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February 2009 Vol.19, No. 2

February 2009 Sedona Journal of Emergence
February 2009 Vol.19, No. 2
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The Richness of the Inner Life



PMB #136
974 Breckinridge Lane
Louisville, KY 40207

When any area of our life lies fallow like an abandoned field, the result is addiction. Addiction is born from the desire to compensate for the lack of presence within by replacing it with something from without. Because nature abhors a vacuum, the desire soon becomes a compulsive need. If we consider that sages throughout history have told us we are the microcosm of the macrocosm, then all that appears to lie without is also within. This deep understanding is the foundation of mastery. The master responds to his environment as he would to a mirror. The images in the mirror are never viewed as a first cause but rather as an effect. It is impossible for the master to feel victimized when he knows that the only reality he can access is the richness of the inner life. To change his environment, he changes himself.

Everything Can Be Improved

The compulsion to find amusement, entertainment and escape from the drudgery of most daily lives has its appetite fed by an electronic industry that replaces one ingenious product with anther. The anticipation of self-discovery is replaced with the accumulative greed associated with owning the latest gadgets. Few know how to live any other way; being action-oriented or receiving input from the external is all they know. The following suggestions are helpful in getting us turned in the right direction.

Using Your New Chakra

OMA through Frankie Z Avery

6 November 2008

Mid-winter is the time when everybody's mood becomes a bit low. The holiday season is over, the last of winter continues and spring has not yet begun. Lo and behold, all the bills come in, and reality sets in even stronger. This winter may be sad for many, many people because the economy is continuing to decline, regardless of the ballet being performed for you among the world's leaders. We say ballet, like orchestration, because as much as the leaders want to do something for you, they all essentially want to do something for themselves too.

We spoke years ago of the purposeful destruction of the middle class in order to support the upper class. Then we pointed out that without the middle class, nothing and no one holds up the upper class. World economies are in shakeup now because real capitalism has not been practiced. Capitalism is supposed to involve an exchange of real goods and services. But stupidly, over the last ten years, much hot air has been sold and leveraged. However, there is no us versus them. The entire purpose of the last presidency was to wake up the world to realize that each individual has their own purpose.

The Incredible Human Being

Kryon through Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll

1155 Camino del Mar, #422
Del Mar, CA 92014

1 November 2008, Caracas, Venezuela

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There would be those who would say I come in too quickly. They would say that the Human cannot support this kind of transition that fast. Those who have seen the process for years will say it should take longer. In this new energy, however, the invitation is open to have a 100 percent walk with God. For you, that means that when you go into meditation, you will instantly be able to call upon that power. In this new energy, you have the ability to balance yourself and understand the process so well that you literally can be in meditation before you're in meditation! Does it really make sense that you have to prepare to talk to yourselves? For you are the essence of God. Why, then, should you prepare to talk to yourself? Oh, you can be reverent and you can clear the space and take the time, even build an altar if you wish. But the actual process is instantaneous, and this is the difference between an old energy and a new one. The love of God never turns off. Instead, it is you who are becoming accustomed to this new energy.

Again, I ask this: Remember the masters? Who was your favorite? Did those around that favorite one tell you that he turned on and off? Or did he walk with God the whole time? You know the answer to that. The new energy you sit within is the teaching of mastery. Do you feel you deserve this love? For this is the big issue, is it not? I sit in front of a group of lightworkers and they deserve it! They know they deserve it. This is what often makes the difference in understanding what is happening or not. Are you part of the process or just watching a process?

A Time of Healing and Enlightenment

Master Enoch, Archangel Metatron and Lord Melchizedek through Alexis Cartwright

Alexis Cartwright
Alexis Cartwright
PO Box 536
St. Ives, NSW, 2075 Australia

Right now, between 1999 and 2012, the Earth and humanity are in a time of transition. We are experiencing a shift of the ages, as foreseen by the ancients, and are in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. We are experiencing a vital transference shift into a fifth-dimensional frequency and global reality. There is, and will continue to be until 2012, an increase in solar flare activity and astrological impact as part of our ascension process. These stellar activities will increase the frequency changes of the crystalline core of the Earth and its elements. They will also lead to more Earth changes until we complete the transition to a fifthdimensional frequency.

