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March 2009 Vol.19, No. 3





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Living Up to the Legacy

Benjamin Franklin through Sally Baldwin

Sally Baldwin
Sally Baldwin
PO Box 1481
Pompano Beach, FL 33061

7 January 2009

I am jumping in because I feel the wonderment of the connection and the knowledge that all of you gathered here open up to us in such a strong and beautiful way. I recognize that there are certain moments in time on the Earth when gatherings of different energies in human form come forward and bring an energy that is, yes, either helpful or not-that seems to be moving forward or holding back. I feel that I can say this with all truth and with all sincerity: The experience that is now being felt by your particular culture, in your particular part of the world, is now living up to the legacy that was brought forward in the formation of the country.

Be More True to Yourselves

I had to have my two cents in this because I feel there is so much hope and optimism to what is playing out. I want to bring forward the same kind of joining in that hope and optimism but also to bring, not in warning or caution, a sense of being more true to yourselves. Do not feel in any way that there are men or women who stand up and represent a higher truth and a greater intelligence and insight than the whole, than all. Everyone creates the opportunity for the energy to go to a higher vibration and there is no one leader, or no too few leaders, who are able to do that.

Don't Buy into the Doomsday Nonsense!

Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll

1155 Camino del Mar, #422
Del Mar, CA 92014

12 January 2009

It's almost four years away, yet the media is gearing up to scare you to death-if anyone has noticed. The 2012 issue is the subject, and it's just too hot of an issue to leave alone, or wait until it's closer. After all, there's Viagra, soap and cars to sell, and in this economy, the retailers are screaming to make it happen. In my seminars a few months ago, I told the attendees to brace themselves for the onslaught of movies and documentaries in theaters and on TV about 2012, all of which will be sensationally fear-based. Well, it's already here.

The History Channel has launched "Armageddon Week," a week packed with brand new, polished documentaries in HD on the prophets of the end times and what they have said about 2012, the year that purportedly holds the oncoming destruction of the planet. I spent almost thirty years doing retail advertising for radio and TV. I have produced in excess of 4,000 radio music spots, numerous documentary soundtracks, and a few movies-all of this before Kryon, of course. I absolutely know how these guys think, and I wanted to share some things with you that may not be obvious.

Current Events and the Potentials of 2009

Kryon through Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll
Lee Carroll

1155 Camino del Mar, #422
Del Mar, CA 92014

30 November 2008, Laguna Hills, California

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner linearizes this message, as he has been doing for so long. Even when I say to him and to you that on the other side of the veil there truly is no time, he still must linearize our message. For us, it is all happening at the same time. For you, it is on a linear track. However, our perspective gives us the ability to alert you to the potentials of what we see in what you have called "your future." Reflecting back, we see ourselves at this moment telling you about the potentials that you are sitting in now, but our now is your twenty years ago. Back then, we brought you the information and the profundity of what you had accomplished in 1987. We told you in our messages back in 1989 that you had changed your future. "Human consciousness is going to shift," we said back then. Indeed, it has.

I can remember sitting there and saying that, for it is still before me. To you, it's a record of something that happened. To me, it is still happening. But to you it was before a time when my partner was able to open his mouth and linearize anything that I would say. [Before Lee started channeling aloud.] Instead, he was writing at his table. We're there right now with him. It is timeless for us and all that has transpired in what you have called a twentyyear span is now for us. He wrote it down as I gave it and it became the first Kryon book the one where we gave you these potentials that are today your reality. Now, I tell you this so that you can understand that back then what we saw as the potentials of your decisions is indeed before you. We give you this at this time so you may acknowledge that we are seeing the potentials just as clear, twenty years from now.

Work within the Heart Hologram

Amma through Cathy Chapman

Hello, dear ones. How nice to be with you. I am with you always, even though it is difficult to comprehend. Every single soul on the planet is wrapped in the love of the oneness. Every single soul is part of the oneness. It is difficult to understand because every one of you came down here to experience separation. This is why it is difficult to make the oneness a part of you. There are those few times when you feel connected to everything. This happens when you are so filled with love, when you are caught in the wonder of love, whether it's of children or partners or friends or the love of a beautiful forest or garden. That is union with the oneness and it's fleeting. It is actually fleeting by design. And you are the ones who designed it that way.

Strengthen the Heart Hologram

Accessing the oneness is what the heart hologram is all about. The heart hologram will become a part of everyone's energy field, just like the chakras, just like the meridians, just like the aura. That is why you can give it to anyone. What they do with it after that is up to them. When you connect to someone heart to heart, you can transmit the heart hologram to that person. It wouldn't happen if you were just having an intellectual conversation. You need to be having a heart-to-heart connection with them.

The Parable of the Camel Trader

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Judith Coates
Judith Coates

Beloved ones, I would share with you a story. In your Holy Scriptures, it would be called a parable it is a story. Once upon a time, as you would understand time to be, a little boy was born, and this little boy was born into a family that raised animals. They had sheep, they had goats and they had camels. The father of the family carried on what had been, within the generational lineage, the family business of raising, breeding and trading camels. The family was fairly well off because camels could demand a good price. The family was on a certain caravan route that went to a very busy seaport, and so there was much trade that brought the father much profit.

