessarily. Let us talk about power. Many people fear power. They think, "If I show my power I will get in trouble. I will get punished. People will come after me."

Opportunity Knocks

Sarrinn and the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe

Greetings, dear lightworkers! Your world is poised for greatness. Are you ready? This year is the essence of 11 [2009 = 2+9=11], and is what you might call the beginning of the "home stretch" and bursting with potential. Each and every one of us—and yes, even those who are helping from other dimensions are equally involved with this opportunity—is charged with the job of aligning with the finest, most divine and most joyous future possible.

Help Others Awaken

Despite this potential, it feels like chaos is still the flow. Many of you have been asking, "What's wrong?" And we answer with complete confidence, "Absolutely nothing." Your world is in chaos because it is changing and becoming a true global community. Until this change is accomplished, the unity of your planet, even the ascension of your planet, is unlikely. As critical mass is held at higher and higher frequencies, you all work as partners in the formation of the new Earth that has been awaited for so very long. For now, that critical mass is being held by all the lightworkers living in the physical today—and many in the nonphysical as well.

Higher Power, AreYou Hearing Me?

Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

Why does life seem like it is falling apart? What am I not doing that I need to do? Nothing seems to make sense! What is going on here? What direction should I take? Am I going to survive? Higher power, are you hearing me? Does this sound like anyone you know? There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world right now that are asking themselves these very questions. Feelings of guilt, shame and failure are becoming common feelings for many, including those who have always been successful and in control of their lives but who now find themselves having to deal with loss of security and downsizing in all areas of life. For the first time, humans are taking jobs they thought they would never have to, just to survive. So what is happening?

Young Soul Energy

Chaos, greed, hate and selfishness in the world are at epidemic proportions practically everywhere on your planet Earth right now. One reason for this is that very young souls are incarnating at a larger and larger rate. Why? The universal light force energy that is pouring into your planet at this time is attracting more young souls. The next largest soul age on the planet is the mature soul population. The smallest soul age population consists of the old souls, which is continually increasing as the light quotient increases. Old souls are on the planet to raise the consciousness level with their soul energy and to recapitulate wisdom, consciously or unconsciously. They have also come to partake in the fruits of their labor for the many roles they have played in a vast amount of human incarnations that has helped bring the evolution of humanity this far.

Simply Living with the Earth

Gaia through Linda and Eric Haggard

Linda & Eric Haggard
Linda & Eric Haggard
Sedona, AZ

I am Gaia, speaking through this channel as I do frequently. Blessings to all those on this planet Earth, as you call it, living with me, on me and about me. I would like to speak to all of you: those who understand and those who do not. I want you to understand that all of the Earth is alive. Not just those in human form and plants and animals, but even the rocks, the sky, the wind, the Sun and the rain. All is alive.

I ask that you consider this with every breath that you take, and with every step that you make. Be consistently reverent and respectful, for even the rocks upon which you tread—the mountains so majestic—are breathing. They are often protecting you, though you may not know it. They are often teaching you, as do the trees and the birds and all the other living things, which includes, of course, everything.

Focus Your Mind in Troubled Times

Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Kathlyn Kingdon
Kathlyn Kingdon

PO Box 383
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602

Beloved students, I greet you once again in an amazing time for planet Earth. If you are awake and paying attention, you are probably noticing that global patterns of commerce, lending and general trading conditions are in the process of a major overhaul. While on the one hand, it is clear that some serious revamping is needed if the interfacing of national societies is to continue in a manner that benefits all of Earth's beings, on the other hand, watching the process can be a bit unnerving at times. Now perhaps more than ever, it is important for you to remember that your coming at this time demonstrates that you wanted to be of service to a planet in seeming crisis. While much of the coming events are, in the final analysis, beneficial for establishing a new way of being, connecting and loving Earth, it is wise to have a way of reminding yourself of that fact on a regular basis. In so doing, you benefit not only Earth, but you also facilitate your own movement into deeper regions of wisdom and compassion.