We are currently in the transition period of the fourth dimension, which creates the illusion of being stuck in a time warp as the Earth goes through a rapid holographic shift in time and space. Throughout this transition, our planet and humanity will continue to experience radical changes within our frequency, corresponding alchemical makeup and consciousness. We are entering into a whole new way of being. This period of evolution also creates an opportunity to consciously obtain both personal and global ascension, and as it occurs, another twelve-year transition period begins, creating an opportunity for the energetic nature of the Earth and global consciousness to make a rapid shift into ascension. As a result, radical elemental frequency shifts are created that ripple out into the very fabric of existence.

The New Consciousness

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Judith Coates
Judith Coates

Beloved one, do you know you have brought forth a new consciousness? It is a consciousness that truly has been in process for some time, both for you individually and for the collective. You have again been the one who has been on the cutting edge, on the crest of the wave. The master that you are, you have come one more time to participate in an evolutionary step in the realization of oneness.

The Starseed Experiment

We have spoken in previous times of how this reality is based upon an experiment, if you will, of starseeds. Each and every one of you come from different star constellations, and you are the descendants of beings from other star constellations. You bring with you remembrance of life and cultures in other places and other realities. The evolution that you have agreed to take part in is being watched by many of the brothers and sisters who are not incarnate in human form. They may be incarnate in other forms or not incarnate at all.

Pathways to the Future

Sarrinn, Quan Yin and the Masters of Light through Daniele DeVoe

Beloved friends! Our partnership that was initiated many centuries and even millennia ago delights and inspires us. We have watched it unfold and develop and we, just like you, have waited with divine patience for this final shift of our dear Gaia into her next incarnation as a fully realized planet. Does this mean that she has been veiled from the truth of who she is, just as so much of your population has been? No, it simply means that she volunteered to allow the third- and fourth-dimensional realities to play out while your brothers and sisters continued in their own amnesia.

Love Your Choice for Reality

Now Gaia is claiming her right of truth, her right to live as her true self and her right to begin reducing the impact and the power of the lower dimensions on the health of her body and her soul. Some believe that this marks the beginning of a phase of difficult Earth changes. Indeed, if you hold that belief with clarity, emotion and intent, if you speak often of it and if you share your crisis thoughts and fears with others, you will certainly create your reality around those experiences.

Vibrations of Pure Love Overcome Negativity

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Ronna Herman
Ronna Herman
6005 Clear Creek Dr.
Reno, NV 89502
Phone/Fax 775-856-3654

Beloved masters, never forget that you are eternal and immortal. Your physical body is a temporary temple in which God dwells. The sacred heart is the temple of the soul. It is the essence of life where true love resides, and where your awareness of infinity begins. The diamond core God cell within the sacred heart contains the twelve rays of God consciousness that are etheric crystal prisms of refracted light called "rays" that beam forth the essence of creation.

Death is a metamorphosis, a changing of the cloak of flesh for a cloak of light. You have but one life and that is eternal. You have assumed many roles while on your journey throughout eternity. However, you are as you were in the beginning within your sacred heart: a divine child of the supreme creator. To become christed is to realize the divinity within, and then following—unerringly—the guidance of your God-self. In the higher realms, your vessel of light is pure, perfect and indestructible. Envision a wholeness that has never been altered and has no imperfections.

Making the Most of Your Spiritual Toolbox

Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Pepper Lewis
Pepper Lewis

2305-C Ashland Street #320
Ashland, Oregon 97520

I believe that I have weathered many an emotional storm "on a wing and a prayer," and I credit my spiritual awakening for a well-balanced disposition regarding life's ups and downs. I consider myself more positive than most and can usually be counted upon to assist others when they are down, but I must admit that given some of the more recent largescale world events, it is getting harder to do so. Can you offer some suggestions on how not to succumb to the latest round of global bad news?

