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May 2010 Vol.20, No. 5






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Will There Be A Phony ET Invasion on Earth?

Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

23 January 2010

All right. This is Zoosh.

These internet photos that look very real are not quite so real, okay? Now, understand that things like this are very easy--very easy--to fake these days, and NASA is not in a position to, how can we say, deny things, okay? So let's just say this: If there was a on the web address [chuckles], then that would be something to take seriously, but there isn't.

Look to the Feeling of Energy to Know If a UFO Sighting Is Real

There are less UFO sightings these days than there appear to be. Also, there is more capability to make things seem to be so when they are not, as well as technology that can woo people. But I will speak now of recent sightings in general areas (so that people do not get in trouble, eh?) that are real. There are some places in the high mountain passes in Europe where such sightings are real. Generally speaking, they will be seen as lights, sometimes of different colors, moving in patterns that would not be expected or even possible on the basis of current technology on the Earth or even that which is experimental. It is possible to fake a certain amount, but some things cannot be faked.


Native Numbers and Yearly Energy

OMA through Frankie Z Avery

Frankie Z Avery
Frankie Z Avery

Knoxville, TN

Today we will work with the numbers one through nine. Numbers are the foundation of everything in your physical world and beyond. We see many of you have worked with numerology or played with it a little bit. Even if you have never played with it, think about it right now. Think of the number one and what you feel from it. If nothing else, what do you feel just from the shape of 1? Now think of the number six. Doesn't that energy change? The number one is what? It is straight. It is vertical. What is 6? It is round, a bit like a pillow. It turns in on itself, so it might be a little introverted.

In my eyes, 1 is white and 6 is blue.

Very good. See if you notice some opalescence in that 1, because you will have sparks of red in it. That's excellent. You get a whole different sensation, don't you? Then let's take the number two. The number two can be all curves, depending on how you make it. Compare 2 with 7. With 2, you get a bit of a sensation of being cuddly and cozy, do you not? You think of things in twos or pairs, ideally. But do you get a feeling of cuddliness or of choesion with the number seven? No. If you were speaking of warmth, which would be warmer: the number two or the number seven? Yes, 2. Even the sound of it. So you can see just by looking at numbers that each person gets a different vibratory feeling from them.

A New Energy Surge

The Pleiadian Light Through Hannah Beaconsfield

Hannah Beaconsfield
Hannah Beaconsfield

We wish today to give you our vision for a new energy surge--a part of the ascension changes, but a part that involves the clearing and detoxification of the planet. The clearing will take the form of activity in the body of the Earth such as seismic and volcanic releases. We remind you that all is multidimensional; this is just one dimension of the process of clearing for Mother Earth.

There is a concomitant clearing mirroring Mother Earth's process. It is a release from the unified consciousness of Earth women. Within the female collective data bank there has been rage energy accumulating for millenia, reaching back to before your recorded history. Except for a small minority of cultures, the female and many of her qualities have been denigrated and denied a power position from which to contribute to the belief structures and world culture of Earth.

Needed Science For the Times

Kryon through Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll

1155 Camino del Mar, #422
Del Mar, CA 92014

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Again we are here in a way that may seem strange to many. I want you to get used to hearing this voice and understanding the reality that is here. Perhaps you might ask yourself, "Is this real?" You might say, "Kryon, I'm having a hard time believing that you're really channeling, that the voice comes from the other side of the veil. It's just so difficult!" If that's what you're saying today, Human Being, I will say that you are blessed to be so honest with words coming from the struggle to work out of the three-dimensional box you are in.

Dear ones, if you ask the right questions of your own higher self, of your own belief, of your own psyche, you then start having things revealed that you didn't expect. For it indeed is a quantum experience on the other side of the veil. My partner [Lee] and I are linearizing this conversation for you. This is a quantum experience, which means that language is only a small part of it. The audio that you hear and the words seen on the page are only a portion of it.

Chamber of Freedom And Temple of Mercy

Master Kuthumi through Rae Chandran

Rae Chandran
Rae Chandran
Tokyo, Japan
81+ 42-373-3717

Greetings, beloved ones, this is Master Kuthumi. As you enter this important period, it is time to reflect on the changes happening and preparing for the months to come in which the fruits of your inner work will be grounded and prepared for the new beginnings that will take place. So what have you instituted this year that will be making your life more in tune with your soul's desire? In the next few years, human beings will again and again be gently nudged into tuning in to their souls--your true identity and living from that place. The time to move from mind to soul is already here. Will you be going into this partnership gracefully, or will you have to be pushed? This is a choice that each and every human being will be presented with.