A Less on in Vastness and Exposure

As you consider the collective learning path of the planet at this time, you may note that your ability to manage vastness is literally being stretched by the events of the day. You are now presented with the consideration of staggering sums of money as the international banking network seeks to snatch itself from the jaws of disaster. You may find yourself wondering at times whether anyone actually knows how much a billion or trillion is. You may even conclude that there is no way humans at this point in their collective evolution can cope with such vast amounts. Nonetheless, it is important to consider this type of vastness, for it stretches your awareness to deal with other forms of vastness, such as spiritual vastness, that will ultimately serve you well. You may not, in fact, understand the magnitude of a billion anything, yet even if it is beyond the limits of understanding, there will clearly be some impact of allocations of billions and billions of dollars to the individual person—even yourself.

Rounding the Corner to the Fifth Dimension

Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Pepper Lewis
Pepper Lewis

2305-C Ashland Street #320
Ashland, Oregon 97520

Are we closer to the fifth dimension than we were a year ago? If so, in what measurable way? Are we, as a collective human species, still evolving in a true progressive sense? I would like to believe so, but I am unsure. Can you give us an overview of where we are and where we are going?

The fifth dimension is right around the corner, exactly where it has always been, and literally so. By way of distance, you are not closer today than you were yesterday or the year before, because dimensions are not separated by distance. The exception to this rule is when distance is measured by human thought without bias to belief. In other words, when human collective thoughts are ordained—divinely ordered or inspired—and not subject to lower repetitive patterns of behavior, the distance between them is shorter. The distance, albeit without measure, can be traveled substantially faster than otherwise. It could be said that dimensions are separated by commas and not by periods. They overlap and border each other in the same ways that nature presents the seasons to you.

Freedom for the Children

The Children through Wendy Mewhort

Wendy Mewhort
Wendy Mewhort
Nanaimo, B.C.

22 September 2008

The Children, as a collective, have communicated with me that it is time for them to have their say. Humanity is ready! We are so blessed that they have chosen to come here and assist us in our planetary and personal ascension process.

Thank you, thank you all of you, for being ready for what we have to say. The world is in crisis, if you choose to see it this way. The world is a glorious, magical, abundantly beautiful place to be if you choose to see it this way. See what we're getting at dears, right from the beginning of our message? The most important thing to remember is that your reality is based upon your perception. That which you choose to focus on and believe is what you will see and what you will get. Believing is seeing. If you believe something, it makes it so.

The Cosmic Pulse

Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

David K. Miller
David K. Miller
PO Box 4074
Prescott, AZ 86302

1 November 2008

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We wish to continue our discussion of the spiritual light quotient and the energy of shimmering. We also wish to discuss the relationship between the spiritual light quotient energy and how that relates to a country, a city and even your place of residence.

The Aura's Pulse

The spiritual light quotient is the energetic field that allows you to comprehend and participate in spiritual light and spiritual energy. Indeed, the spiritual light quotient has also been referred to as the liquid light field. Experiencing higher spiritual light energy requires a vibrational activation or a vibrational field. This vibrational field must be calibrated for a higher frequency. We have referred to the frequency vibration as being related to the pulse of the aura. You have understood in my previous discussions that the aura is shaped optimally as an egg. We refer to that as the cosmic egg shape. In that shape, the aura represents the highest possible configuration that will allow you to be healthy, and will also allow you to experience higher vibrations. The egg shape in your aura will be a protective field. It will help you to seal any holes in your aura and any negative attachments from unwanted entities.

Prescription for Harmonious Change

Higher Self through Ouita Petty

Ouita Petty
Ouita Petty
RR1, Box 6, Site 11
Peers, Alberta T0E-1W0

October 2008

Greetings, I am Ouita, speaking to you from the energy of the billionth star. I am a creator energy in service to the new Earth. I hear the questions and concerns of humans seeking knowledge and assurance in these changing times about what they term "the future." Indeed, the energy/light quotient arriving on Earth every moment becomes stronger and more supportive as we beyond the veil work with humanity and the Earth to facilitate a harmonious transition from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. This is the highest dimension in which beings may raise their light quotient and retain physical form. The fifth dimension is also the dimension of pure love.