There is but one world and it contains many peoples. There is but one world race and it is multicultured in appearance. There is but one world religion and at its head is a deity of consciousness. There is but one measure of prosperity and its root is layered in compassion. There is but one Earthly resource and it is called "man." There is but one truth and it is visible within all that is invisible. There is but one thought, which alone precipitates itself, and it is called "mind." There is but one thing that alone precedes itself and it is called "light." There is but one origin of man and one solution for man, which is to restore himself and suffer not the effects of the wheel of birth and rebirth.

The above words are protected, meaning that they have always existed in one form or another. In desperate moments they have been one breath away from extinction, but even the breath, which is holy in origin, contains two parts and is dual in nature. Therefore, even when hope surrenders, fate intervenes with the opposite being true as well. Although these words have been revered and kept secret by brotherhoods and initiates of certain means, they have also, at times, been offered to laypeople—those who follow the rule of law first and higher law second—to solve and to save, as the case may be. Those who have tried in error over countless eons to interpret the words by ones and by twos have called them a riddle and even a curse. But for those who dare, they are words to live by, for in them and by them the future of humanity also lives. But which future that will be, and what it will look like, still remains to be seen.

Harmonize Your Thoughts and Desires

Michel through David Reid Lowell

Michel, sometimes I feel stressed, confused, tired and I want to drink, act out or just quit and give up. What can you tell me?

You need to know yourself and the type of mud in which you've grown. Think of this: Most flowers need good muck to fertilize them so they can bloom. The lotus grows in mud; the rose grows in bone meal and fertilizer. Even good crops are dependent on cow manure or horse manure that is aged and cured so it does not burn the roots of the plants. It's odd to think of what gives life to beauty.

It is only then that the flowers bloom their brightest and the crops give forth their bounty. So in what type of muck did you grow? Knowing this allows you to know yourself and embrace your own true beauty. Even the most attractive flower doesn't realize its own beauty. The thing about beauty is that if something realizes its own attractiveness, then how attractive can it really be? Within modesty there is grace.

As Above, So Below

Juliano, the Arcturians and Chief White Eagle through David K. Miller

David K. Miller
David K. Miller
PO Box 4074
Prescott, AZ 86302

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We will explain the nature of reality in reference to the well—known mystical statement, "As above, so below." That statement is a profound one, and has many different interpretations. We feel it is important to understand the nature of reality even in the face of many of the difficulties that you might be experiencing on different levels. By different levels we mean the social, economic, political, and of course the personal, planetary, global and galactic levels. All of these levels interact. "As above, so below" on the surface implies that what is going in the higher realms reflects what is going on in the lower realms. This is one interpretation.

If you look at that interpretation, then one might conclude that the higher realms must be very confused because the lower realms, like the third dimension where you are living, appears very confused, chaotic and polarized. Therefore, the "above" must be that way, and that is why thev"below" is so polarized.

The Forces of Creation and Earth's Ascension

Masters of the Universe through Judith K. Moore and Sean Sands

Beloved ones, we, the masters of the universe, greet you with great joy. Earth has entered the new creation cycle, which is a powerful time unlike any in the history of your planet. The veil between the worlds is very thin now. You are experiencing the cycles of life and death and birth and rebirth through a deep level of consciousness that ultimately opens up the human collective consciousness for ascension and total metamorphosis.

The forces of creation are moving through your world in such a powerful way that your perceptual fields are unable to process the changes as rapidly as they occur. Awareness of this phenomenon facilitates integration and adaptation to your rapidly evolving world. You have an optimum opportunity to participate with this unfolding miracle, as your world transforms before your very eyes. This message facilitates your awareness as cosmic Earth beings, and optimizes your energetic connection to the energies of creation that is manifest through your third—dimensional existence.

The Forces of Creation and Earth's Ascension

Lord Sananda through Athene Raefiel

I am Sananda and I am known as Sanat Kumara's brother. I come forth today to speak with the group as one of the Kumaras and I stand in alignment with the galactic brotherhoods, the Arcturians being one of them.