As you move into this auspicious time, it is gently encouraged that you move past your drama. Whatever needs to be done to clear it, do it. It is in doing that the greatest growth occurs. Humanity has the preconceived notion of a destination, and human beings work throughout their lives toward recaching that destination and don't realize that the lesson is in the journey and not in the destination. Destination is only a concept in the human mind. For many, the destination is having material abundance while for other people, it is the goal of ascension. In both of these cases, it is the destination people are after, and they don't realize that when they focus on their journeys, the destination will inevitably be reached.

The Measure of Mastery

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, in every lifetime you have left a mark upon our holy Mother Earth--sometimes a physical mark, but I mean more the spiritual mark. You have made an impact, and you have left your energy. It is there when you go back and you visit what would be a foreign land or a new place, and you find something that feels familiar. This is because you have left your energy in those places. Everywhere you walk, you leave an imprint. You even have in your world now a focus on what is called the "carbon footprint" and how big your footprint is in the global focus of energy. Everywhere you have gone in this lifetime and other lifetimes, you have made impact of one sort or another.

You have prophecy now that there is going to be a big change upon holy Mother Earth in the year 2012, as it has been called. You have found all kinds of channeled information about it, and this is wonderful, because you are bringing it forth for yourself in order to sit with it and see what your truth is about the year 2012. You do not have to accept anyone else's truth; that is their truth. You choose for yourself what feels true to you and what you want to experience. Because, you see, the year 2012 has not been written yet--even though you may have the "wise ones" who are channeling all of the information about what is going to happen.

Get Connected and Live a Life of Ease

The Divine Lights through Sharry-Lynn Cannon

Sharry-Lynn Cannon
Sharry-Lynn Cannon

In your daily living, so many things come at you that send you into chaos. It could be anything from a sick child to an outstanding bill notice or something as simple as someone cutting you off while you are driving. As these and many other things happen, the questions arise: How do you react? What do you experience? Are you able to function from a loving, stable place that comes from ease, or are your experiences polluted with exasperation, stress and anxiety? So many people, so much happening--wouldn't it be wonderful to experience a feeling of ease while the outside world is running in chaos? "Yes," you say, "we agree!"

Connection to Mother Earth And the Universal God Energy

It is so vey simple: You can experience that ease by connecting to the grounding energy that comes from Mother Earth. Mother Earth so loves to help her children become connected and united to her energy. She also loves to help you remove those toxic emotions that get stored in the body and cause physical ailments. When you learn to connect to Mother Earth, you remain firmly grounded as you walk through this life you have chosen.


Sarrinn with the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe

Welcome, lightworkers! Welcome and many blessings to you all. We watch your work and your resonance and celebrate the success of your efforts. Your success has such an effect on All That Is, and your participation is essential to the evolution off the ascension that is happening and approaching its completion. Because of this, so much power is building for you, for us and for our universe that it is easy to get caught in avalanches of energy, riptides of power and volcanic eruptions of potential, and because of these surprising spurts of flow, it is easy to feel vulnerable.

You are in a transitional time in your world and dimension, and it always gives us great joy to assist and to participate when lightworkers prepare for such work. We certainly do not interfere with your choices or preferences, but we will amplify both as you invite us to do so. We hear your thoughts as if they are an ongoing conversation, which they are, and we feel the importance you assign to your thoughts by the emotion that fils each one. So why is it that some of you feel that we do not hear you? The answer to that question lies in the concept of cocoons.

Riding the White Dragon of Compassion

Quan Yin through Therese Dorer

Therese Dorer
Therese Dorer
Kamloops, British Columbia

I see a vision of a white mist that swirls in the cobalt blue sky. As I attune to the mist, I notice it becoming a huge white dragon that swirls and appears to glide across the sky, its scales shimmering in the sunlight. I then see Quan Yin riding the back of the dragon, and it appears as if her energy is one with the dragon as it dances through the sky.