A Life of Exchange

Over the years, as the father grew older, the family business passed to his boy, who was now a grown man, and because he was the oldest of the family, he was chosen to carry on the family business of the camel raising, breeding and trading. It was a good business, one that he knew well. From the very beginning he saw how it provided for the family, and more than that, he had a fondness for the animals.

Take the Box with You

Sarrinn and the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe

Greetings, dear lightworkers! We align with your energies and we are overjoyed at the number of consciously awake beings reading the messages in this wonderful publications, Sedona Journal of Emergence! So many of you have heard the advice to turn off your news media and find access to positive, affirming and visionary information, and this journal is one of the avenues that is lovingly and positively doing just that! Wonderful!

For those of you who are still seeking your enlightenment, today we channel for you. Why? Because we can see and we know that you are simply a thought away from accepting the truth of your divinity. And how can you find that thought? You can make it your greatest priority to love yourself. After eons of time, self-love and self-realization have become abnormal for most of humanity. Through so many centuries of judgment, fear and control, loving yourself has become something done by people who live outside the box. Many of you see them as the lucky ones the teachers, the leaders, the healers, the avatars, the people of power. Many more of you see them as rebels, trouble makers, woo-woo people, ungrounded beings and radicals. How did you get to this difficult state of amnesia and fear?

Open to Divine Knowledge

Yesuha through Virginia Ellen

Virginia Ellen
Virginia Ellen
PO Box 3409
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Science of the body is to know of God and become as God is. Use this movement [exercise] as a vehicle to enter the state of bliss and oneness with your own sacred energy. Calmness, knowledge and power come from oneness. The greatest power and the greatest security are found in oneness. I bring you this movement to accelerate your spiritual awakening. It is designed to ignite and birth forth the Christ light within, your true essence as an individual expression of the one. It is a movement of the second coming, which is within you. Use it to awaken the light within, my beloved ones.

Plug Into Your Caduceus

Sit cross-legged or in half lotus with the abdominal muscles firm, the back erect, the chest lifted and open and the chin up and slightly tucked. This seated posture will allow energy to move from your root all the way out the top of your head. Now place your hand on top of your knees, palms up. Take the thumb and touch the two middle fingers. This plugs you into your own caduceus. It is the symbol of healing and of the flow of your sacred life energy. It is the power of healing. It is the source of all wisdom and knowledge and all good. By holding your hands in this simple gesture, you will feel the energy begin to move up your spine to your brain. You are the power and you are the glory of God in physical form.

Meditation for Cellular Healing

Metatron through Linda and Eric Haggard

Linda & Eric Haggard
Linda & Eric Haggard
Sedona, AZ

Greetings, beloved ones. I am Metatron, speaking from the light through this channel. I wish to bring you a message of healing an exercise that you may do to improve your overall health.

This exercise was initially devised to work with those on the Earth plane suffering from autoimmune dysfunctions. The immune system in many humans at this time is functioning poorly due to stress. This stress can take the form of illness, such as HIV, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and so on. This stress might also be emotional or spiritual rather than physical. The result on the immune system can be just as devastating. Humans with these types of autoimmune illnesses find themselves easily fatigued, feeling weak and unable to think clearly, as if in a mental fog and often in pain. There are more specific symptoms related to each individual type of autoimmune disorder.

Relationships in the Age of Enlightenment

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Ronna Herman
Ronna Herman
6005 Clear Creek Dr.
Reno, NV 89502
Phone/Fax 775-856-3654

The New Age is having a profound effect on how we view ourselves. As we learn to take back our power, set boundaries and reclaim a sense of selfworth, it is also having a profound effect in our relationships with others, especially in romantic relationships. In the past, we all had a lot of unresolved issues that created what could be called "fragile, weak spots" in our emotional bodies. We had many unresolved issues within us in the form of guilt, fear, anger, a sense of abandonment and of being unlovable. All of these thought forms have a vibrational frequency, and we radiated these frequencies of unworthiness out into the world.

See these energies radiating forth in front of you and all around you in an infinity sign, where they are picked up bythose who are resonating at the same frequency levels, and are thereby drawn into your life in one way or another. We attracted to us those who were also coming from a viewpoint of neediness, in hopes that they could fix everything for us and make us happy. In reality, all this kind of relationship creates is more friction through feelings of lack, failure and unworthiness.

Sublime Allowance

Nademus through Brenda Hill

Brenda Hill
Brenda Hill
E 12318 Lowery Rd
LaFarge, WI 54639
(toll free) 866-374-0243

Good day entities. And a fine day it is to weave into your thoughts and behaviors the understanding of an action of great assistance to your spiritual growth—sublime allowance through the release of patience.