There is a mighty shift and change of consciousness that is occurring at this point in many dimensional frequencies. It is not just happening in the frequency of your plane of existence or in any single dimension—it is happening within many dimensional frequencies. The brotherhoods of light and the galactic brotherhoods are working hand in hand to accelerate and develop planetary awareness within your realm as they have within many other realms. There are seventeen galaxies within which we all coordinate and work. There are many planetary systems that are assisted through your connection to your consciousness and your awareness just as through our connection to our consciousness and our awareness.

The Power of Hope Fulfilled

Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Miriandra Rota
Miriandra Rota

PO Box 81
Troutdale, VA 24378-0081

9 November 2008

It is our pleasure once again to be speaking with you in this manner. And also again, we imbue these words with those frequencies that will assist you in your continued expanding consciousness. Then we will begin speaking.

You Are the Hope

Within your continued expanding consciousness, there resides challenges to those beliefs and concepts that are preparing to release from your own patterned responses to the cause and effect within your daily living. Such beliefs and concepts are the residue of what you call "survival" and that survival way of living has held you. It has been your survival beliefs and concepts, after all, that have not only held you but have also enabled you to endure times of great change wherein stress resided. Even more so, these beliefs helped you endure the horrors of a mastery over the minds and hearts of those who, in all innocence, have determined to remain incarnate, hoping that one day something would stop the horrors, hoping that one day something would rescue them from the horrors and hoping that one day they would be free to live in a manner that allows the natural rhythm of nature to reside within themselves.

Falling in Love Using Deep Contact

The group through Steve Rother

Steve Rother
Steve Rother

PO Box 34838
Las Vegas, NV 89133

Greetings from home. Dear ones, you have traveled so far throughout the universe for so many different lifetimes. This has provided you with vastly different exposures and opportunities to see your reflection in other people. However, you have been confused many times by these reflections. We tell you that as you continue to evolve, each human will go through an evolutionary process to diminish the veil. Then you will start to see things you have never seen before in these areas. You will begin to experience more ideas, concepts and heart openings, and you will see your own reflection in other people in a new way. That is what we wish to address this day: your reflection in others. We are not here to show you future ways of doing things or the new possibilities for evolved humans. Instead, we are here to give you some suggestions, tools and ideas with which you can play.

You are an integral part of each other, though your spirits pretend to be separate. While playing this game, you are communicating on many levels. You speak with your words and your laughter or tears. You communicate with your eyes and your body language, through your smile or the expression on your face. And you communicate through touch much more than you know. Many times these forms of nonverbal communication actually speak much louder than the words on which you so rely. As all humans continue to evolve, you will see differences in all forms of communication.

Taking a Quantum Leap

The Council of 12 through Selacia

Santa Monica, CA

December 2008

Right now, on any given day, you likely have more questions than you have answers. That's part of being human today. Your world is being remade right before your eyes, one piece at a time. As this happens, there is much occurring that will only be understood fully in hindsight.

Some days it may seem as though nothing is really changing or even as though humanity is descending rather than ascending. In those times, it may appear as though there's no way out and that all of humankind is doomed. You don't really believe this in your heart. Your higher intelligence, that part of you that nudged you onto the path of consciousness, knows that something very unusual is occurring. It's not just another lifetime on just another planet. You are on the edge of a brand new frontier!

A Changing Economy in 2009!

Grandfather through Robert Shapiro

6 October 2008

This is Grandfather. There is another presence also here who has economic skills. The debt forgiveness time of foreign countries—the U.S., not all countries, not all debt—is coming soon, very soon. In this coming year, the U.S., having been conditioned as a government to be more accepting of global participation as an equal rather than as some authority, will find itself (of course, not every citizen) in a position where forgiveness of all types is offered. One of the most intriguing and benevolent forms of forgiveness that will come partially, not totally, for the U.S. government as the representation of U.S. citizens is a form of debt forgiveness. The U.S. and others have forgiven other countries for debts and have supported debt forgiveness globally for some time, so this is not a new idea.