These are times of great change, yet change is not a new concept. Change is what enables the expansion of experience at all levels. Humans love to be comfortable in what they term "tradition," and when it no longer seems to work, they become nervous, worried and even scared about adapting to new ways and creating a new or different future.

To Become As Paradise

Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Miriandra Rota
Miriandra Rota

PO Box 81
Troutdale, VA 24378-0081

16 September 2008

We are most pleased to be speaking with you in this day upon the topic of your choosing. In this manner do we speak for your knowing: As you all are aware, now is the time of great change. You have entered this time by recognizing that it is you who are changing, and many have discovered that they are actually emerging from that which they have been. We have spoken with you upon this topic and will continue to assist you in emerging, yet now we speak of the external cause and effect of your world.

Create Your Paradise

Your world is also changing in a similar manner. Though your mind's analysis would tell you that horrific events are occurring, we say to you that just as you are emerging in a manner that is beyond what your mind can understand, so is your world. Your world is preparing to release the old manners of being. In using the same vocabulary we have used to speak about your own emerging, we could then say that your world is in the process of releasing its well used persona. And we would speak of such a releasing in this manner.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

The group through Steve Rother

Steve Rother
Steve Rother

PO Box 34838
Las Vegas, NV 89133

November 2008

Greetings from home. Dear ones, you sit at the precipice at the edge of a great event. These are very strange times on planet Earth. You have placed yourself to be here specifically at this moment, and many of you know that deep in your hearts. You know somewhere there is one thing that you came to do above everything else. We tell you that you are now getting the opportunity to do that. It is happening! It is unfolding, and much of what we have spoken about for the past eleven years is starting to be unveiled now. Yes, there are difficult times ahead as you go through these changes, partly because of your own perceptions of what you believe to be difficult and what you perceive as lack of support. We wish to speak to you about this, because it is in these times when fear begins.

We have watched many of you, and you have shown incredible strength at your willingness to release old belief systems. Yet the first time you get scared, you jump back into the old belief systems. There is nothing wrong with that; it is simply the human way of advancing three steps forward followed by one step back. As long as you do not judge yourself, there is no problem, for it is your perception of yourself that creates your reality.

Working in High Definition

Saint Germain through Molly Rowland

Molly Rowland
Molly Rowland
PO Box 1052
Lander, WY 82520

Beloved masters, we have now spoken about the blue diamond and its activation. We have told you that it is being activated because it is time. We have explained that though it is activated, it will not be all that apparent to you until you make the conscious effort to awaken into the new awareness that is becoming available on the planet.

High definition moves the frequency of operation to a much more refined essence. As the technology of the planet goes to high definition, television, computers, cell phones and other electronics are being refined so that they can function at higher bandwidths. The technology of the human body is being refined also. With every prayer, meditation, intention of kindness and willingness to love yourselves more and more, you raise your frequency. This happens not just because of good thoughts, but from a consciousness of how the love, the goodness and the pure truth feels within yourself.

Response Strategies to Financial Crisis

The Council of 12 through Selacia

Santa Monica, CA

November 2008

Your world is in financial crisis, and you are likely wondering how long the instability will last. You may already be feeling the impact on a personal level, or perhaps you have concerns about how you might be affected. Regardless of how you are affected by the world economic predicament, you will want to use the opportunity of this situation to develop new approaches to money. After all, the world's financial situation is in devastating disarray because of a need to totally revamp humanity's relationship with money.

Changes are needed on a large scale involving the masses, but also on a very personal level. To positively impact the whole of the planet and use the opportunity of the planet's financial upheavals for your greatest spiritual advancement, you will want to explore your own relationship with money. As part of that, you will want to update your DNA-level programming about money with more enlightened perspectives.