Defining Patience

Generally when one thinks about having patience in a situation, it relates primarily to your ability to withhold anger and resentment while undertaking delay or problematic challenges in your experience of the day. Patience is understood as a form of dealing with an issue that looks like it is in the way of your forward progression. The lack of patience is cause for many points of eruption to cause irritation in your day, and can sometimes lead to violent outbursts with dire consequences. An example of this is what you term "road rage" —when an individual no longer can tolerate the actions of others as they relate to his/her own experience and they crack. In other words, they no longer are exercising restraint in a situation to which their own interests, such as driving unimpeded, appear to be suffering.

Endings and Beginnings

Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Pepper Lewis
Pepper Lewis

2305-C Ashland Street #320
Ashland, Oregon 97520

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Although I took the diagnosis seriously, I believed that my spiritual practice, strict adherence to the Law of Attraction, and open-minded belief in alternative healing modalities could undo whatever damage had been done. For a while it seemed that I was succeeding, but recently I was given less than a year to live and I knew it to be true. Ironically, that same day my friends and I had been discussing our willingness to help usher in a new vision for Earth and humanity, as well as where we would celebrate winter solstice in 2012. Now my investigations and curiosities are of a different nature, and I am hoping that my questions and your answers will be of assistance to others as well as myself.

Why was I not able to cure myself of this illness in spite of my earnest attempts to do so? Why couldn't the qualified healers and professionals I trusted do so either?

Strangely enough, you did cure yourself by making the decision that you have made, but it does not sound like a cure, does it? A cure is a solution to a problem. Your soul considered this outcome a well—explored and worthy solution. Your presence can be more vitally expressed elsewhere and there is greater support for you to be there than here. Something greater than this moment has placed this challenge before you and you have answered the challenge by your choice. You did not lose a battle and your body is not at war with itself or with you. The healers and other professionals you entrusted have become temporary companions on your journey. This has been an important experience for them and for you. Your awareness and your body's elemental quality have also learned, adjusted and expanded into new environments. Expansion of self is always a worthwhile endeavor.

You Choose Your Life

Michel through David Reid Lowell

Most people have an event in their life that can be used as a turning point. If you notice when these events happen, you can use them to your advantage and see in them the chance for change and self-betterment. But the trick is noticing them before they pass you by. Each and every person has these turning points in their life. They are those decisive moments where you will fold, give up and just retreat, or you will see the lesson, the hope, the opportunity and the chance for healing and changing yourself into the person that Spirit, through that moment, is guiding you to become.

Feed Your Own Soul

You are in the process of going somewhere you have never been before. That is why it is important to seize those moments of insight. Oh, you know how it goes, there you are and then this seemingly random event happens, and you think, "Not again, why is this always happening to me, this is just more poo in a life of poo." My goodness, you have just missed the moment. The odd thing is that it could have been so severe, so sudden, so blatant, as if you were literally hitting the side of a barn, and you just blow over it. You see, it is how you handle yourself, and how you handle the events in your life that are based in habitual repetition of your own behavior, that either limit you or allow you to excel and grow.

A Wave of Change

Onereon through Jeff Michaels

Jeff Michaels
Jeff Michaels
PO Box 453
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

As above, so below. Your guides in the spirit realm know you. We know what you are feeling. Through you we see the present and through us you see the future. We are companions in this life. We sense the anxious feelings you have had and we see the hopeful feelings you strive to attain. Now let us offer you comfort and perspective.

The Sense of Change

All things change. What you are experiencing now is a greater change than has happened in two thousand years. You are not simply experiencing it; you are an integral part of the change. You represent the link between the old ways and the new ways. The difficulty that you feel is that you are neither of the old ways and not yet of the new. You are between. You are the transitioning beings. Your example leads the way for others.

Cellular Memory

Juliano, the Artcurians, Metatron and Chief White Eagle through David K. Miller

David K. Miller
David K. Miller
PO Box 4074
Prescott, AZ 86302

3 January 2009

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We want to look at the perspective of cellular memory. Cellular memory transcends lifetimes. Cellular memory even transcends different eras and is carried with you from many ancient times. The cellular memories that you have from your childhood are still dramatically affecting you. Many have looked upon reincarnation as the great clearing. It is the belief by many people that when you die and go into the intermediary realms, from that position you are able to become reborn. The belief is that there is a cleaning or a recleansing of the cellular memory, and therefore, he or she comes back into this lifetime with a clean slate.

From the Arcturian perspective and from our studies of your cellular biology and evolution, we have noted that when there is a reincarnation, it does not necessarily mean that there is a total clearing. It does mean that all cellular memory is erased. We have noted that when we look at other galactic civilizations, we have found that they often repeat mistakes. We have noted that some civilizations in some planets, despite the best intentions of many of their higher beings, seem to repeat a pattern that ends in their destruction.

