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September 2009 Vol.19, No. 9

September 2009 Sedona Journal of Emergence
September 2009 Vol.19, No. 9
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Love's Pleasure and Pain



PMB #136
974 Breckinridge Lane
Louisville, KY 40207

It has been said, and we need to understand, that a love affair brings one both pain and pleasure. We should expect both and harvest the deeper insights and growth they bring.

Love in Oneness

What growth can there possibly be when, in all life, the perfection of the Infinite is seen?

Is growth not needed when some among us know only limitation? If in the imperfection we cannot see the perfection, then our vision remains limited. If relationship is for a man's growth and not his delight, then it would be denigrated as a beacon only to those of no light.

Becoming Quantum

Kryon through Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll

1155 Camino del Mar, #422
Del Mar, CA 92014

13 June 2009, Sedona, Arizona

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Twenty years ago I said those words to my partner. Do you know what he said to me? "You're going to have to change your name. It's not fluffy enough. It's not angelic enough—and who ever heard of a magnetic angel?" That's what he said twenty years ago.

Today, as you sit in this place, do you finally understand how the magnetics of the planet affect your lives? Does it not make sense that on the other side of the veil we know it as well? Does it not make sense that these things are synchronized, that the physical things, the fractal things and the consciousness things are all related to why you're here? Perhaps you're here to facilitate the spiritual component of the choice points?

Now, you've started to hear it scientifically [speaking of the research that Gregg Braden presented earlier in the day]. For some, it's what you've been waiting for because magnetic master didn't make any sense. Perhaps channeling didn't make any sense, either. The man sitting in the chair, you say, was "pretending to have messages from beyond the veil."

New Power Symbols!

Isis II through Rae Chandran

Rae Chandran
Rae Chandran
Tokyo, Japan
81+ 42-373-3717

This is the second transmission of power symbols from Isis II for the Sedona Journal of Emergence! For information on the other power symbols, please refer to the article "Awaken with Power Symbols" in the May 2009 issue. The five symbols described here, as well as the symbols discussed in the original article, are pictured in color on the cover of that issue.

Hello all, this is Isis II. I know that some of you have been waiting for a long time to get the meaning of the rest of the symbols that were published recently in the Sedona Journal of Emergence! There was a purpose in not releasing this information sooner, as the correct alignment of the energy was necessary to release this, and this new energy would help many more souls to be receptive to the meaning behind the symbols. Please note that the symbols are interdimensional and have layers of meaning. If you consciously work with the symbols, you will be able to tap into their core depths, which in turn will work on your core energy in helping you release the blocks, belief systems, old thought patterns, old embedded emotions, and so on, that have been holding you back. Having said that, let us proceed to the symbols.

Assimilating to the Energy and Information Of the New Age

Amma through Cathy Chapman

Dear ones, I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. Know this in your heart, not just in your head: There is no need for fear. Yes, institutions are crumbling around you. Your economic situation is crumbling. Your automotive industry is crumbling. Your insurance industry is crumbling. Your healthcare industry is crumbling. Even your churches are crumbling. These amazing institutions you created are crumbling.

When institutions begin to die, they fight their death. They become more strident in their words. Every effort is made to put you in a state of fear of what will happen if they are no longer here. They make stronger proclamations about what you should and shouldn't do. They make rules and regulations to shore themselves up. You see various companies attempting to do everything possible to eliminate herbs, homeopaths and other forms of alternative health care.

Tools for Transformation: "What If?"

Sarrinn with the Ancients and the Brotherhood of Light through Daniele DeVoe

Greetings, dear lightworkers! We hope you all know how deeply loved and respected you are. Lightworkers throughout the omniverse know of your courageous and persistent efforts to heal your world and teach enlightenment by your example. I am Sarrinn, and today I bring you some thoughts from a group of very compassionate masters who asked to be called the "Sisters of Light." As they introduced themselves to the channel, they spoke of how they listen to the thoughts of humanity in this volatile and chaotic moment, and as they do, their compassion is kindled and their hearts seek opportunities to help. Today they observed the channel preparing to flow her next offering for Sedona Journal and they asked for our assistance in sharing their message. What joy to align with their pure and unconditional love, and what an honor to verbalize their message to you all.

We of the Sisters of Light ask you to look forward with your hearts and your minds and begin to live in the new energies that are open to you now. We assure you that there are no dire warnings of new obstacles accompanying our message. There is only our desire to encourage the application of the training you have already worked so consistently and so courageously to attain. Accordingly, we suggest that you ask yourselves the following questions and—should your responses and your hearts guide you to do so—activate your answers in your life: "What if I decided to love what I am doing right now?" How many times each day do you have thoughts that weaken you, such as: "I don't want to do this" or "I hate this job" or "I'm too tired, too busy, too stressed . . ." Do you remember the way you felt when you first fell in love? In that glorious flow of potential, you found that you could be exhausted, stressed, angry and bored—and within the blink of an eye, all that would vanish in response to the sound of the voice of the one you loved. Imagine the potency of learning to love yourself and your life so well that such love would begin to permeate everything.