11/11/08: 2 Degrees Closer to the Future Benevolent Earth

Grandfather and Timeline/Timeloop Specialist through Robert Shapiro

11 November 2008

Before the session started, Robby shared an experience that happened from 11:58pm Monday, November 10 until 12:02am on Tuesday. During that four minutes by the clock in his apartment, he experienced almost two hours of watching TV, getting the mail from his box down in the lobby, checking his email and so on. He asked Grandfather what was happening. Grandfather said "You are in a short experience of a portal, Robby, you are experiencing within four minutes of physical time about an hour and forty-five minutes of experiential time. You're still kind of in it."


Your world moved about 2 degrees further toward the more benevolent timeline. It's better to think about this as a matter of degrees than as a decimal point. There are 360 degrees in a circle. Then you moved 2 degrees further toward that acquisition of the plane that is of that more benevolent Earth so that you are now, as a planetary existence, at 147 degrees of acquisition toward the benevolent Earth experience. This does not equate to any other representation of 3.47 to 3.52. This is different. You're beyond that now. You can play this for Melody if she wishes to pursue it.

Predicted 2012 Catastrophes Will Not Happen!

Grandfather through Robert Shapiro

31 August 2008

An email from Robby:

Hi Melody,
I was reading about this youngster who supposedly exists in Russia, and I got to this point where the youngster said there are going to be these catastrophes. I've included a brief quote of that: "The boy says that the displacement of Earth's poles will cause two catastrophes: in 2009 and 2013. Only a few people will survive, he said." I felt that such information, as you know, has been circulating around for a while and needs to be addressed. Now, it's up to you of course, if you want to publish this or not, but I feel it needs to be addressed. Here is a response from Grandfather.

Greetings, this is Grandfather. Some of you do not know who I am and are confused. I am a spirit, an immortal being not unlike yourselves—you are all immortal, though it is not obvious to you now. Your spirits and souls are immortal, and you go on forever and not in some way you don't know yourself. Your personality is immortal. You grow, you change, you evolve as all spirits do, but I digress.

The 2012 "End of the World" Was a Benevolent Action

Grandfather through Robert Shapiro

10 September 2008

This is Grandfather. There's something coming up now, and I feel it is good to bring it to the attention of your readers. In six weeks exactly, there's going to be a strong coordination—energy exchange, you understand—between the Sun and the Moon and the Pleiades and Orion and the Earth. This energy coordination is going to have a specific effect that will help to connect all beings on this planet to the future timeline.

Connect Yourself to the Future Timeline

I would like to request that at least ten of your readers do the following. Some of you may have done this before when this has been mentioned. But if you would please, first ask for all the most benevolent energies to be all around you and all about you. Then relax for a moment. You could stand or sit or lie down when you do this. If you're lying down, don't cross your arms and legs, and just relax. But if you're sitting or standing, it might be easier. Then say the following words:

Living Prayer
"I am asking that the future timeline be within my grasp now."

Reach forward with your right hand, even if you're lefthanded, with your palm up, as far or as near your body as you feel is right. But if you're standing, take no more than one step forward, and make sure you're standing someplace safe. Then when you have your hand in that position right in front of your body or outstretched—whatever feels better—close your hand and pull, just as if you were pulling on a rope or string. Pull that toward you. After you have pulled it toward you, bring it toward your solar plexus.

When you get to your solar plexus, place your closed fist there on your solar plexus or slightly below but above your bellybutton. Then open your hand so that your palm is on that part of your body, your solar plexus. Take a deep breath and imagine it coming into the top of your head. As you exhale that breath, imagine that breath going down to the bottoms of your feet. That will help to tie that future timeline to you personally, and as a representative of Earth humans, that will help to connect all Earth humans to the future timeline.

Creator Instigates End of Suffering on Past Timeline

Isis through Robert Shapiro

12 September 2008

When the Egyptian agrarian society did that magic that they put into the continuum to end life on this planet in 2012, were the pyramids there at that time?

I will ask. [Pause.] What gives you the impression they were agrarian?

Grandfather said that if you looked at them, they would look very simple.