Crop Circles: Transmissions of 2008

Laiolin and the Arcturian Crop Circle Makers through Judith Moore

The 2008 crop circle season marked a time of alchemy and completion of many formulas that were initiated with the early crop circles using advanced pixel formulas and energy forms in the early 1990s. The formulas continued to build one on another and mix with the alchemy of the vibration of the collective soul group called the "bringers of the dawn," or the "awakeners." Each year new frequency patterns were added, and each year, new archives were opened for downloading the ascension formulas into the Earth. The crop circle project formed a continuum of energetic formulas that ascended and became more intricate.

We, the Arcturian crop circle makers, bring to you in these transmissions an aspect of a greater gift. The crop circle phenomenon is a cosmic phenomenon. It is a cocreation between humans, off—planet intelligence and Earth elements. There are no simple answers to the nature of this phenomenon. It is the greatest mystery of the time of transition. There are many reasons for the appearance of each circle and many meanings. It is unwise to seek simplified answers. Of course, the logical desire answers, but these gifts are a mystery beyond any ability that the logical mind has to understand or define the miracle of each gift. However, they are an invitation to explore expanded consciousness through the powerful language of symbols and sacred geometry. Each crop circle is a portal to the mind of the universe, the mind of creation.

Express Your Divine Nature

Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Miriandra Rota
Miriandra Rota

PO Box 81
Troutdale, VA 24378-0081

13 January 2009

There are those now who have stretched their awareness toward who they might become, and though we do honor your journey, we find such exploration a little humorous and we will tell you why. Upon awakening to the truth that you are no longer who you have been, and upon recognizing that the previous persona no longer allows you your own further discovery of self, it is most natural that you would reach into what you call the future to discover who it is exactly that you are. Yet we say to you, such discovery resides in this moment, in the present. And further, we say to you, you are now in the process of creating who you really are. Perhaps you will reflect upon those last words again?

Discover the Glory of Who You Are

You are now of the consciousness and ability to decide your very own identity, your very own manner of expressing your divine nature. You might be asking how you can do this, how you can exactly decide who you are, and we would be most pleased to speak with you upon this topic. Firstly, know that you are never staid. That is, you are never the same from one moment to the next. You might find this to be confusing and illusive, yet this truth can be a source of freedom. Who you are and who you are becoming resides within the design of those whom you have admired, written fictional stories about and wished to be similar to. You are pure and not muddied, as you have the words. You have been led to think that you have made so many mistakes, that you must atone for all that you have done, that you must not lift your head high or that you must not dare to think of yourself first or view yourself as the holy being that you are.

Cosmic Particles of Truth

The group through Steve Rother

Steve Rother
Steve Rother

PO Box 34838
Las Vegas, NV 89133

Greetings from home. This time is magical. This place is magical because you have set it into motion. You have set your intent to have a magical experience on this planet and it is starting to happen. One by one you are being triggered into the things you love to do; you are being triggered into the sacred contracts that you set for yourself. You knew what you wanted to do, and you chose your direction. You placed a veil between the two parts of your brain to completely obliterate your memories of home and your own power of who you are. Then you came in to play a game of hide and seek. You bumped into walls and other people, all the while thinking you have done wrong or made a mistake. In fact, you were simply wandering around trying to find that connection, that part of home, that has you completely connected through your own higher self.

Now that is becoming more important. We wish to give you an overview on several different levels today. We are going to show you a little bit of what is happening on both the cosmic level and on the Earth level. Then we will tell you the possibilities on the personal level, for many of you are now prepared to move. You have placed yourself at the edge of the cliff waiting for that gentle breeze to push you off. Well, a gentle breeze has just come along. We are known for gently pushing people off the cliff. That is one of the things we love to do as we spread our wings, to remind you of who you really are. This time we will share with you some of the overviews, not of what is ahead, not necessarily what is in your future or what your destiny is, but simply the direction you are going and the overview of what is taking place on Earth to accommodate this.

Choosing a New Start

The Council of 12 through Selacia

Santa Monica, CA

A new cycle is about to begin. People in every corner of the world are moving into juxtaposition in order to take part in a quantum leap in consciousness. If you have felt that you are in waiting mode, or that you have had a setback, remember the massive amounts of preparations you and others are making and have made. Put away your linear yardstick. Acknowledge that there is an accumulation of efforts involved, and sometimes your human self doesn't see the whole picture. To be sure, your efforts are individual, yet they are also cooperative as great numbers of people wake up and begin to connect energetically to create positive changes.

The initial phases of humanity's transformational shifting, underway for a very long time, have led you to where you find yourself now. Some of this evolutionary growth you experienced before this incarnation, when you were preparing for what would occur during this pivotal life. As an example, you may have previously incarnated with people who you would meet again this time, helping one another to progress spiritually.

First, Pass the Test. Then, ET Contact

The Messenger through Robert Shapiro

18 January 2009

I am a being connected to the eternal; I am also connected to Earth and all its denizens on the surface, including plants, animals, and humans, of course. I am here to let you know that there is a final test you are all going through right now. This test is directly associated with the beings from other planets who are very close by, [who] want to come and help you and offer to you a great many things that will improve the quality of our life on this planet. However, they have requested that animal world check and see if you are ready. The animal world has complied. So for the next few months, and possibly a year or two at the most, animal world will be doing unusual things with you, if you allow.