All Is As It Should Be

The Brotherhood of Light through Edna Frankel

Edna Frankel
Edna FrankelPO Box 62
Blue Bell, PA 19422

Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. Welcome, once again, to our energies of divine light and love. Above all, remember that you are loved and cherished by Spirit. Though times may seem difficult, know that you will be all right, that you will always have what you need and that your needs will always be met. Yes, your abiding faith that Spirit will guide you and provide for you will make exactly that happen, time and again. Know that we will always protect and direct you. So relax and enjoy the ride! Don't fall into fear because fear is an emotional state that drags down your energetic vibration and tanks your physical chemistry!

We have explained in prior Circle of Grace texts that your dense etheric being is really composed of four entwined (PEMS) layers, not just the physical person you see in the mirror. Your physical core is surrounded by your emotional body, then your mental body and finally your spiritual body, like a set of wooden nesting Russian dolls [chuckles]. All four levels must be cleared and balanced for your life to flow in harmony. Some of you may be thinking, "Ha! Pretty words, but I've heard them before. Right now, I'm so tired that I can barely get through each day. The earth is a mess, humanity is making a worse mess and there's too much war, hatred, poverty, illness and greed. How can all of this chaos be healed in just three short years?"

Opening the Seven Seals of God Consciousness

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Ronna Herman
Ronna Herman
6005 Clear Creek Dr.
Reno, NV 89502
Phone/Fax 775-856-3654

Dearest friends: Archangel Michael gave me this wonderful meditation /exercise several years ago to present at my seminars. He told me that it was important that people accomplish a certain amount of clearing and processing of old impacted energies before they endeavor to raise the kundalini fire of Spirit. Michael states, "It is time for all of you who are willing to move to the next level of awareness. The process of beginning to open the seven seals of God consciousness will greatly assist you on your journey of en-lightenment. This process may be done only once or several times if you wish, depending on what you feel you have to release. Tune into your body elemental and learn to focus on the areas that are sending you distress signals. You will soon learn the areas of your body that need more attention." Dear hearts, we are in the midst of very dramatic, life-changing times, which are often exciting and glorious and at other times very challenging and disconcerting. Regardless of what the future brings, together, we will prevail. I send you my eternal love and angel blessings.

Beloved masters, it is time for you to take advantage of your physical and spiritual senses in the fullest measure. You must redefine and learn to properly use the physical senses in order to access and develop the higher senses that became dormant so long ago: clairvoyance/clear seeing, clairaudience/clear hearing or telepathic abilities and clairsentience—an empathic, intuitive ability with an expanded, inner sense of awareness. All of these heightened abilities are a part of your divine birthright just waiting for you to reclaim them.

A Spiritual Pandemic

The Star Elders through Aluna Joy

Pandemic! What a great and powerful word to awaken humanity to the fact that the collective is now thinking globally and acting locally. It is remarkable that something as simple as the fear of a little germ can link the people of Earth together. Humanity has taken another step toward being a global community. There is no doubt now that you have anchored the reality within your consciousness that you are all connected, interdependent and can recognize the importance of being self-responsible. This is not a time to fear. It is a time to celebrate.

Your collective experiences and explorations living in the third dimension have come full circle. This is a time where you will begin to rethink and renegotiate everything. You will discover that much of what you knew to be true is out of date. You will soon discover that the new reality you are now entering is the reality you have been dreaming of. These current times are causing a spiritual pandemic. This means that the boundaries between physical realities, cultures, religions, dimensions, social statuses and educational levels have been compromised and are breaking down. This spiritual pandemic means the entire world is waking up.

Be In the World, Not Of the World

Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Kathlyn Kingdon
Kathlyn Kingdon

PO Box 383
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602

Beloved students, once again I welcome you to this mini-teaching, which I hope will offer you some food for thought for the coming month. At the present time, many changes are taking place for many people on the planet. Due to massive shifts in the economic sector, many people have lost their jobs the world over. As businesses struggle to keep their doors open, cutbacks have left many who are still employed with fewer work hours, salary reductions and decreasing benefit packages.