But to have debts forgiven by some other countries for the U.S., at least in part, will be an experience really rarely had by the U.S. It won't be entirely new. If one goes back to the early years of the formation of the colonies and the independence and all that, one might find a few bits along those lines. But without going into history, the important factor here is that other countries will be able to be magnanimous in a public way. And the U.S. government, whoever is representing and speaking for the government in those times, will need to be just as magnanimous and humble. I think it is important for the U.S. government to remember that word when they accept such graciousness and gifting. You're not going to have to bow and scrape to receive this—it will just happen out of the clear blue sky. And it will be welcome indeed.

Children of the Shift:
Magical, Wise and Unconventional

Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Today I will speak about the magical children of the great shift, some of whom are known as Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal children. They are given these labels by the human light. I like to think of them as simply children of the shift or children of the light. Although a few of these children were born a little before 1982, most were born between 1982 and 1984 and are in their mid to late twenties now. They are graduating or have already graduated from college, and many don't know what they want to do with their lives. Their philosophy is to enjoy life in this dimension as much as possible, until they are ready to get on board for the shift.

The shift children born in the late nineties and after, however, have quite a different journey and philosophy of life. They know how to do the shift journey and are ready to do it now. They want to be heard and will talk to anyone who will listen. When we get into this lightened time of the shift, they will be more than ready. I can tell you more about these shift children, but rather than fill my opening statement with that information, I will take your questions, because much of what I have to say about these young people will be in the answers to your questions.

Transform with the Platinum Ray

Alton Kamadon through James Tyberonn

Good day, dear family, and you are my true family in the keenest sense of the word. In your linear time, it has been some five years since my spiritual transition to the higher realms across the veils that separate duality from the celestial plane. From my perspective, it was only yesterday within the timelessness of this realm, for I have never left your presence.

Activate Your Transition

I want first to clarify that, although to many it may seem my transition was early, or perhaps unexpected, the truth is that it was the planned time for me to rise into a higher work. I assure you I have been very busy here. I am closely involved with the work at hand, and that is with the alphaomega order of Melchizedek. But let me clarify that this order, and the work we have laid out in the Melchizedek method, is from the energy of Thoth and Enoch of the Metatronic field, from which both I and the channel are sourced. It is and has always been around the hologram of unconditional love and the activation of the light body, or as Metatron terms the "merkabic and merkivic quantum crystalline transition." They are the same, and in a manner of syntax, it could be said that the transition of the merkabah to the merkivah is Melchizedek levels six through nine, level six representing the twelve-pointed star and level nine the progression to the twenty-four.

Change Your Life with Just a Thought

Golden Arrow through Alexandria McColm Ward

Alexandra McColm Ward
Alexandra McColm Ward
PO Box 5505
Blue Jay, CA 92317

Well, greetings to you, greetings to you indeed. It is a pleasure for us to be here with you, to communicate with you in this way. Truly, it is a delightful experience for us, to have this kind of interaction, to have this ability to connect with humanity in this way.

It is an experience that we have been doing for many, even thousands, of lifetimes. You would know this connection, this form of communication, this way in which Source communicates with humanity, through the experience that you read about in what you have called the Bible. This interaction that we, Source, have with humanity was evident for a short period of time on this planet through the short lifetime and travels of the individual, the personality, that you call "Jesus." You call it "Jesus" in English, yet in that time, that personality had many other names attached to it as well, names that you will find in your history books.

Mirrors of the Next Earth Phase

The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Maurene Watson
Maurene Watson

Many of you are feeling that you have entered the shift zone, despite the collapses of the old Earth all around you that are being pressured into either change, soul purpose unification or soul amnesia. The Earth has begun the triggering sequences for the mass biological awakening in all her species and kingdoms, just as your bodies have begun.

The diamond plasma core of Earth is transmitting new information in interdimensional timelines that say it is time to play in an unknown script and directly source new realities in your vehicles. It is this new awareness that gives you the true value of the great gods you really are, and a chance to experience play and fulfillment with all your own unique spirit gifts. Giving onto life is a supreme act by any creator. This true value cannot be taken, manipulated or enslaved, it will never leave you and it is also the map for humanity's freedom that must be lived in your bodies to be true and reflected in all dimensions.