If you are in a boat, perhaps fishing, you will find that some sea creatures might come up. If your boat is small enough, they will look at you over the side. They will not bite the hook. They are coming to make contact. If it is safe and they are not dangerous, do not feed them, do not try and spear them or catch them. They are making contact to see how you react. If you feel it is safe, very slowly approach them, and if they have come up on the side of the boat where you are perhaps sitting, and they are just moving as little as possible to maintain their balance on the surface, if they seem to be moving toward you and it is safe, put out a hand or a finger and see if they touch you. If you allow this and they allow it, and it is a safe species (you'll understand), then acknowledge it. Simply say, "Greetings," or "Good life" to them. You can whisper, you can say it quietly, but do not say it loudly. They will probably go away after that, since water world is their home.

Preparing for the Shift:
Galactic Contracts

Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Before the shift can happen, the collective consciousness of the Earth plane must stop struggling, fighting and engaging in all sorts of negativity. Collectively, you must first awaken to the power of your light. To help you awaken to that power, you have been endowed with galactic contracts. These galactic contracts contain codes that look like symbols resembling Russian, English and Japanese letters. In other words, you can't make sense of them. At the time of the shift, these contracts will be broken down into their codes, which will then be downloaded into you.

The galactic energies will facilitate the downloading of these codes while most of you are asleep during the three days of darkness.¹ These codes will be placed into your mind and expanded into your space, making them available to you when you awaken. When you get out of this three-dimensional journey, every cell in your body will be empowered. In your seventy trillion cells, the mitochondria—the power source of the cell—will be expanded, which will enlighten your body process.

The Metatronic Keys of 2009

Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings! I am Metatron, lord of light, and I greet you one and all. And so as one year ends and another unfolds, we ask you all to ponder briefly the changes that have occurred within you on the micro and macro levels. For many of you on the path, 2008 seems to have flown by at a greater rate than previous years. This is especially true for those of you born in the so-called baby boomer years, the '50s and '60s, as you enter your sixth through ninth seven-year biological cycle.

You are aware of those called the "Indigos" and "Crystals," yet there has not been a name for the soul guild of the millions of you born in the twenty-five-year period after WWII. And so we will give a title to you: You are the children of light, the Pathfinders. You paved the way through the '60s and '70s to the harmonic convergence of 1987, and dear ones, that event changed the path of your planet. It allowed for the ascension. The ascension, previously only a possibility, became a certainty because of the paths you found and cleared.

Embrace the Changes of Self-Discovery

Golden Arrow through Alexandra McColm Ward

Alexandra McColm Ward
Alexandra McColm Ward
PO Box 5505
Blue Jay, CA 92317

Greetings to you, indeed. Truly it is a pleasure for us to be here with you, to communicate and interact with you in this way. Truly it is a delightful experience for us indeed. We come to you at this time to express to you, those of you that read this written word, and all of you who have interest in this life's experience on this planet that you call "Earth" at this time.

The Desire for Change

Humanity has difficulty with change and movement. It is all right. We would like for you, this readership, to know that the changes that are going to manifest will do so because that is exactly what you desire. You do not desire war and conflict and fighting and killing. You do not. Yet that is what you all are used to-war after war after war, for millennia. We want you to know that truly, in your heart, you do want peace, you do want harmony, you do want joy. So we say to you that a good intention and a declaration for all of humanity would be: "We intend and declare to know that the highest good for all is coming about and we bring that to us now. Thank you so much and so it is."

Awaken to Whole-Being

Malachi through Donna Watkins

Greetings, little ones. We are Malachi, a group of lightbeings that resides with the One Source. Indeed, we have come here at this time and place to give you information and messages of love and hope. We know that in this time there is much fear in your world, but we are here to tell you that there does not need to be. We have come to bring you guidance and instruction in awakening. Indeed, it is the time of the awakening when all in your world will be brought into the place of wholebeing. This place of whole-being is the place in which you will align with One Source and receive the Christ consciousness that is coming soon.

We have great love for you, our little ones. Note that we do not call you "little ones" because you are lesser or smaller than we are, but because to us you are like our children. We watch over you and are here to teach and guide you to grow along your own path to whole-being. Just as you watch with sadness as your own children stumble and fall while growing, so do we watch with sadness as you misstep and are hurt occasionally as you find you path. As you know that you cannot live your children's lives for them, we too are aware of this. You, dear ones, must learn from your missteping, as it causes you to grow in spirit. We cannot make your decisions for you, but you must know that we are here to assist and guide you. But just as there is occasionally sadness when we cannot keep you from falling, know that, as you do with your own children, we constantly stand amazed and in awe of your perseverance and spirit. Our love for you grows ever more as a result.