Searching for a Purpose

In times of rapid change there is a type of energetic inertia that, when really rolling, fosters the atmosphere of fear, causing many to fall into patterns of limited thinking and increasing poverty consciousness. Of course, when folks are dealing with these pressures inwardly, there often arises a type of self-doubt that in turn draws experiences of increasing difficulty. Ideally, one can learn from the experiences of one's outer reality in a way that will support and engender success in the inner reality. However, all too often, dealing with prolonged periods of stress may set the stage for a loss of focus and/or sense of direction. Thus, it may be beneficial from time to time to review the scope of one's purpose, and perhaps draw inspiration from recognizing that no matter how much the outward circumstances of one's life may change, one's purpose for living and being still exist at the core of her or his being.

Your Magnificence Unfolds

Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

It is with great joy I come to you to speak of new beginnings available to you all through the energetic flow on your planet this month. I called this year a master year when it began in your time—a year in which many of you would begin to wonder, to question, to seek more happiness in your daily lives and to question that which is unseen by you, that which exists in the higher dimensions. So this master year continues, awakening you to your soul energy through your feeling nature. You have felt a change in your being. You are sensing new energy—awakening as light continues to pour onto your planet. The portals of light within your body awaken and ignite, compelling your conscious mind to understand more, to seek your soul purpose. This is an important step for each of you, for what you do not understand, you either manifest great fear for or destroy it. I say to you, it is you alone who creates fear within you. It is your old paradigm.

A Time for New Light Energies

Fear has become like a switch on your emotional body, and many have remained tuned to this emotion. You fear loss: of material wealth, of social standing, of relationships—many areas of your life are consumed by fear. My friend, it is time to transform this energy to the light. It is indeed time. It is time to remember. The gateway opening in October will further enhance this remembrance. Your soul will push forward, opening further your pineal gland, the diamond heart and new levels of your DNA strands. The flow will begin, the flow of new energies, of light particles. Darkness and fearbased thoughts will fall away. You will see how futile they are. The light will also provide you with a new higher vision to seethrough the many illusions you have woven into your life.

A Soldier's Story Part 3

Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Pepper Lewis
Pepper Lewis

2305-C Ashland Street #320
Ashland, Oregon 97520

Once again I am grateful to be able to share the questions, thoughts and ideas that a young American soldier shared with Gaia during his recent channeling session. This was his third session, and readers of prior articles may recognize the progress he continues to make as he strives to develop and arrange his life within the structure of the military life he has chosen. As with previous articles, questions of a deeply personal nature have been omitted, though you would hardly notice it. He continues to prefer anonymity and I am happy to offer it in exchange for the insights we are privileged to share.

Guidance from "Up There"

I am back home now, and as far as I can tell, I will not have to deploy again. I have less than a year of service left, and it is likely that I can complete my commitment near where I live. Although we are well trained, there were times when I was not sure that I would make it back, and a few moments when I did not care. My question is: Did my guides and angels help me through those moments, or was I on my own? Does anyone "up there" care about what we think or feel about our life?

You are always on your own, but you are never on your own and alone. Your life, thoughts and decisions are unique and distinct from all others. There is no one quite like you, which makes you both special and important. You are also a part of something much larger, and that something is part of something larger still. At every interval and stage of interconnectedness, there is a greater awareness and a lesser awareness—one that relates to the individual and another that relates to the whole. Your purpose in life is to serve both and to become whole in the process. Although it would seem that you cannot serve both masters at once, your task is to see that they are not separate but, in fact, are one. Those who assist and guide you endeavor to expand your awareness at all times: in peaceful and sublime moments and in dire circumstances alike. You do not receive more attention from Spirit when your thoughts are low or your feelings turn negative. Spirit sees these experiences as a valid and important part of the process and would not deny or suppress your potential in this regard.

Creating Harmonic Coalescence

Onereon through Jeff Michaels

Jeff Michaels
Jeff Michaels
PO Box 453
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

As above, so below. We have all been very active in working toward harmonic coalescence for some time, and the work is not over. We sense the spiritual weariness in many humans. This weariness is a global situation, and it is not necessarily limited to the planet. The efforts that began in the higher vibrations of the realm of spirit have moved through the lower vibrations of emotions into the realm of thought and have finally reached the realm of the physical—this is the cause of your weariness. What place does Spirit still have in your life? Are you ready to walk away from your belief just because times have gotten more interesting and challenging physically?

Don't Give in to Doubt

From the human perspective, it is easy to begin to doubt in these times. Perhaps it may appear that all the spiritual techniques and practices that you have learned are failing. This is far from true. It may seem that you have lost something spiritually, but be cautious now. There are many seeking to profit from you in this time of low energy.