The Miraculous Power of Grace Light

Dattatreya Siva Baba

As a mystic and spiritual teacher, I have incarnated many times as a saint or sage of nearly every religion to be a conduit for grace light to relieve the suffering of humanity. In the Earth's long history, we have never known a time when human beings have experienced freedom. Embodiment has always been a constricting weight on the otherwise free spirit. Imprisoned in the body, the spirit loses knowledge of its own grandeur. Rather than identifying with its inherent divinity, the embodied spirit instead identifies with the physical body and the mind, both of which keep it in bondage. The body, while a source of pleasure, is also a source of physical discomfort, disease, aging and eventually death. The mind is a victim to countless thoughts and is conditioned by limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviors. Pleasures attained through the senses, although soothing, are temporary.

Embody More Light

It's hard to deny these fundamental aspects of the human experience, and even harder still to deny their impact on our collective society. Currently we are in a terrible condition. Materialism has become the defining factor of our civilization. Material sciences, material consumption and material politics dominate the world today. Love has disappeared from the human heart individually and collectively.

Betwixt and Between Times

Claire Montanaro

Claire Montanaro
Claire Montanaro
+44 1597 811 110

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual traditions known to humanity. An important part of this tradition is omen reading, which is a practice where a shamanic practitioner works in different realities, timeframes or cycles using the "betwixt and between" time to get information and guidance about situations in the present or future.

This betwixt and between time can be the moment between night and day, light and dark, indoors and outdoors, one year and the next, even the gap between two paving stones. So a practitioner may, at near—midnight (one) on New Year's Eve (two), stand with one foot outside the front door in darkness, while the other foot is within a lighted room (three). In this example, he or she is using three "betwixt and between" techniques simultaneously as he or she waits to see or hear and then interpret the first omen that manifests itself. It is the actual moment of midnight that is key here, a moment of magic and mystery when time stands still between two worlds and where anything that occurs at that moment—the omen—is of significance and meaning, whether it is an owl hooting, a shooting star or the sound of fireworks.

Reach Out and Request a Helping Hand

Tom T. Moore

Good day everyone! I have a lot of great stories and suggestions for a more gentle life this month. Enjoy. I have previously written that sometimes benevolent outcomes don't always turn out the way we think they will. Keep in mind that a most benevolent outcome (MBO) request has to be benevolent for everyone affected by the request to work. Sometimes you might request something that is not benevolent either in error or on purpose and your request might not turn out exactly as you ask. You will still experience challenges in your life, but you will experience them in a more gentle way.

Benevolent Travel Outcomes

Renee from Lake Tahoe writes: "I want to share with you what happened to me a couple of months ago. We had our first snow day about the second week of October, and I had a doctor appointment in Reno that day. To travel from Lake Tahoe to Reno, you must go over a very winding mountain pass at an elevation of approximately 8,900 feet. Before I left, I said an MBO for a safe round trip."


Forge Your Path for Expansion

Michelle Karèn

The days and times given below are in PST (Pacific Standard Time). For Rocky Mountain Time add one hour. For Central Time add two hours. For Eastern Time add three hours. For Alaskan Time subtract one hour. For Hawaii—Aleutian Time subtract two hours. For Greenwich Mean Time add eight hours.

A lunar eclipse will occur on Monday, February 8, at 21°00' Leo at 6:49 am. In the Sabian symbols, this degree is described as "a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission." A lunar eclipse is always a chance to leave the past behind and resolutely move toward the future. This particular eclipse asks us to open our hearts and communicate our truth. However, let us never forget that what is said on an eclipse day is irreversible. It is also a chance to balance work with play and to expand our personal creativity. Relationships with children should be enhanced by this transit, as well as our inner emotions surrounding wealth and glamor. Lastly, this eclipse is an opportunity to better understand how we can manifest abundance in our lives.

Release to the Wind

mar de luz

mar de luz
mar de luz
PO Box 597
Phoenix, OR 97535

"The Fourth Thunder deals with the Twins in the heavens—the Kachinas—which the Hopi say is what the 'Hale—Bopp' [comet last seen in 1994] was [because] it had two tails. And that when the Fourth Thunder comes, what happens is that one of the Twins is the Guardian of the North Pole and the other Twin is the guardian of the South Pole; that they would come and wreak havoc with these poles, and that that would equate to the electromagnetic frequency changes that we're going through (the poles are wobbling).