If you were to look at them, you would assume that they had an uncomplicated society. In those days, I would say they were more hunters. You understand that the area you now refer to as Egypt did not always look the way it looks now. It used to be well forested, and it would look not unlike the way your part of the world [Arizona] looks: sands, mountains, for the most part, some mesas, that you live around now. So if you consider that and you also consider that people in those days did not saw down trees—even though archaeologists believe they did, they didn't do that in that part of the world, and the Great Pyramid was not built the way people like to speculate that it was built, by rolling stones and all that stuff, but that's for another day—then these people would look fairly simple. But they were hunters.

The World Post-Shift: Portal Workers, Are You In or Out?

Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Today I will talk about awakening to the great shift in consciousness. Most people focus on the coming mass awakening, the uniting of we the people, but that's the bigger picture. I will speak about you as an individual in this great shift. Your great shift is already happening. You may ask, "Well, how could that be? I feel no different." Regardless of what you do or do not feel or perceive, you are becoming in-lightened. I use the word "in-lightened," because it describes the process so perfectly. You are becoming lighter—taking more light into your being—which means your awareness is becoming heightened. This process of "in-lightenment," and the aligning of your light, will help you understand your journey on a higher level and will prepare you for the great shift.

Those of you listening to my voice or reading this will go through this great shift in consciousness. Of course, you also have the option of not going through the shift. The choice is completely yours. If my medium wanted to die today, he could and someone else would fill in for him. Almost everyone going through the shift will experience three days of darkness. During that time, the Earth will move through the photon belt, Mother Earth will realign her energy, you will be asleep and your bodies will become in-lightened. Upon awakening from the three days of darkness, many people will be confused and frightened. They won't know anything about the shift and they, like you, will see devastation all around. When you look at this world, even though you'll know about the shift, you still might think, "Oh, my God. This can't be right. This can't be the shift. Look at the destruction. What will I do with this?"

Get in and Stay in Your Energy Flow

Golden Arrow through Alexandra Ward

Alexandra McColm Ward
Alexandra McColm Ward
PO Box 5505
Blue Jay, CA 92317

You might have noticed at this point that Golden Arrow gives homework or practical help called "intentions and declarations." These are tools that have immediate and long-term results. We have learned that saying these on a daily basis is extremely useful in raising our vibrations and coming into alignment with ourselves and with Source, who is us. We wish the same blessings to you.

Well then, greetings to you, greetings to you indeed. Truly it is a pleasure for us to be here in this way, to communicate with you and to interact with you through this written word. Truly it is a pleasure for us. It is different for us to put together words that have meaning when read than it is for us to interact with a human one on one. Whether you hear our words and interact with us in person or if you view our words in a written format, such as this, it is different. But we would say that the outcome is the same.


Take Control of the New Year

Tom T. Moore

The first month of the new year is upon us. I see a lot of fear and stress out there. Perhaps these stories of people requesting assistance of their guardian angels for most benevolent outcomes in their lives will show you how to live your life in a more gentle manner.

Credit Card and Job MBOs

Deb writes: "Hi, Tom. I had such a great MBO this week, I couldn't wait to share it with you. I hope you can use this in your magazine article. It could help many people. I have two credit card accounts and I hadn't been able to pay on them. I was looking at almost $500 on one and $300 on the other one. I was so stressed, and I decided to call them and see if I could lower my payment. I explained why I couldn't pay—I didn't have the money. I talked to two of the nicest people I have ever dealt with. On both accounts they lowered the payments of $150 to $50 on one and $69 on the other. They also cancelled all of the late fees and interest. Every penny is going toward paying the accounts off. This was the result of my practicing MBOs. I was ecstatic—I felt like a weight lifted off of me. Bless you Tom, and my therapist Rick, for introducing me to MBOs. Have a blessed week."