Istanbul: Sacred Haven Of the Eleventh Crystal

Juliano, the Arcturians and Chief White Eagle through David K. Miller

David K. Miller
David K. Miller
PO Box 4074
Prescott, AZ 86302

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We are gathered here in Istanbul to provide the ceremony for the downloading of the eleventh crystal. This crystal has special meaning. Numerically, it is number 11, which is considered a lucky number in numerology. Just like 7 is a special number, so is 11 also considered a powerful number. I would have to say that this crystal provides an energy that makes the other ten crystals work most effectively.

Crystals can be described in terms of electromagnetic energy and grids. Electromagnetic energy grids work best when all the crystals on the grid are connected to each other. When all of the crystal energy is connected, then the power from all of the crystals becomes more effective. We are choosing a place for the eleventh crystal that has great clarity. We are choosing a place that has a great ability to make connections with other energetic points. The ability to make connections is a high power. If you remember, we began our lectures many years ago discussing the Arcturians through the concept called "connecting with the Arcturians." Your power and energy is multiplied and increased when you are able to connect to the fifth dimension and when you are able to connect to fifth-dimensional beings. This crystal is going to help the world connect to fifthdimensional wisdom and fifth-dimensional knowledge.

The Year 2012 and Beyond

The H-A Energy through Tony Neate

In every country, there are many energy centers that form part of a chakra system: A network of power that will, when everything is in place, lift the physical planet up onto a higher level of experience. These centers vibrate at different frequencies. At their highest they resonate with the refined chakra energy that can support all those centers functioning on lesser frequencies—the "acupuncture points," if you like, of each of the countries.

In England, the ancient hills of Malvern contain the highest potency of crown chakra energy; and in the bustling metropolis of London, you will find the throat chakra needing to relate truth and high ethics to the world. However, there are many levels of truth and all have to be accommodated. Then there is Glastonbury, where the legendary King Arthur lived, which is very psychic, very open and very undisciplined. It is this rather wayward, ego-based activity there that is attracting many people to it who are taking the energies of that place for themselves, rather than working to nurture and balance those energies for the overall good.

Just One Hour of Reflection

Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Miriandra Rota
Miriandra Rota

PO Box 81
Troutdale, VA 24378-0081

It is our great pleasure to be speaking with you once again in this manner! We would speak with you upon the concept of who you are and who you believe yourself to be. Yes, we recognize that this topic has been tried and tested, so to speak, by many. Yet we would like to speak with you about a deeper realization, one of inner knowing. The inner knowing of yourself that has been waiting for your attention. And while we do speak, we will be assisting those encodings to be activated, and while you are reading these spoken words, your own realizations will also be inviting those encodings that reside within the fabric of your being to deliver to you the fullness of who you are and are becoming. These words having been spoken, we will begin!

Developing and Knowing Yourself

Within the cause and effect of your journey within this lifetime upon your planet of Earth, you have entered into several different phases of living and of developing and then knowing yourself. Notice that we did say "developing and then knowing" yourself. What do we mean by these words? If you reflect upon your own journey, you will perhaps realize that you have continued to develop who you would like to be: You developed yourself by joining or not joining groups of like thoughts, by entering schooling, by not entering schooling, by choosing your friends, by developing opinions, judgments and manners of making conclusions. You developed yourself through reading different manuscripts or books, by watching moving pictures, by listening to teachers, by watching what you call television and its programs, including what you call the news.

Evolving Humanity: No More Secrets

The group through Steve Rother

Steve Rother
Steve Rother

PO Box 34838
Las Vegas, NV 89133

In this message the group covers two important but seemingly unrelated topics. It's always my job at the end to put a label on the message that can describe it to all of you. That is difficult in this case, as the topics they covered were varied, but in the end you can see how they are deeply connected. One of the items they talked about was the economy. They said that all of the air was not yet out of the bag, and until it was a solid foundation, it could not be made to build lasting growth. They made a point to say that our economic systems were based solely on perception. They actually say these systems are based on perception of perception. The group needed to make this point in order for the next part of this message to be understood. They said we are at a crossroads right now and in the immediate future.

Since 1998, when they first channeled about the Crystal children, they said when the Crystal children begin to enter, there will be no more secrets. That we are seeing today. That is what is happening in Iran and many other places on Earth at this moment. The group said a critical mass is about to be reached in the U.S. when many of these secrets from many different sources will be revealed. When that happens, how we deal with it and how we perceive it will determine the future of our economies over the next ten years. The next ten years will determine the direction of our economies over the next one hundred years. If there is transparency and honesty as these truths are revealed it can be a positive perception. Even though the initial reaction will most likely be anger and mistrust, the global perception can be positive overall, as a clearing of something that, once revealed, can never happen again. If there are attempts to hide or manipulate this coming wave of raw truth, mistrust will reign and the rest of the air will come out of the bag in our economies. It is our choice, and we can all have an active role in what is coming. For examples of how to make a difference and make your voice heard, we need only look to the brave souls in Iran.