Welcome, my dearest ones. It is with great gratitude and love that I come before you this day. I would like to thank you for taking the time to hear my words. I would like to speak to you of compassion, for it is imperative that you allow the expression of compassion to pour from your hearts toward the world at this time.

Your Compassion Is Needed Upon Mother Earth

These are changing times upon the Earth, times of earthquaking, flooding and a huge cleansing of your Mother Earth. Many of your fellow companions on the Earth are in fear and unrest, and so I ask you to open your hearts and send them compassion. Stop for a moment and tune into the energy of compassion; feel it deep in your heart.

Walking into the Light of Your Future

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Ronna Herman
Ronna Herman
6005 Clear Creek Dr.
Reno, NV 89502
Phone/Fax 775-856-3654

Beloved masters, we ask you to take time to review what we will call your master plan for the future. We have told many of you in the past that is time to write a new galactic mission statement, for your Earthly contract has been fulfilled. We assure you this does not mean that you will be leaving this Earth any time soon. You have been preparing for this time for many incarnations, and you are sorely needed as world servers of the light. Time and time again, we have asked you to script your future and then live each day, moment by moment, to the best of your ability.

Even if you have not consciously made plans for the future, you still have a plan--a plan that has been created by your subconscious mind, your ego-desire body and its during your busy day. Powerful emotional thoughts create powerful frequency patterns while the senseless meadnerings of the mind create weak energy patterns that build up over time, eventually creating powerful, chaotic vibrational patterns that return to you through an infinity sign called "law of the circle." If your life seems to be unfolding in a helter-skelter manner, it is because that is what your energetic signature is radiating out into the world of cause and effect. That is why it is so important for you to begin the process of becoming an objective observer while you monitor your thoughts and diligently practice the art of staying focused within your sacred heart center.

The Precipice between Illusion and Reality

Djwahl Kuhl through Kathlyn Kingdon

Kathlyn Kingdon
Kathlyn Kingdon

PO Box 383
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602

I greet you this month in the powerful aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in Chile. Those of you who are sensitive to the state of the planet may have experienced some sympathetic "tremors" in your relationships, perhaps your casual encounters as well, even before the large quake on February 27 in Conception, Chile. As aftershocks continue, notice if you are experiencing a similar internal event. Indeed, with the radical shifts in the physical body of Earth (Haiti and Chile for now), the precedence has been set for shaking lose at many levels.

While the release of planetary tension that has been occurring in Chile is clearly related to the earlier earthquakes in Haiti, we must not simply hold that the Haitian episodes caused the Chilean episodes. While earthquakes provide one viable manner for the relase of planetary tensions and pressures, there are other measures by which such releases may occur as well.

Work with Spirit

Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

I greet you once again as I enter your energy field and we merge. You know me. You feel me. You sense my presence. I am spirit; you are spirit. Your physical body that also houses your personality is a "cloak" you have chosen for yourself. Your cloak contains great learning, my friend.

How many of you can say you love your body? How many of you can find something you do not like, such as your hair--its texture, the color? Perhaps you do not like your eyes, your height or your weight. You see? This is a part of learning. It is you who chose your body before you incarnated when all was seen and known. The learning is coming to a place of completely loving and accepting yourself, including your physical body. When you have accepted yourself completely, the learning is complete. You have learned to look within and see your own soul.

Earth Changes Update

Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Pepper Lewis
Pepper Lewis

2305-C Ashland Street #320
Ashland, Oregon 97520

It feels to most of us that Earth changes are increasing in both frequency and magnitude, and yet Gaia says that they are not. She tells us that our interest in 2012-related change has made it seem that way, and that our newer technologies allow many more of us to share similar thoughts at similar times. Gaia goes on to say that this will begin to work in our favor as soon as we align with the kinds of things we want to change instead of in wishing you could do more for earthquake-displaced families, friends and loved ones as well as in wanting to know more about what may be around the next bend.

With Gaia's help, we were able to quickly arrange a small roundtable to explore this subject in depth and to broadcast it in several different languages around the world. At the same time, Gaia was clear with us in that we were not to expect a channeled response or explanation following every movement, large or small. She was quick to remind me that my role as a channel is not that of a news reporter nor is Gaia a public service announcement. That being said, every question posed received adequate and expansive answers. Those who have been significantly affected by recent events submitted the questions included below.