A Time to Redefine Relationships

Michelle Karèn

The days and times given below are in PST (Pacific Standard Time). For Rocky Mountain Time add one hour. For Central Time add two hours. For Eastern Time add three hours. For Alaskan Time subtract one hour. For Hawaii-Aleutian Time subtract two hours. For Greenwich Mean Time add eight hours.

Numerologically, this is an 11 year (2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 11). This master number, which is never reduced to 2 (1 + 1 = 2), reveals that a critical mass of people will be reaching mastery in 2009. This year is a great portal into the unknown, a chance to powerfully embody our divine truth in our daily lives. Jupiter enters Aquarius on January 5, 2009 until January 19, 2010. The well-being of the whole of humanity very much becomes a matter of individual concern. We become more and more aware of the consequences of our personal actions on a mass scale. As we change certain habits, we are able to create a healthier living habitat for all to thrive in. The understanding of what abundance means shifts. Human resources become the true wealth.

Loyalty to Your Values and Self

Rhonda Smith

Congratulations! You have completed the initial stages for your building and manifesting of your part of the new world by 2012.

This year, 2009 (29/ [11]), marks the beginning of the actual manifestation of the new paradigm's foundation. You will have the energies of the master spiritual messenger underlying every thought, word, deed and experience that you choose. The universal law of "thought creates" will be operating fully. Your experiences will help you to understand that your left brain is not the origin of your thoughts, but actually the processor that makes your true thoughts, at all levels, manifest into the physical world. To master this master vibration you must stay centered within as you walk through your life. The test will be to change your role as leader or supporter when appropriate and as needed for the good of all, including yourself, without being attached to a title. Meditation and reflection will play an important part this year, as you evaluate what is important to bring into manifestation for the balance of all. You may feel like you have more responsibility—and you do. That responsibility, however, is the ability to respond to situations rather than react, so that what you choose reflects who you are.

Align with Your Higher Self

Donna Taylor

New years are always so full of promise—a whole twelve months ready to unfold before us. Will we reach our goals? Will there be some happy surprises? And what of the challenges? We rarely get through a year without experiencing a few bumpy bits. But for those people who are ready to choose the more evolved path, there should be increasingly less challenges and a whole lot more synchronicity and flowing experiences. This is a year when our dreams can come true if they are in alignment with our soul's purpose, for this is an 11 year. Have you noticed an increase in seeing 11:11? Magic always happens when the number 11 is around—but that's not all, for we have a very spiritual grouping of planets throughout this whole year. Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron and the north node are all clustered together in the evolved sign of Aquarius, making this the year when the focus shifts from personal gain to group benefit.

There will be more of an emphasis on giving to others, and the beginning of a more equal distribution of wealth will be seen soon. That leads us on to the economy. Yes, the recession will continue, but it is something that we need to go through in order to reorganize our priorities as a race and to create a fairer and more equal society. Those whose well—being depends on amassing a fortune will struggle, while those who find ways of giving and receiving without needing to spend and without thought or care will flourish, as will those who trade ethically. So this could be a really lovely year for people who place a higher value on qualities such as love, compassion, service to others and generosity of spirit. There is no need to withhold or be cautious, because if you give from the heart, there will be plenty for all.


Essences of Nature: Clearing Out the Old

Mary Ann Antenucci

Rhonda Smith
Mary Ann Antenucci

We all have many tools but we forget that we have them. Especially practitioners. We make a point of doing the work, accessing our emotions, exorcising our demons, cleansing our emotional bodies, clearing our chakras and then we forget. We can look at our challenges as karma or opportunities for change, but we still forget.

How about if we remembered what we know? Remembered who we are? And remembered we have many tools and now is the time to take them out. Now is the time to use that technique. Now is the time to do that forgiveness exercise. Now is the time to clear. Now is the time to purify. Now is the time to remember we are all connected and how connected we are. Now is the time to challenge your obstacles rather than having your obstacles challenge you.

Self-Discovery Activities for Children: Spaceship Adventure

Lynne Cox

You look out your window and begin gazing up at the sky. Wow, you can see so many more stars tonight. It's so clear you feel you could reach out and touch them. Just then you begin to feel Angel's presence. Sure enough, you hear Angel's voice as you are staring out into space.