"And because of this, and because of everything in our consciousness that is connected to the electro—magnetic frequencies (which is how we get our information, and how we think and process—we're little electrical bio—computers), that we would then begin to experience hidden realities—realities that we were not aware of . . .

The Boundlessness of Unconditional Love

Ken Robinson

Under a particularly clear obsidian-black night, with stars so vividly beaming out their aliveness from the deep stillness of the cosmos, Mouse sat before the rocky, egg-shaped opening of an enormous cave. He couldn't take his soft round eyes off the brilliance that shone out from the depths of the earthen cavern. Tiny, soft, undulating orbs of every hue of blue, green, red, and gold gently swirled out from the light, creating a spiraling tunnel of rainbow colors. Mouse was mesmerized, and although he had heard so much about this inviting and boundless cave of unconditional love, he still worried that he might be too small to enter such a vast and mysterious realm.

While pondering his choices, Mouse caught scent of subtle waves of strong, rich, musky aromas. The stirring sensations on his skin alerted him to the close presence of other beings. Just as he turned around to leave the area, he was met by a small group of forest animals who had quietly stepped out of the surrounding darkness. On his right appeared a towering bull elk, antlers reaching high into the celestial dome above. On his left arrived Grandmother Beaver, whose eyes reflected the Milky Way that trailed across space. Last to come was a stout and determined ram, whose iridescent golden horns made the animal shimmer like a living constellation. They all knew that Mouse was reluctant.

Master Builder on the Physical Plane

Rhonda Smith

This year, 2009 (29/[11]), marks the beginning of the actual manifestation of the new paradigm's foundation. You will have the energies of the master spiritual messenger underlying every thought, word, deed and experience that you choose. The universal law of "thought creates" will be operating fully. Your experiences will help you to understand that your left brain is not the origin of your thoughts, but rather the processor that makes your true thoughts, at all levels, manifest into the physical world. To master this master vibration, you must stay centered within as you walk through your life. The test will be to change your role as leader or support as appropriate and as needed for the good of all—including you—without being attached to the title. Meditation and reflection will play an important part this year as you evaluate what is important to bring into manifestation for balance for all. You may feel like you have more responsibility, and you do. However, that responsibility is the ability to respond to situations rather than react, so that what you choose reflects who you are.

February ([22]) may feel a bit intense since you have the year's 11 master spiritual messenger energy combined with the 22 of the master spiritual builder on the material plane. This combination will bring you continual inspiration and vision to see the bigger picture and change "me" to "we." This is the God energy brought to the material plane, so it will require flexibility and adaptability, cooperation and harmony, and most importantly, structure, order and organization, because this is the beginning of the actual manifestation of the foundation into the material world. The institutions, the groups and so on all have to be created and organized for a firm foundation in the physical for the future.

Searching for Purpose and Prosperity In Your Life

Donna Taylor

February is a very important and rather special month, largely because more than half of the planets are jostling for position in Aquarius. Not only that, but there is a lunar eclipse as well. First things first, though. The tight grouping of planets that includes the Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune are joined by Chiron and the north node, bringing a very spiritual air to proceedings. Chiron offers healing potential while the north node offers the chance for destiny to unfold. Throughout the month, Chiron and Neptune are joined at the hip, and this is perhaps of most interest to esoteric astrologers.

This is a combination of planets that speaks of healing on a profound level—particularly the healing of humanity. It is an incredibly loving, compassionate and forgiving energy that will help foster a spirit of unity. It will be difficult to maintain divisions based on people's skin color, gender, religion or country of origin. All will be seen as one and it will be easier to forgive the hurt that we have been holding onto for some time. It will become easier to look to the future and let bygones be bygones.


Essences of Nature: Can You Feel The Love?