Altering Outcomes with Mental Time Travel

Simion through Jill Mara

We are Simion, the evolutionary collective. The experience of chronological time is an illusion based on the limits of perception you experience within your dimension designed to allow you the appreciation of the causes and effects of your creations. Time affords you the opportunity to learn how you influence yourself and your environment by what your consciousness dwells and acts on. As you become more aware of your soul connection with the source of creation, you will gain a new appreciation of the gift and meaning of your experience and time.

Time Is Illusory and Malleable

When you realize the illusory nature of time expression, you will be able to manipulate cause and effect by traveling through seeminly chronological time within your present moment. You can alter yesterday and tomorrow by your consciousness today. Your entire personal reality can be changed by traveling in time with your conscious awareness. Your past, future and present is not set in stone; something occurring in your consciousness in a future probable reality is influencing your present consciousness in a future probable reality is influencing your present consciousness, just as your present energy is affecting the expression of your past, and vice versa.

The Action of Charity

Onereon through Jeff Michaels

Jeff Michaels
Jeff Michaels
PO Box 453
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

As above, so below. Life is uncertain. There are no guarantees of comfort while in existence upon this planet. We speak of the needs of others and the opportunity for you to act in a way that creates a flow of balancing energy. We have often spoken of the movement of energy--how it will rise and fall, like the action of a wave. In your life, you will experience times of abundance and times of need. We do not necessarily mean this in reference to physical things, but we will specifically address the aspect of generosity regarding physical resources.

The Reason for Charity

In times of extreme weather or natural geological actions, members of the family human may be adversely affected. Calls for aid can and do rise. As natural as it may be for a hurricane, tsunami or an earthquake to occur, it is equally natural for the family human to respond with the power of compassion. From our perspective in the realm of spirit, we see clearly that the opposite and equal reaction to those events that are termed disasters is the immense outpouring of one of humanity's greatest powers: the love of strangers in need. This action of charity sets the family human apart from nearly all other life on the planet. It is the conscious action that sets you apart from all life. Other life forms may act in an instinctual way, but you choose to behave charitably. It is a spuritual thing and evidence of your spirituality.

Bringing a Planet Into a New Balance

Juliano, the Arcturians and Archangel Metatron through David K. Miller

David K. Miller
David K. Miller
PO Box 4074
Prescott, AZ 86302

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. In this lecture we will continue our discussion of biorelativity and the methods of biorelativity for bringing a planet into a new balance. I want to emphasize that what we are seeking and what you are seeking in respect to working with the Earth is to find the methods, activities and meditations that would bring the Earth into a new balance.

It is correct to say that the Earth is not going to go back the way it was in 1960 or 1970. It is correct to say that a new balance must be sought, a new homeostasis for the planet. This new homeostasis is going to take into consideration all of the energies up until this point. The idea is that we will work with you to seek a balance, a homeostasis, that is in alignment with the highest interest and manifestation of the spirit and the life on this planet.

Remembrance in Consciousness:
You Are Spirit First

Jerhoam through John Oliver

Beloved souls, welcome to our consultation. This consultation is about remembering, and remembering happens in different ways. The type of remembering to which we are referring is called a "remembrance in consciousness," which means a remembrance in feeling. In order to feel anything, you must be silent enough to register that subtle feeling. Remebrance in this context means to have a glimpse for a moment of time in which your consciousness embodies your urge to be one with existence, when your body embodies the consciousness to be one with the All That Is. Since ancient times, this has been called a "union with God."

You have within yourself the urge to remember that you are separate from existence (or God), but you also have within you the urge to remember that you are one with God. So during these moments that we are together, be watchful of the moments just before you inhale. Be watchful just before the breath moves. Be aware of that moment, for there is no tension in that moment and there is no release. There is a pause. In that pause, surrender yourself into the feeling that you are the spirit of God, that you are light of existence. Give it a few moments of time, just before your breath is received by the nose, and let the thought live in consciousness that says, "I remember." And behind the words, let there be the intention to honor the feeling that you are spirit first.

Holistic Communication

The Galactic Frequency Council through Catherine Richardson

Catherine Richardson
Catherine Richardson
PO Box 3283
San Diego, CA 92163

We would like to talk to you about holistic and interdimensional communication. There are many ways in which souls communicate with one another. One way is simply to speak with the physical voice through the bubble of biology. Another way is to communicate using body language. Yet another is to communicate through written language and works of art. These are the most common forms of conscious communication, and really they are the least effective.