Random Encounters with Your Deep Self

Dwahl Khul through Catherine Bean Weser

Catherine Bean Weser
Catherine Bean Weser

It is an auspicious time. The years 2009-2012 are years of tremendous possibility. Energies are shifting, and in cosmic time, these years are ones of cosmic awakening. To live in an awakened state means to be fearless, present and in a state of total freedom in the one life. It all starts with self-acceptance. The deeper truth is that trying to change who you are in the moment, to become something that you think you are not, is a delusion based on an assumption of inadequacy. Cosmic awakening is there is no progression of events or strategies that will take you to a point of awakening. We would describe the recognition of an awakened experience as something more like a random encounter with your deep self. Your deep self is always present, although your intellect and your mind-chatter try often to distract you from that knowing.

Experiencing an Encounter

We suggest that all of you have had these random encounters with the deepest, most essential aspects of your total being, and that each random encounter is a spontaneous initiatory experience. With these encounters as reference points of the deep self, eventually the intellect-the dualistic device designed to hold us in time and space relinquishes its control and you live in the awakened state and fully realize it. The doors are always open, and in the course of simply experiencing your life, you are very likely to have many random encounters with your deep self. These are the times when you have direct perception without intellectual interference, judgment or comment from your history or your process.


The Two Lists

Scott Blum

Scott Blum
Scott Blum
237 B Street
Ashland, OR 97520
541-488-0508, ext. 5
503-213-6525 fax

I was fortunate to spend time with an enigmatic man named Robert during a very special period of my life. Robert taught me many things, and this time of year reminds me of one particular interaction we had.

"Now that you are becoming more aware," Robert said, "you need to begin to set goals for yourself so you don't lose the momentum you have built."

"Like New Year's resolutions?" I asked.

"That's an interesting idea," he smirked. "Let's do that."

By then I was used to his cryptic responses, so I knew something was up because of the way his eyes sparkled as he let out an impish laugh.

Integrate Your Biomagnetic Fields

Amy Leigh

A new healing technology is emerging on Earth. It is a gift from the stars brought by emissaries of immense proportion that have scaled back their size and vibration to incarnate in physical whale bodies on Earth. These beings existed long before what we refer to as the known universe. They were part of the design and creation of all that we can see from Earth. They are the Whale Masters.

The Whale Masters are vast superconscious beings who assisted with the design and creation of our universe. When the Earth, a melting pot of benevolent star DNA, was created, the Whale Masters were there to offer their input and advice. As wise beings who had witnessed many rounds of existence in the many universes, their input was gratefully accepted by the many beings that collaborated to create the Earth. The Whale Masters are elders among benevolent star races.

Trust in the Process

Tom T. Moore

Patricia from British Columbia writes: "I have been using the most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) for about six months now. I have been reading the Sedona Journal of Emergence! for years, and I find it most educational and helpful for my entire life. Things have changed so much since I first received the magazine.

"I have osteoporosis in my knees, and have a difficult time walking for more than five minutes. Yesterday was a good day, so I went out to the store to do some Christmas shopping. Coming home I decided to stop for a snack. While sitting in the parking lot enjoying my lunch, a crow landed on the hood of my car. It looked at me, we made eye contact, and then it came a little closer. I opened the window and stuck my hand out with a French fry, and it came over grabbed it and went back to eat it. I again reached out the window with another and it came over and gently took it this time, then it came over and stood on my mirror again. I put my hand out and again, very gently, it took the food, this time holding it in its mouth and not eating it. A second crow came and sat on the car next to me, looking at me but acting very timid. When I looked the first crow in the eye again it was as though it was telling me this was its mate, so I threw some out food on the ground and they ate and then flew away.

Reconnect to the Earth

Victoria Tunnerman

Victoria Tunnerman
Victoria Tunnermann

Through my work with Esamuel, I have had the opportunity to offer insight and wisdom. Often timely and thought provoking, Esamuel's words have touched many of my readers.

In this month's work, I found that Esamuel and his council preferred to remain short and to the point. There is a tremendous amount of energy at work, and the planet is showing us hints of this. There has been fear and speculation, as well as a sense that all is as it should be. Our choices at this time in Earth 's history mark a turning point for the spirit. Consciously, many of us underestimate our role in world events. But let me impress upon you how important our role truly is! By choosing to live outside and above the call of negativity and fear, we lift not only ourselves, but all of the Earth. And that is exactly what the Earth needs at this time. It is exactly what we need.


It Comes from the Stars

mar de luz

mar de luz
mar de luz
PO Box 597
Phoenix, OR 97535

"As we awaken to the power of the moving we struggle with the vastness of the universe of space and time and our place in it, as we do these things, we follow in Maya footsteps. In doing so we should celebrate the wisdom of the Maya, ponder its depths, and wonder after its most persistent perception: that the world is to be born at last on December 21, 2012 A.D."
-Terrence McKenna, Honaunau, Hawaii, January 1998

Imagine hiking an isthmus by the shores of high mountain water on an island in the Pacific Northwest. You come to a slippery floating dock and follow it as far as you dare to the interior of a lake. Captured there, any remaining time shifts and suspends your waking mind. The fog lifts and breathes among the timber lines, which watch you like rising forms across the lake. Rain pools in the mirrored lake and collects in webs between the trees. All is silent now, and drifting, except for the hunting bird's call. And for an eternal silent moment you are drifting too, as an island suspended in love high above the rest of the world.