Mary Ann Antenucci

Rhonda Smith
Mary Ann Antenucci

Love has different meanings for different people. Some people feel love is the answer to all that ails us. Some people feel love makes the world go 'round. Some people may feel the only true love is the concept of unconditional love, such as the love of a Mother Mary or a Mother Teresa. Most of us don't live or love at that level. We may fantasize or emulate the concept of unconditional love, but little things may get in the way. Annoyance, anger, irritation, jealously and envy all reminds us that our feet are made of clay and we stumble.

Some people may go to the opposite end of the spectrum and feel love is so precious that it can no longer be free. It should be locked down so only a chosen few can enjoy this precious commodity. No one benefits from a heart in lockdown. Some people feel they don't deserve love and go to such great lengths to get the smallest crumbs of affection that they actually push love and affection away. They may feel it is more normal for them to be alone and isolated rather than risk love. Love becomes distorted by what you give and what you expect to receive.

Self-Discovery Activities for Children: Wolf Adventure

Lynne Cox

You turn off your lights and quickly hop into bed. Wait a minute, you say to yourself, what's that light shining in my window? Hopping back out of bed and glancing out your window, you laugh as you see a full moon shining so big and so bright that you can even see craters on its surface. You spend several moments just taking in this amazing sight. You quietly get back into bed and close your eyes, but before long, you begin hearing howling sounds. The wolves are out tonight, you say to yourself. You call out to Angel, "Can you hear the wolves howling at the moon tonight?" Within moments you feel Angel's familiar loving presence.

"Yes I do, dear one. It's definitely a 'Wolf Moon' tonight."

"Wolf Moon?" you ask.

The Dream Zone

Katia Romanoff & Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

Lauri Quinn Lowenberg Katia Romanoff, PhD
Lauri Quinn Lowenberg, Katia Romanoff, PhD

Dear Dream Zone,
The other night I had a dream that I had to have surgery. It had something to do with my nose. They cut a flap of skin from my cheeks and across my nose and used a drill on the bone of my nose! When the surgery was over, they told me that they used a clear adhesive suture so that people wouldn't stare. I was horrified at the sight and the pain from the surgery.
-Diane, 25, Newport News, VA

Lauri: Going under the knife in a dream is a good indication that there is something in your waking life that needs repair or improvement. Since your nose seems to be the problem in the dream, perhaps "nosiness" is the problem in waking life. Have you been getting all up in someone's business when you know better? Or has someone been awfully nosy with you, perhaps "drilling" you to get information from you? Whatever the case, you now seem very concerned about how others may perceive you, which is why you were horrified at how you looked. The pain you feel in the dream is about emotional pain you are dealing with in your waking life. The message of this dream is: despite how fresh and uncomfortable this situation is, rest assured things are on the mend.

The Movie Mystic

Last Chance Harvey

It's award season in Hollywood. This is the time of year when movies of substance finally make their way into some theaters across the country. Unfortunately, to Hollywood nowadays, "substance" more often than not means dark, depressing, nihilistic and/or violent. But not always.

In most years, there are at least a couple of life—enhancing gems that somehow find their way into the mix and into our hearts. Such is the case this year with Last Chance Harvey, which opened in New York and Los Angeles on Christmas Day, and is scheduled to open around the rest of the country on January 23. I don't know when or even if it will play in a theater near you in January, but if it does, grab all your adult friends and head to the theater!

Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters through Rochelle Sparrow

Rochelle Sparrow
Rochelle Sparrow
PO Box 7573, Phoenix, AZ 85011

Dear Rochelle,
I have had a very, very hard year. I really want to change my job. The government of Spain is offering jobs. I have to study a lot and have to pass a test to get the job. I really want to develop my mission in a wonderful and peaceful career. Do I have a chance?
-Carl, Spain

Thank you for connecting with us from Spain. Remember, we always create our lives from the inside out through our energy. Here is what the guides say: "You are correct in choosing where to place your energetic resources and allowing yourself the useful task of changing jobs. Of course, you have been guided to consider the government position and to focus your energies on the task of further training and gaining further opportunity. You are being guided to know that availability is present for you, not unavailability. We suggest you begin to understand that you will not fail and move forward with success" The energy feels like you should literally feel and think success. "You will obtain the correct position. That is the correct way." Blessings for your success!