The reason these forms of communication are less effective is that you are communicating using a sort of shorthand. Words and pictures are ways to summarize complex concepts. However, what that complex concept means changes from individual to individual. For example, the meaning of a simple word such as "yes" may be subtly different for every single person. Hard to imagine, but true. The more complex the concept being communicated by a word, the more wildly diverse the meaning of the word is for each individual.

Incarnate Compassion As the One

Pretty Flower and Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Miriandra Rota
Miriandra Rota

PO Box 81
Troutdale, VA 24378-0081

Greetings! Greetings, wondrous beings! It is most wondrous that we would have this opportunity to speak together once again in this manner. Yes, there have been several occurrences, as you call them, that have left many people suffering. Such occurrences assist all to remember that there is much more going on upon this planet. There are, as you say, meteorological occurrences; there are also wars, there continues to be what is called genocide and there is grave poverty. Bravo for the asking of what can be done, of what any being can do to assist those ones who are suffering! Though we have spoken in what is called the past concerning such topics, we will speak specifically upon the day concerning current events and how you who read or hear these words can assist.

How Would You Like to Help?

You are the most powerful beings who have within the fabric of your beings, great abilities to do whatever you choose to do. Those abilities and choices are most certainly at the foundation of anything that you wish to do. As you say the words, "How can I help those who are suffering from the recent meteorological occurrences?" We would say to you, "What would you like to do? How would you like to help?" Ask yourself this question right in this moment. How would you like to help? Don't allow your decision to be hampered by beliefs in limited abilities, limited finances or any other limitation.

When Boy Meets Girl--and Turtle

Pretty Flower through Miriandra Rota

Then we speak for you in this manner for the love of all that you are. There once was a child who was walking upon the pathway. And as that child was walking upon the pathway, there came to be--coming from the other direction, so to speak--another child. Both children saw each other, and as they came closer and closer, the one girl child did say across the remaining expanse, "Hello! I am walking with my turtle friend. Have you met the turtle?"

The boy child did see that, indeed and in truth, the little girl was walking right beside a turtle. The boy said, "No, I have not met the turtle."

Birth Pangs of the Mother:
The Ring of Fire Is on Fire

The group through Steve Rother

Steve Rother
Steve Rother

PO Box 34838
Las Vegas, NV 89133

Greetings from home. This day we share with you much that is going on. Your physical bodies are changing every day in order to carry more of your own light. The physical rewiring you are going through as individuals is now starting to spread throughout every part of the entire planet as you reach a collective, critical mass.

We have mentioned a bit about the rewiring process and have told you about some of the physical properties that will be changing and some of the things that will be taking place with every one of you as this goes forward. You will see a huge increase of sexual and life-force energy on this planet in a lot of different ways. Over time you will being having conscious control over certain sets of muscles that you have not had conscious control over before. You will dinf that you can be conscious breathers instead of unconscious breathers. You will find that you will have more ability, not only to tap into your own telepathy, but also to tap in through each other quite clearly and very easily on conscious levels.

Return to Oneness

The Council of 12 through Selacia

Santa Monica, CA

This message from the Council of 12 came in the morning of February 27, as news was pouring in about the 8.8 earthquake in Chile. I asked the Council of 12 to address the energies we are now working with and to speak about how we as lightworkers are impacted by earthquakes and the other changes in these unique times.

You have come to Earth to once again hold the enrgies of connection, of oneness and of goodness. As more people like you do this, these energies form the new template for a brand-new human. As you express and embody these energies, you change your own destiny. On some days, you might feel as though your destiny is the one that consensus reality projects. It may feel as if there is nothing you can do to avoid the dire fate that many predict will be yours. When you are not careful, you can slip into past sabotaging habits and a mindset of limitation. Do not judge yourself or others for these lapses. You are not your conditioning, and yet your conditioning is not easy to shake.