"Angel, it's so good to hear you. Have you looked at the stars tonight? The sky is the clearest I've seen in a long time," you say.

"It's a starry night, alright," Angel replies. "In fact, as you have been staring out into space, you've attracted someone who would like to talk with you."

The Animal Whisperer Communicating with Our Animal Friends

Kim Malonie

Kim Malonie
Kim Malonie
R.R.2, Box 101
Bewdley, Ontario, Canada K0L 1E0

We have a new member of the family. He is a domesticated, litter-trained white rabbit named Thumper (Bun bun is his nickname). The women who gave him to us had called him Lopelope. My son and I acquired him when we were at the Big Apple park. We saw this distraught woman holding him and crying. She was telling my son and I that she had to give up her beloved rabbit of two years. She thought she should let him go into the wild so he could be with all the other rabbits in the woods—he could have company of his own kind to be happy and free. Well, even though another pet is the last thing we need, I just couldn't turn my back on his pleas for help, to not be let down in a strange and scary place like the woods with all types of predators in there waiting to eat him. I had to do something, so I talked with the lady to try and convince her to let me, a perfect stranger, give Lopelope a home.

You can well imagine this scene playing out before you, and during it I was explaining to Lopelope how we would love him and take care of him. I exchanged emails with the woman, and I gave her my phone number and my address, inviting her to come and visit him if she wanted. We gave each other a big hug as she cried. My son sat in the back seat of the car holding Lopelope and telling him all the way home how wonderful things would be living with us and how much he already loved him as his new friend. I told the woman to keep in touch and that I'd be more then happy to let her know how her little fella is doing. Here is the email I received from her, and I'll let Lopelope, now known as Thumper, answer her questions at the end.

The Dream Zone

Katia Romanoff & Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

Lauri Quinn Lowenberg Katia Romanoff, PhD
Lauri Quinn Lowenberg, Katia Romanoff, PhD

Dear Dream Zone,
My finance was driving and another female and I were in the back seat of his car when we went off the road and ended up in the water below. I braced myself for the impact. The female and I both went for the electric windows to roll them down as we hit the water. All the electrical components in the car shorted out. I tried to open the door but the water kept it closed. We all just looked at each other and thought, this is it, we are going to drown. It was almost too peaceful.

-Kay, 49, Houston, TX

Lauri: I think this dream is about your finances because you typed "finance" instead of "fiancè"! Going off the road means you are going off a certain path you were on in waking life. What horrible waking life event are you currently bracing for, just as you were bracing for the crash in your dream? The electrical components ceasing to work reflects a fear that a smooth-running system will cease to function. The unknown woman is an unfamiliar element that is now present in your life. Trying to get out of the sinking car is directly connected to your desire to get out of an increasingly worsening situation. At the end, you all give in because your wiser, dreaming mind is telling you to let go and ride it out—trust that "the other side" of this situation will be peaceful and well. Kay replies: Wow. I am kind of shocked. My fiancè and I are starting our own business. I am, of course, freaking out about finances. We both work at different companies that do the same service we will be offering. If anyone finds out we could both be unemployed before we are ready. Isn't that something? Thank you so much.

Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters through Rochelle Sparrow

Rochelle Sparrow
Rochelle Sparrow
PO Box 7573, Phoenix, AZ 85011

Dear Rochelle,
I suffer from depression and have not left my house for years. Can you give me a direction to help me? I am desperate. Thank you.


I empathize with you. Being a former therapist, I have dealt with many people who have this problem. Here is what the guides say:
"You are incorrect to feel despair." The feeling of hopeless energy came in. "What we suggest is that he formulate a support group online for people who have this condition in your area. Brave energy is the energy to focus upon, because you will discover to your surprise and shock that there are huge numbers of individuals who suffer as you do. If you find a group online, you can begin to talk about your experiences and share information about treatment. Begin to see who can meet in person from this group in your locale.