More on the Journey to the Shift

Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

The shift is upon you, and I have so much that needs to be covered. So today I will try something new and talk about several different topics: love and your DNA, the great Masters who walked your Earth plane, aspects, your galactic origins, star gates and anything else you are interested in. Here are some things you should know.

Love and Your DNA

Love is the primary focus of any shift. The love of which I speak is not outside of you. It has always been a part of you. You must tap into your inner light to get in touch with your love. Your DNA holds and is encoded with love. The power of that love is undying and reaches out farther than any other energy. You are just now focusing on the love power of your DNA. Yet that love has always been there for you, waiting to be discovered.

If you separate your DNA from your body, no matter where you put it—in a vial, in a room, in another city, country or world—it will respond in the same manner and moment as you do. So, if you feel anger, it will feel anger in the same moment. Yet that anger is not truly part of your DNA. It is what you put into your DNA. Love is the true beingness and the most powerful energy of your DNA and you can feel that love anywhere, anytime. In other words, you cannot separate your love from yourself.

The 9-9-9 Activation: Arkansas' Emerald Crystal of Healing

Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings. I am Metatron, lord of light, and I welcome you once again to this Now moment. This is indeed a sacred moment in which I encircle each of you reading these words in unconditional love. Masters, take a moment to feel and to allow this energy to touch you, for I am indeed with each of you individually and in real time.

The New Crystalline Age

Dear ones, let us begin. We tell you that crystalline energy is an omnipotent power source that has implications far beyond humanity's current understanding. Crystalline structure is formed by an essence of frequencial light resonance that is multidimensional and coherent, existing in matter and antimatter. It is the Metatronic divine template that sources all creation manifestation, and forms the very matrixial composition of every plane of existence. It is the enzyme of reality and the vitality spring of the cosmos itself.


Seen by the Light

Carol Sydney

Carol Sydney
Carol Sydney
1276 Hwy 89A #1219
Sedona, AZ 83663
(928) 284-5373

One day I was working in my back yard watering plants. As I looked up at a wall of shrubs, I saw the most beautiful light I have ever seen. The following is a recounting of that experience. Together with my higher self and my guides, I have been able to integrate and understand what I experienced that day, an ordinary day in my garden—a day that changed my life.

My favorite place on Earth is my backyard garden. Within the pathways between trees, plants, a rock garden and arroyo, there is heaven. It brings me peace. I knew the time I had been spending there in the past several months was productive for my spiritual growth. It didn't do my garden any harm either. I would spend hours simply absorbing the love Mother Earth offered me and relaxing in a way I could not otherwise do when busy with errands or inside working. I always looked forward to being out of doors and the peace that followed. I was in my element and I adored it.


Is it Time to Clean Your Windows?

Marlene Buffa

Marlene Buffa
Marlene Buffa

15 July 2009

Okay, I admit it. I hate cleaning windows. Like most of us, the task often gets delayed until the last possible moment. After craning my neck to look around the spots on the glass to see outside, I finally relent and get the window cleaner and the newspaper. My most recent attempt at cleaning windows taught me a valuable lesson: No matter how hard I scrubbed on the inside, I couldn't get the specks off the outside of the glass. Sometimes in life, we work and blame ourselves and make excuses for why things aren't showing up as clearly as we think they should. All the while, the problem that won't go away exists outside of us while we attempt to clean up what is only an illusion—something "out there," appearing and pretending to be an internal problem.

Splotches on Your Windshield

On track with what we know as true, we see the specks of our faults showing up in the most inopportune places. The lessons from life intrude in the most obvious locations; the biggest obstructions to seeing our world lands right in front of our field of vision. Like on a windshield, the biggest splotch always seems to come right at eye level—rarely on a peripheral point on the glass. Scrubbing on the inside does no good. We are forced to reach outside of ourselves to clean the path for our clear vision. We must remove the rain speckles of our perceived shortcomings in order to see down the road of our true potential.

Extraterrestrial Dreams And Crystal Healing

Norma Hughes

Norma Hughes
Norma Hughes

Ihad a dream wherein I saw people on spaceships being healed with crystal wands, and an ET was explaining to me how this healing system worked. The room we were in was white so as not to interfere with any healing colors. The ET was in a white robe, but I don't remember what his face looked like. This system healed not only the physical symptoms but the spiritual, mental and emotional layers of the body that are attached to dis-ease as well. Various Earth practices give human bodies different names or divisions, but the basic understanding of our auric layers and chakra energies are the same.