Understanding Aspects and Walk-Ins

Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

The higher self will usually position itself into a trinity of three aspects, although there is no guarantee of having any other aspects on the Earth plane at any given time. Spiritual seekers normally have at least two of their potential aspects on the Earth plane. However, when the higher self sees that a planet is about to undergo a new kind of shifting process, the higher self wants to garner as much knowledge of the experience as it possibly can. Hence it arranges that all three of its aspects be on the plane at the same time. At a certain point, the higher self can decide to bring two aspects home to the Creator's light and leave one on Earth, or it can decide to have all three on entirely different planetary systems. But most often, the higher self will focus three aspects of itself onto a single plane simultaneously, forming a trinity light formation from which to learn.

Aspect Transference

There are many cases in which the human soul energy has completed all it came to learn and it is ready to return to the Creator's light while still having a highly functioning body system. In these situations, the higher self will enter a new aspect of itself into the perfectly healthy body. This new aspect will have a whole new set of lessons to learn that will amplify the evolution of its soul family. Thus if people awaken one day feeling as though they are someone different, they are likely experiencing an aspect transference, or a walk-in.

Alchemy and Requisite Of 13-20-33 Circuitry

Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings, masters! We greet you in joy and encircle each of you in a field of unconditional love. And so we speak on the optimal circuitry of the human auric field and with specific focus on the 13-20-33 circuitry. Masters, the human aura is not autoregulated. It requires methodical maintenance. And this is paramount, because achieving and retaining the 13-20-33 circuitry of the integral auric field is an absolute prerequisite of ascending into your crystalline light vehicle.

Auric Development

We address briefly the time-linear aspect of development of the human aura. Dear ones, as each of you has grown in consciousness through your countless sojourns in duality, you have activated more layers of your auric field. With each new activation, more responsibility is required and greater apperception is naturally requisite for optimal auric maintenance. The ultimate and optimal resonance is the circuitry of 13-20-33. This is the key ratio and flow of the graduated, fully blossomed auric field. It is this resonance that allows for flow into the crystalline lightbody. Unles the 13-20-33 is obtained, cultivated and sustained, lightbody acquisition is unobtainable.

The New Template:
Chemical-Elemental Biofusion

The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Masters, consider your pod vehicles as new giant nuclei, for you are finally fusing your own individual creator love, multipower abilities and unique master authority into your new sovereign freedom templates for your new creations and new species, just as you once did in your old universes billions of years ago. The chemistry of this creator nuclei template has trillons of unmapped instructions for the body in its orb field and is mirrored off the nuclei of your ancient universes. This will allow humanity full access to stay with the old-Earth template or to choose the New-Earth template you have ushered in for them.

You have been waiting to wear, feel and play in these new multisensate bodies since you came, not knowing if you or humanity would achieve this moment. But the continuum is within now, as the fluctuations in space-time reveal how your conscious love is becoming aware of your baby universes. You will live only by the truth of your own new experiences--within such exotic awareness--that every moment will become so precious that speaking of it would crumble the cosmos, so tender and so delicate is your beauteous love now! Simply remember to follow your emotions all the way through, bringing you to pure awareness, till you get the truth of information in your own template relevant to you, thereby neutralizing any feeder energy from the world of appearances from outside your pod.

Of Building Dreams

Mary through Myke Wolf

Of what are dreams built? Desire. Dreams do not spring from will or intent; rather, they organize will and intent to order to bring those dreams into physical being. Know your desires in honesty and in full acceptance. Allow your imagination to creat your dreams from pure, unadulterated desire. See them clearly; feel them completely. The rest--the doing--is easy.

When you want those dreams for others as well as for yourself, then you have magnetized them and created a support system to assist in the creating, the doing, the bringing into form and tangibility. How, then, to "do"? Invite your dreams into daily life. Accept them as a current work in progress. Begin to live with your dreams as part of your reality. How? By feeling the vibration in your life today that most closely matches the vibration you seek through the realization of your dreams.


State Your Passion And Hold Strong

Stephanie Clement

Stephanie Clement
Stephanie Clement

Some people say that all emotional and spiritual growth comes through contact with others. The idea behind this statement is that interaction provokes you to think more deeply and consider your feelings and behaviors more carefully. Other people insist that your deepest emotional and spiritual growth comes from looking within yourself. There you find your personal demons as well as your personal connection to the collective unconscious, the universe or God/Goddess.