True Freedom

Rhonda Smith

March (23/5) brings you inspiration and revelations revolving around the aspects of true freedom. It also gives you the opportunity to be the catalyst for change. Opportunities will be presented for you to learn from your higher knowing that change simply for the sake of change—change without purpose—brings chaos. Also, freedom—in the form of what you want to do without claiming responsibility for the outcome—at any cost is always too high a price. Once you integrate a true understanding of these principles, you will be ready to continue the formulation over the next three months of what you wish to manifest in the second half of the year. Remember that freedom is a privilege with responsibilities that is exercised through your choices.

March 1 to March 7, 2009 (27/9)

This is a week to share your understandings and to increase that understanding with interaction. Discuss, debate and determine what you want to build in freedom and know it all is part of the larger plan. Maintain harmony and peace within and without, as you go through this clarification process through interaction.

A Time for Healing

Donna Taylor

The key factors this month are the continuing grouping of planets in Aquarius, Venus retrograde and the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Let's look first at the Aquarian cluster. This is a combination that I feel is urging us all to heal, both collectively and on an individual level, so while the world tries to sort its problems out, we are all working on our own individual stuff as well. We are urged to speak our truth, as in many ways honest and open communication can be very cathartic. We are also encouraged to look within at our wounds and do whatever we can to heal ourselves of emotional, psychological or spiritual problems. And of course, if we manage this, then any physical problems we might have should ease considerably, since disease usually begins in the mind.

Watch your thoughts this month, because a Mars-Mercury conjunction can give rise to anger and judgements. We all have the choice now whether we want to make knee-jerk reactions about people or whether we want to give people the benefit of the doubt and look for the reasons behind their actions. We can all choose to be more kind and compassionate if we so wish, but there is a certain addictive quality about gossip, judgment and anger, so try to not complain or judge another for twenty-two days-this is how long it takes to break a pattern—and see how you feel at the end of it. Notice how easy or difficult you found the process, and whether you wish to make kindness one of your regular characteristics.


Essences of Nature: The Power of Words

Mary Ann Antenucci

Rhonda Smith
Mary Ann Antenucci

Notice how people talk about things that they want and don't want? Pay attention to how you or others speak of situations in your life. Are you drawing opportunities to you or pushing them away from you? Do you hear how you may focus on the negative result rather than the positive outcome? We take for granted what comes out of our mouths. Each word is a vibration that creates a field of expectation. We have far surpassed the luxury of ignorance, so now our words have much weight.

Do you focus and speak about what you don't want? Or do you focus on what you do want to create? I know there are those of you out there who are questioning my use of the word "want." Yes, "want" does imply a sense of lack. However, most of us equate "want" with the thing or things we desire. All "want" has much emotion attached to it, whether positive or negative. When we want something, most of the time we are focusing on it from the point of view of not having it. So how can you use your words to create more of what you desire? How does your word become your wand?

Self-Discovery Activities for Children: Smoke Animal Adventure

Lynne Cox

You softly whisper to Angel, "Angel, are you there?"

"I'm only a thought away, dear one. What's happening?"

"Well, I was hoping we could take another adventure together."

"What did you have in mind?" Angel asks.

"How about if you surprise me," you say, laughing.

"Well, that's easy," Angel replies. "Take a deep breath and close your eyes." After only a few moments, you begin to feel lighter and lighter, and within a very short time, Angel says, "Open your eyes." As you open your eyes, you find yourself sitting by a campfire; you feel its warmth comforting you from the cool night air. You call out to Angel, "Where are you?"

Ask Ms. Lily & the angels

Lily Jones

Lily Jones
Lily Jones
PO Box 476
Boling, TX 77420

Dear Ms. Lily,
My four children, including my elevenyear-old son, have problems with studying and school. I know my son is smart, but he seems to just get bored too easily!
-Margaret, Texas

Yes, the angels tell me that your son is indeed gifted psychically. He can simply call in his spirit guide, who he calls Socrates, or even a special angel as a tutor to help with schoolwork.

Margaret's son James replies: Wow! I was stuck on a math test problem. I quietly asked my guide Socrates to help me. The answer popped into my head and I got it right! This really does work! Thank you, Socrates.

Feng Shui: Current Applications of Ancient Wisdom

Annie Konovitch

As the whispers of the New Age become shouts, the time has come to remember the wisdom of the past and commit to its new applications relevant to our current time. As imperative as this is, it is also exciting. The breakdown of the old system/old age is wonderfully apparent, and we have two choices: to buy into the fear that was indicative of the old age, or continue having faith, remembering that these changes are what we lightworkers have been working so hard to produce. We have been standing in the backdrop, working feverishly all this time and now the fruits of our efforts are becoming obvious.