In order to embrace this healing system, you first need to know the colors or frequencies of the patient. Everyone on Earth has access to a multitude of frequencies. However, most people—not all, most—have a very definite set of personal frequencies, like an ID or fingerprint that belongs specifically to them. For example, I used to dream that I was bringing pink and blue to Earth, and when my aura was photographed recently, it was pink and blue. Iassume, according to this crystal wand healing system, that pink and blue would be my frequency ID. Of course, there are many shades of pink and blue. Our current camera and computer technology only give us a limited range of auric color, but I think this will improve.

Seeking the Philosopher's Stone: Technological Acceleration toward Biological Immortality

Todd Ovokaitys, MD

Todd Ovokaitys, MD
Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Consider the question, "If you could live as long as you chose in a youthful healthy body, how long would that be?" What seems like a reasonable answer may be wildly conservative compared to your true potential. The science that is striving to allow us to achieve unlimited youthful life spans is accelerating at an enormous pace. A notion that was once only a dream of science fiction now has mainstream scientists describing this as reachable in the not too distant future. Combining esoteric methods with evolving mainstream technologies may offer the most potent pathway to living vastly longer lives—and enjoying doing so.

Longer Lifespans: Science Fiction as well as Science Fact

According to author and Cambridge University research scientist Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D., "Life expectancy will be in the region of 5,000 years . . . by the year 2100." Dr. de Gray puts forward the view that true indefinite youthful life spans are possible. He holds that the most significant medical research program that could be supported is that which frees humanity from the suffering of the aging process.


Change and Resistance

Kathy Crabb

This month's astrological energy brings to mind Clarissa Pinkola Estés' deep pondering of the wild feminine in her seminal book Women Who Run with the Wolves. In untangling what she calls the life/death/life nature—the repeating pattern of seasonal unfolding that is inherent to all life, including humanity—she says we must ask ourselves the questions: What should die today? What should live? What life am I afraid to give birth to? If not now, when? She means live, die and give birth metaphorically, of course, which is the way the stars and planets work as well. This month, the dominant cosmic theme of sea change—that is, of life/death/life—continues with the outer planets stirring up fantasy, obsession, impulse, resistance and, most of all, the impetus to evolve in often uncomfortable ways.

There are two driving forces behind the tectonic shifts we are now experiencing as a community and individually. The first is Pluto's move into Capricorn, which has been ongoing since 2008 and signals the death and rebirth of security structures and belief systems on which we've long relied. Since April 4, Pluto's retrograde motion has had us all looking internally for the right ways to change our paths. If we're not doing that reflection, the world has been forcing it on us with more overt upheavals. After the planet stations direct on September 11, those inward shifts will begin to manifest in a more outwardly focused, visible and tangible manner. What scaffolding must now come down? If we set up stubborn roadblocks to change, the universe will find a way to compel that change itself, often through means much uglier than we would choose.

Planting Our Feet on The Shifting Ground

Michelle Karén

This is a very special month. Since May, when everything came to a complete standstill, through the Summer Solstice in June and through the three portal/eclipses in July and August, we went through gigantic shifts. These shifts were so huge that we may not even recognize our lives anymore. People, locations, jobs and financial situations may all have radically changed.

The separation between those who are truly doing their inner homework and thriving to develop their light and those who are not has become very obvious in the past few months. As those of us who choose consciousness and true spiritual growth expand, becoming lighter and lighter, our lives also become more and more synchronistic with the miracles occurring left and right. Still, difficult times are ahead but with the assurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, beware that the time is right around September 15 for a major financial crash. Being forewarned should also mean being forearmed. If enough of us are conscious, we may be able to lessen consequences for ourselves.

Keepers of the Seed

mar de luz

mar de luz
mar de luz
PO Box 597
Phoenix, OR 97535

"Know your garden and nature around you."
—The 10-Point Hopi Checklist

In the mid 1960s Cho'Qosh Auh'Ho'Oh, a Chumash elder woman from southern California, spent a year in the village of Oraibi [Hopi—Orayvi] on Third Mesa of the Hopi reservation in Arizona. "Old Orayvi," as the town is traditionally called, is the oldest continuously inhabited community in the Western Hemisphere and has ties to the ancient Mayan and Toltec civilizations. While there, Cho'Qosh absorbed the culture and oral traditions of the Hopi people.