I am a firm believer in both paths to soul growth. How we treat others is a reflection of how we see ourselves. I find that, like the ancients, I need a "refresher" from time to time. Ever so often, I find myself thinking or expressing what I consider to be surprisingly negative thoughts. I don't mean the everyday sort of negative thoughts. I mean thoughts that essentially reflect a less-than-desirable view of myself or the world. Bigotry is an example of this kind of entrenched belief or thought.

Stand in Your Power

Michelle Karèn

Mercury turns direct on May 11 at 2°41' Taurus. This degree is symbolized in the Sabian symbols by "natural steps lead to a lawn of clover in bloom." During the past three weeks, we have had to reevaluate our material lives, we also became more efficient and are likely to have found unexpected resources and exciting new forms of abundance. Saturn is retrograde till May 29 between 28°34' and 27°50' Virgo. These two degrees are represented by "a seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll that illuminates his mind" and "a baldheaded man who has seized power." This retrogradation is about finding true power. Note that the appearance of it is based on manipulation, fear and lies, but that real wisdom comes from the depths of our souls and the knowledge of the past transmitted through sacred manuscripts.

Neptune turns retrograde on May 31 at 28°42' Aquarius and will remain so until November 9, 2011, when it will have reached 28°08' Aquarius. This degree is symbolized by "a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis." We are truly manifesting our real spiritual essence as "divine beings having a human experience." As we become human dolphins, as we understand truly from the inside the oneness of all and the sacredness of our lives, the freer and happier we become. By November 2011, most of us will have reached the enlightenment that will fulfill the Maya, Hopi and Inca prophecies of the emergence of a new world.

Creating the Right Vibration

Rhonda Smith

May (26/8) provides you with easy, free-flowing environmental energies that will bestow abundance in your life. These energies will be full of cooperation and compatibility so that you can investigate and examine any details that arise, often spontaneously, in your material affairs to make sure they fit with your vision. Your challenge is to take responsibility for the good things in your life without guilt or embarrassment. Remember that you created them too. Although much occurs spontaneously, you need to be on your toes so that you can act on the things that bring you your rewards and your vision under this influence. The goal is to create—in thought, desire and action—the "right" vibration to manifest on the material plane in order to reap your rewards.


Coloring (Living) Outside the Lines

Marlene Buffa

Marlene Buffa
Marlene Buffa

In our formative years, parents and teachers alike encouraged—and sometimes required—us to color inside the lines of the all-too familiar coloring book. We learned to read by identifying the proper colors to use in each segment of the black-and-white image, making sure our crayon marks blended together to from a solid-looking filler. Sometimes we'd press hard so the crayon wax embedded itself onto the paper, resulting in a beautiful sheen. Often, in early schooling, our coloring projects received grades for various aspects of the assignment—using the proper color in each portion of the picture with no combination of colors and, most importantly, coloring inside the lines.

As adults, we accrue credits for conformity, with no hint of the reward for compliance, yet we strive to obey the rules. When we begin to live outside the lines of our past, we bathe in a rainbow of gratification, breaking restrictions and daring the possibilities for self-expression.

Changing Our Diets as We Move into Higher Dimensions

Vera Le Doux

Vera Le Doux
Vera Le Doux

We are living in an acid world, and most of the diseases known since the beginning of time are caused by our lifestyles and especially our eating habits. While raw food is not for everyone, it is the ideal diet when it comes to healing. In addition to this, as our consciousnesses and frequencies are raised, our carbon-based 3D bodies transmute into 5D crystalline-based bodies.

In this article, I would like to explore two topics: The question of why raw food is so healing, and how raw food can act as a transition to living in higher dimensions and eventually into living on pranic food—the life force we are receiving through our crown chakra.

Who Is Eating Strawberries?


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While meditating the other day, I happened to be thinking about the people of Haiti and their current struggle with hunger and having no access to food. A thought popped into my head about a very easy way to help that was tied to my past experiences and teachings with the Blackfoot and the Lakota. Let me explain.

At certain times in our lives, we all face uncertainties and forks in the road, and we search to find answers to those pressing questions and situations. One of the ways that Native Americans go about finding their truth is to do a hanbleceya, or what is commonly known as a vision quest. This vision quest involves being put up on a sacred mountain with no water and no food from anywhere to one to four days. There, among other things, they will pray to Creator for guidance.