Utilizing Ancient Wisdom

The work we have done has been compounding, and has built up enough to reach critical mass. Now the real work begins. We know that we are to create a new structure, a new economy, a new reality based on love, hope, trust and joy. We have had the tools available to us since the beginning of time, and now, in glorious remembrance of the wisdom of the ancients, we can and must utilize this wisdom to build the foundation and the system to support the energy of the New Age.

The Animal Whisperer Communicating with Our Animal Friends

Kim Malonie

Kim Malonie
Kim Malonie
R.R.2, Box 101
Bewdley, Ontario, Canada K0L 1E0

Dear Kim,
I read your article in the
Sedona Journal of Emergence! at my grandmother's house. I am twelve years old and I have my first horse, a twenty-two-year-old Arabian mare named Jem. She was abused by her previous owners and doesn't take the bit very well at all. She throws her head back and tries to get out of it. We've had her teeth checked and they were fine, so I'm not quite sure what the problem is. She intimidates my dad a lot, as well as other horses. She is very brave and has a lot of spirit, and I don't really think she's that mean. I hope you can help me with our problems. I love all animals in general!

"Hi, this is Jem. Thank you for caring enough to ask for help for me, and for knowing in your heart I am not mean. I am simply very misunderstood, and I have a hard time trusting people any more. As you know, I am twenty-two years old, and believe me, I feel much older than that, my dear—I feel as if I am going on a hundred years old! When you have been abused, age takes its toll on the body and the mind.

The Dream Zone

Katia Romanoff & Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

Lauri Quinn Lowenberg Katia Romanoff, PhD
Lauri Quinn Lowenberg, Katia Romanoff, PhD

Dear Dream Zone,
I was at a train station standing outside. On the bench were three babies in car seats. One was my own, one I'd volunteered to adopt and the last one was abandoned there. I couldn't just leave it, so I adopted it too, even though three babies at once is an awful lot and I was worried.
-Mary, 26, Chicago, IL

Dr. Katia: The train station represents a turning point in your life right now. You are at the beginning of a new phase and things could go anywhere; it's all up to your choices. The three babies represent three long-term projects you have recently taken on. Note they are locked and loaded in their car seats, all ready to travel with you on your journey toward your goals. But you are worried because they each require your utmost commitment and it is a lot to take on all at once. One project is yours—it was all your creation, all your idea. The other one is someone else's brainchild, but you have volunteered to adopt this project. The third one is totally unexpected. It came about when someone or some institution unknown to you created a path for success, set things in motion toward an awesome goal, but then abandoned the whole plan for some reason. You don't want to see that brainchild neglected—you believe it has value too—and even though your plate is very full with the other two new things in your life, you have decided to take this abandoned project along for the ride. Each of these little wonders has the potential of growing into what you want them to, but you will have to dedicate almost your whole life, all of your time, to bringing three big goals to fruition. Oh, you can do it, you are up to the challenge. It has been done before. Great things lie ahead; just try to get some help with the care-taking and nurturing of these up-and-coming ideas you have launched!

The Movie Mystic

Last Chance Harvey

As I note every year, my favorite films are not the ones that I consider the "best" films of 2008. I do not believe that works of art can or should be put in order from good to best to whatever. How could anyone objectively say that a Rembrandt is a "better" painting than a DaVinci or a Van Gogh? We only know what we personally like and don't like.

As a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I hope that we eventually change the description of the Oscars that we award every year from "best" to "favorite." To do so would be much more accurate and honest. Here are my personal favorites of 2008:

1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Button is a fascinatingly complex human "fantasy," a globe-encircling adventure, a powerful and moving love story and one of the most dazzlingly original films ever made. If the film were an Olympic diving event, the degree of difficulty would be totally off the charts.

Ask Rochelle

Stars of Celestial Waters through Rochelle Sparrow

Rochelle Sparrow
Rochelle Sparrow
PO Box 7573, Phoenix, AZ 85011

Dear Rochelle,
I desire to expand my business production for outside sales, at least regionally, possibly internationally. What I need is a larger building of a warehouse type. Close by there are three or four possibilities. To the south is a large old building made of lava rock. It is big enough. To the west there are two buildings on the same plot that are owned by the person who owns the property where my business is now. To the north is a large building that used to be a distribution center for beer and soda and wine, and is listed with a real estate company. So far my focus has been on the 4,000-square-foot building to the west. Is this a correct choice? Thanks again


Thank you for your connection. How I ask these types of questions to the guides is whether you should go with option number one, two or three and then why. The guides say: "We suggest you renegotiate the contract for the lease you originally wanted (number two) because the space will provide options to expand. Now, you will move into international negotiations," the energy feels like it will be with Japan, "and this expansion will take as long as he thinks." The energy feels like it was speeded up through intention. "The landlord of your current place does not wish to sell or let go of the contract. What we suggest is that you move into a contract that is renegotiated with your landlord with great clarity and that will resolve any issues in the future due to clarity. That is the correct way. Blessings."