Cho'Qosh had been summoned by a group of Hopi elders to Hotevilla, one of the villages of the Third Mesa. They told her they had a message for her to share, which she wrote down and recorded as what is now referred to as "The 10-Point Hopi Checklist." Point 6 of the list, "Know your garden and nature around you," refers to our planet as a garden. We are meant to learn about the garden, or ecosystem, that we live near, and the ecosystems of the planet in general, in order to live in balance with Earth's rhythms and wisdom. The Earth is a living, sentient organism who has needs, desires and even dreams of her own. If we live in accordance with the Earth Mother's dreams, harmony and balance will return to us like rain returning to the land. In turn, if our Earth generates this balance to the ethers it will fuel the universe with light that will cycle throughout all time and creation. It all begins with us¯the humans who have choice and the ability to plant a seed of good intent into fertile soil.

Staying Connected For Direction

Rhonda Smith

September (29/[11]) brings reminders of what this year of inspired building is all about. Your service is to be the spiritual light messenger and teacher that stays connected to your intuition and uses it to guide you through your physical world. All the messages coming to you now are to help you bring balance to yourself and to your life so that you can be in true reality, in the Now. Your goal for the month is to be open to the messages and complete what you started last October while planning for new adventures.

September 1 to September 5, 2009 (16/7)

The week begins with the karmic (destiny) vibration of awakening. You will not be able to avoid, evade or ignore the unforeseen and sudden events that present themselves, so you may as well learn how to deal with it. This is a 9 month, vibrating to endings and beginnings as a master level of 11. With this karmic vibration, you are called to overthrow the existing conditions in your life by listening to the intuitive forces within you. That is what awakens you to your true source of security, so you can build for the new in your life. The first day of the month is one of restless energies that you must balance by relying on your intuition to guide you through. The intensity doesn't stop as the master 22 of the building force on the material plane adds to the 11 of the month, pushing you to think in broad terms for all of humankind, including yourself. You can succeed on a large scale right now, as long as you avoid going to extremes. Events that may feel restrictive at first are presented to you for examination so you can build a firm foundation for the future.


Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real

Mary Ann Antenucci

Rhonda Smith
Mary Ann Antenucci

What do you do when you feel afraid? Do you ignore it? Do you hide? Do you pretend that it doesn't exist? Do you even know what you are afraid of? Many of us have fears and phobias and irrational responses to some inner dialog. Sometimes we are afraid because we think we are supposed to be afraid. Sometimes fear is our early warning system that alerts us to seen and unseen dangers. Sometimes fear gets in the way of personal growth—we are afraid to get out of our safety zone.

Fear can be a real motivator. It can make you run a hundred miles an hour or lift up a truck. It can also freeze you and stop you in your tracks. The trick is, how do we manage fear? There are many things that can make us fearful, and there are many things that will make us step up in spite of our initial fear. How do we differentiate which fear is which?

Horse Adventure

Lynne Cox

The Sun shines through the window, waking you up early one morning. You begin thinking of the past week when Angel comes to mind.

"Angel, are you there?" you call out. Within only a moment, tingles begin flowing through your body.

"Of course I'm here, dear one. What's happening?"

"Well, I just wanted to feel your presence."

"Is there anything I can help you with?"

"I seem to have a lot on my mind. Can you tell me more about power? I've heard you talk about inner power and outer power. I am still puzzled about this."

Prosperity Assistance Part I

Annie Konovitch

Hello planetary revolutionaries! The message this month is that you were born to be prosperous. If you are still resonating with povertyconsciousness of any kind for any reason, it is time to let that experience go. The ancient wisdom imparted by feng shui can assist in this process. Whether your prosperity is being negatively affected by your surroundings, or your negative subconscious programs surrounding money have caused you to reflect that into your external—or both—we will go over some adjustments that may help.

Your Stove Is Your Health and Wealth Generator

In feng shui beliefs, health and wealth are inextricably linked. Using feng shui methods to protect your health can also support and grow your wealth. In the ancient art, the stove is of major importance. It affects your health and is your wealth generator, thus every aspect of it is to be considered.

Ask Ms. Lily & the angels

Lily Jones

Lily Jones
Lily Jones
PO Box 476
Boling, TX 77420

Dear Ms. Lily,
My eighty-five-year-old mother survived brain surgery last year only to be hit in a head-on car crash recently. No one knows how she has survived all this. She has so many broken bones, and doctors had to amputate a foot. They say she will never walk again. She seems to see Dad and talk to him, even though he passed thirty years ago. Mom has to be heavily sedated due to severe pain. How much longer must she suffer like this?
—Dolores, Los Angeles

Dear Ms. Lily,
Our elderly widowed mother clings to life in a nursing home and we do not understand why. Also, she seems to see and talk to Dad in the room although he passed many years ago. We worry she is suffering and wonder how long this will go on.
—Anne and Mary, Texas

Probably the question I get asked most frequently as a psychic advisor and medium is "when": "When will I find my soul mate, when do I get a better job, and how long will I or someone else live," and so on. Predicting exactly when someone chooses to go home to heaven is an extremely personal decision that each of us actually makes for ourselves. In fact, we choose an average of five exit points in our life chart before we are even born. Yet we do have free will to make changes as we go along this current life path.