The Mastering of Alchemy:
Tools to Rebuild Yourself

Jim Self

Jim Self
Jim Self
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Reno, NV 89511

Understanding who we are requires that we bring ourselves into a present time focus. There is a place within the center of our heads that acts as a command center, a place where clear decisions can be made and actions can be set into motion. However, as we grow up and learn to trust the opinions and beliefs of others, we step away, as it were, from the center of our heads and give away our seniority to those who say they have a better idea of life than we do. Reclaiming the center of our heads is necessary if we are to move forward.

As we have learned, many of the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel passing through us each day do not even belong to us. Thoughts are electrical, and the emotions are magnetic. In addition to helping realign us to our own personal frequency, the act of rebuilding our grounding mechanisms is invaluable in clearing away these thoughts and emotions. There are two components to grounding. One consists of an electrical line that runs from the first chakra to the center of the Earth, which grounds non-aligned electrical thought. The second consists of a coil of energy that wraps around the electrical grounding line and runs all the way down to the center of the Earth. Its purpose is to clear ways all the emotions that do not belong to you.

What Snakes Can Teach Us about Our Fears

Marcia Reeves Thrasher

Marcia Reeves Thrasher
Marcia Reeves Thrasher
Rome, GA

Snakes? Yes, I include snakes in the animal world. They too have spirit. Yet they have been discriminated against in Christian culture ever since that story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and although I have yet to encounter a snake in an apple tree, I admit I do like to eat apples. I once came upon a garter snake hanging from the limb of an old oak as I was walking through the woods near my house. I was amazed at her beauty, but I've never had a snake tempt me with an apple or into committing a deed of disservice to my fellow humankind.

I leave that to those who walk on two feet. In my world, it's the humans who do the tempting. There are advertisements on billboards, the Internet, on television, newspapers, magazines—not to mention the temptations of banks trying to lure me to open yet another checking account, car salespersons who never met a care they didn't like and competing insurance companies.


Essences of Nature

Mary Ann Antenucci

Mary Ann Antenucci
Mary Ann Antenucci

How perfect are we? Do we like our bodies? Do we like the way we think? Are we where we want to be in our lives? What would we change? What are we waiting to change so everything will be "just right"? What is our perfect future? What do we see as right, and what do we see as wrong? Are we defined by what we see?

What do we see right now? What do we see when we look in the mirror? Do we see where we are or where we are going? How do we characterize what we see? What filter do we put on it? How comfortable or uncomfortable are we with what we see?

Self-Discovery for Children

Lynne Cox

You hear your teacher say, "Class dismissed!" as the school bell begins ringing. You quickly fill your backpack and swing it over your shoulder, and you head out of class. You say goodbye to several of your friends, and then you begin walking down to the duck pond on the pathway home. It's not long before you see the wide, flat, tan-colored cattail leaves surrounding the marshy pond. The sunshine is warm on your back, and you feel so peaceful and quiet. Now you can hear the birds calling out to one another. Following the sound, you see several small blackbirds with bright red on their wings sitting on the tops and sides of the cattails.

You begin thinking of Angel and almost immediately, you hear Angel say, "Good afternoon, dear one."

Ask For Benevolent Outcomes And Change Your Life

Tom T. Moore

Hi everyone, and welcome to this month's stories about reuqesting most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) in your life. Have you tried this out yet? If not, perhaps the stories below will encourage you to experiment with the simple yet powerful spiritual tool that my guardian angel says will still be in use hundreds of years from now. In the film business, we say a film that stays in theatres for a lengthy period has "long legs." Requesting MBOs has "long legs."

Radiant Effect

Annette writes: "I want to thank you for the wonderful advice you have given on requesting MBOs. I have learned that the more I request benevolent outcomes and living prayers, the more in touch with my guardian angel I have become and the faster the answers, blessings and lessons come to me and flow to others (yes, I feel it). I look forward to reading your new book."

The Dream Zone

Katia Romanoff, PhD, and Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg
Katia Romanoff, PhD

Dear Dream Zone,

I dreamt I was in my apartment with my boyfriend and his two kids. I started choking and ended up pulling this extremely long noodle out of my throat and nose. It wouldn't stop, and I was gagging on it. I went into the bathroom to get a better look and to get it all the way out. When I came back out to the kitchen, everything was gone and everything was bright white.

--Mandy, 24, Merrill, WI