The Animal Whisperer Communicating with Our Animal Friends

Kim & Joey Malonie

Kim Malonie
Kim Malonie
R.R.2, Box 101
Bewdley, Ontario, Canada K0L 1E0

Hi, my name is Joey. Mom is letting me write my own column this month. Of course I'll have the help of all our animals, but here is the one that will be helping me most this time. My new bird is a conure named Vinny, and he is two years old. A man gave him to me because he was moving out west and couldn't take him. At first Vinny was heartbroken because he no longer lived with his friend, but we explained to him his caregiver would be on the road traveling too much and that he needed a steady home environment.

It was very hard for my new bird to be placed in another home with different people and pets. There were no other cats or dogs or birds where he was before. When he came to live with us—well, we have two of each, so he was afraid and very stressed out at first. Mom gave him some Bach Flower Essences: Honeysuckle for homesickness and adjustment to present circumstances—it helps animals to cope with their present circumstances in the new home; Walnut for difficulty in adapting to new circumstances and for coping with change; and Mustard for depression. She also gave him a couple of Bailey Flower Essences: a combination remedy called Fears and another called Tranquility to calm him down and help him settle in with us. I give him one drop in his water bowl three times a day.

Self-Help For Those Who Believe in Angels

Tom T. Moore

Have you experimented with requesting most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) in your life yet? This is the most powerful tool I've ever found to make your life less stressful, less fearful and more enjoyable! You still will have those challenges in life your soul wishes to experience; they'll just be more benevolent—not so harsh. Here are some more stories from people who are requesting MBOs in their daily lives.

MBO Proof

Helena in the UK writes: "When I first started doing my MBOs, I was trying too hard, and I got fed up with wanting results. One day I was walking through our local park, muttering away to myself, and I said 'I request an MBO for a robin to show me its big fat breast as proof to me that my MBOs are working for me.' I thought to myself, 'Ha ha, this will not work for me,' as I was trying too hard and being quite negative. Well, nothing happened!

The Dream Zone

Katia Romanoff & Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

Lauri Quinn Lowenberg Katia Romanoff, PhD
Lauri Quinn Lowenberg, Katia Romanoff, PhD

Dear Dream Zone,
I found out that I was pregnant with my second child about seven months ago. I keep having dreams that my son, who is one year old, dies—mainly drowning in the toilet! I'm having a little girl in August, and I am worried about how I'm going to be able to share my time with both kids. My son is a BIG mommy's boy. I still feel like I should give my son more one-on-one time while he's still the only child.

—Tara, 22, Rochester, NY

Lauri: Let me assure you that your dream is common for mothers who have a second little one coming along. You're not crazy, nor will any harm come to your son. Death in a dream means change is happening in waking life, which is certainly the case with you! Your son's death in the dream simply means that you are very aware of the big change he is going to go through when the new baby arrives. His identity of being an only child will die and a new identity of being a brother will be born. Why the toilet as a means of his demise? Well, you must feel this is a "crappy" situation for him. His drowning reflects your fear that he will be drowned out by all the attention the infant will need. The truth is, this will probably be more difficult for you than it will be for him. Having a little sister will only enhance his childhood.

Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters through Rochelle Sparrow

Rochelle Sparrow
Rochelle Sparrow
PO Box 7573, Phoenix, AZ 85011
Dear Rochelle,
During the spring equinox, I brought in new energy during a spiritual ceremony to aid me in fifth-dimensional work. Shortly thereafter, a phenomenon happened in my home. I was upstairs getting ready for the day, and called my five-year-old son to come up and get dressed. I heard his footsteps bound toward the stairs, abruptly stop, then continue up. He came to my room completely confused, asking, "Mom, were you just downstairs?" I replied no, I had been upstairs for quite a while. He told me he had just seen me downstairs, standing there, staring at him. Then I simply vanished. He mentioned that the only thing that was different were the clothes I was wearing.

I later got dressed for the day, came downstairs and questioned him again on what he had seen. He started to respond but stopped, looking at my outfit: "Those were the clothes you were wearing, Mommy!" I knew he would say that. I took my son back to the exact place he saw me, and was pondering what happened. I then realized I was acting out exactly what he saw hours ago. Was it a time fold, a "wrinkle in time"? Did I manage to be in two places at once? Or is it that my son can see into the future? The more I contemplate the scenarios, the more questions I have! Perhaps you can shed some light on this.
—Many thanks, Lisa